something to worry about

Marley is your average 16 year old girl who has a normal life until she reunites with a child hood friend, Niall Horan. After they meet, someone is after them and other exciting things happen in school.


13. This isnt working

Marley's POV

Niall walked into the room. I was holding Trevor and Zack. I carefully handed him Zack. Brittany wasn't there because she was still being tested.

"Hey babe. I miss you so much when I'm at home." Niall walked over and kissed me on the forehead. He sat at the end of the bed while still holding Zack.

"Yeah I know. I miss you too. The babies are doing much better know though. I said to him trying to lift his spirit up a little.

"Well, I have a surprise for you Marley." Niall walked over to the door and opened it up.

"Hey Marley!" Liam, Harry, Louis, and Zayn walked in and said in unison.

"Guys! What are you doing here?" I asked and almost let Trevor slip out of my hands.

"Well, I wanted to meet my new nephews and niece." Louis said smiling and came up and sat right next to me on the bed.

"Yeah same here. I also have some big news." Liam said excitedly.

"Don't tell me you're pregnant too." Harry said.

I started to giggle a little.

"Maybe.... I am kidding! I got a girlfriend!" Liam said jumping up and down.

"Really? What's her name?" Niall asked surprised,

"Danielle and she is a dancer. Maybe she could teach you guys something." Liam said while laughing.

"Hey! I got all the dance moves I need for your information." Louis yelled.

"Sure ya do Louis. Sure ya do." Zayn said laughing.

"Hazza, they keep making fun of me."

"Aw, its okay Louis. Come here." Harry patted his lap and of course Louis went over and sat down.

"Man, you might want to cut down on the carrots Louis. You're gaining a little weight."

"Hey! You better not make fun of me anymore!" Louis said but we all started laughing anyways.

"Hey do you guys mind if me and Marley talk for like five minutes?" Niall asked all the guys.

"Sure thing." Zayn said and all the boys followed him out of the room.

"Marley, have you seen the things they put on twitter about you and our babies?"

"No. Why?"

"Well, the girls are all saying that you are distracting me from my career and that the babies are just a big waste of my time."

"Why would they say that?" I started breaking out into tears.

"I don't know babe. But I still need to go back on tour. I have to leave now." Niall looked at me with scared eyes to see what my response was.

"Well, what am I going to do.?I cant take care of the babies all by myself."
"I don't know. Thing aren't working out right now. But I have to go. I love you with all my heart and I don't care what people say about you."

"I love you too. I don't think this relationship is going to work out the way things are headed right now though. Do you think we should just forget about this and put the babies up for adoption?"

"What! No! We can make it work. How about you come on tour with us?"

"I cant. The babies have to stay here and so do I." I started crying into his chest. How is this happening? We just got married. I thought everything would be absolutely perfect. But there not. I know what I am going to do tonight when Niall leaves.





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