Stronger than Love

Carter's a 17 year old girl.. little does she know, shes also a hybrid. Half vampire and half werewolf. She meets a pack of werewolves and 2 amazing vampires. What happens when she finds out? And what happens when she's hunted because she's the only hybrid known? Read this to find out!!


33. A/N important

So I was thinking and I really don't have the time to write for now. I've been so busy, and I have to put 100% of my time in school and work. And my imagination just isn't coming along so I'm gonna end my writing for now. Sorry for anyone that was looking forward to this! If you'd like, you can take my story and keep updating with the things you want to happen in your own account. I don't mind. But anyways, this is a goodbye!! Love anyone who reads my stories a lot!! 💙

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