something to worry about

Marley is your average 16 year old girl who has a normal life until she reunites with a child hood friend, Niall Horan. After they meet, someone is after them and other exciting things happen in school.


9. The wedding

(One year later)

Marley's POV


"Thank you so much for helping out Eleanor."

"It's fine. I need my best friend to look as good as she can for her wedding."

"Thanks." I said smiling a big happy smile.

I cant believe me and Niall are getting married today! Time has gone by so fast. I hope nothing bad happens today. I just need this day to go perfect.

"Well I think you look amazing." Eleanor said.

"Well I guess I look pretty good even though I am 3 months pregnant."

"It's fine. You can barely even notice him or her or them."

Niall's POV

"Liam, can you make sure that the security guards are outside. I don't want anything to get ruined today. I just need this day to be perfect."

"Sure thing mate. I'll go right now."

I cant believe me and Marley are going to be married soon. It's just unbelievable. We were best friends since who knows when and now we are going to be husband and wife. I feel kinda bad though that she cant have her father walk her down the aisle. But Harry is going to do it instead so everything will be okay.

"Niall c'mon we have to start the wedding! You cant be late!" Zayn said while walking out the door.

"Coming" I said when I was about to walk out.

The wedding is starting now and all of the bridesmaids come walking out with all of the boys. Well except for Harry. Marley walks out with Harry. God! She looks beautiful. She walks up to me and we each hold hands.

"Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today to join Niall Horan and Marley Smith in their wedding." The preacher began. I wasn't really listening until I had to repeat the stuff. The "I do's".

"Marley Smith, do you take Niall to be your husband? To have and to hold in sickness or in health?"

"I do."

"Niall Horan, do you take Marley Smith to be your wife? To have and to hold? In sickness or in health?"
"I do."
"If anyone has any objections speak now or forever hold it in peace."

"I do!" Harry yelled out.

Everyone gasped.

"Marley! I told you this already but I have loved you ever since you walked through our hotel door."
"Harry! I'm sorry but my heart belongs to Niall."

"Well I just wanted to tell you so carry on"

Harry ran away and I really don't know where he went but I was so pissed off at him right now. Why the hell would he do that!?

"Niall do you have Marley's ring?"

"Oh yeah"  I reached out of my coat pocket and put it on her finger.

"Marley do you have Niall's ring?"       

"Yes I do" Eleanor came up and handed it to her. She put it on my finger.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."
I leaned in dipped her down and kissed her. After we pulled back, everyone started clapping. We walked down the aisle together and went to our party.

(6 hours later)

The party was over and Marley came up to me.

"So where did you plan our honeymoon?"

"Well, I decided that we would go on a cruise through the Carribean Sea."

"Oh Niall! I cant wait!"

"Neither can I."

I picked her up bridal style obviously and walked her out to the limo that would take us to the private jet. I put her in a seat and I sat right next to her. She laid her head on my chest and than we just started talking more about our future together.

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