Stronger than Love

Carter's a 17 year old girl.. little does she know, shes also a hybrid. Half vampire and half werewolf. She meets a pack of werewolves and 2 amazing vampires. What happens when she finds out? And what happens when she's hunted because she's the only hybrid known? Read this to find out!!


5. 5. Hybrid?

Emmitt's P.O.V.
I was playing temple run on my phone when I heard someone running toward me. I looked up and I saw Carter with tears running down her face. I immediately stood up and pulled her into a hug. After a while I put her at arms length and asked her what was wrong.
"You're vampires." She said. Then Ethan ran in.
"Carter." I started to say but cut myself off, because I had a question going through my brain.. 'How does she know?'
She saw my questioning look and she probably read my mind because she answered my question.
"The guys.. Th-they told me. Thy told me about them being we-werewolves and about you guys be-being vam-vampires. And that I-I was bitten." She stuttered. They told her! How the fuck could they do that? 
Carter's P.O.V.
Emmitt started to walk away from me. 
"Where are you going?" I asked him.
"To kill those guys." He responded casually. I looked to Ethan, usually he's the more responsible. But Ethan had the same expression that Emmitt had. Anger. 
"They're dangerous!" I yelled to Emmitt. 
"We could handle them." Ethan yelled back to me. Not actually yelling but they were almost down the stairs and I wasn't so I wouldn't hear according to them.
"Jake has a short temper. He'll turn!" I sighed. Suddenly, Emmitt stopped walking and turned around to face me.
"How do you know?" He asked me. Studying my face. To think about Jake possibly killing me made tears come to my eyes. I blinked them away and answered Emmitt. "I've seen it happen." 
"Did he hurt you?" He yelled to me. Now, actually in my face. He was pissed. When I didn't respond he took it as a 'yes'. He started to walk away again.
"Emmitt it was an accident! He didn't  even touch me! The guys protected me." I cried.
"Exactly! You should t need to be protected from 'friends'. He didn't care enough to stay calm Carter. He could of killed you!" Emmitt said to me, now sounding calmer somehow. Seeing me cry must make him have mixed feelings. Of course I don't want them to hurt the pack, and vice versa. I just nodded my head at Ethan and Emmitt while they looked at me.
"Can I come?" I choked out.
"Yea." Ethan said to me. I wiped the tears of my face and put on a fake smile. As I got between Ethan and Emmitt, Emmitt put his arm around me. While we drove there I got kinda bored. We had to go around the woods because we couldn't go straight through the woods. I decided to read some minds.
'Is that what you think she is?' Emmitt thought. I switched my attention to Ethan's thoughts.
'She could be. When we found her she did have a bite already.' Ethan thought. Were they conversating through thought? Those idiots. They are trying to hide the conversation from me! But really? They chose to communicate through thought knowing I could hear it. Wow.
'But we don't know what she was bitten by.' Emmitt thought.
'Well, it wasn't a vampire. They would of sucked her dry. It has to be werewolves.' Ethan thought.
"Can you explain?" I asked like nothing. Like I didn't just go through their mind.
"What?" Ethan asked me.
"The conversation you guys were having through thought. Explain what I am to me." I responded. They looked at each other questioningly as to say 'should we tell her?' But soon Ethan spoke. 
"When Emmitt found you, you were already bitten. Not by a vampire though, by a werewolf. We were thinking it could of been your so called friends." He explained.
"They are my  friends." I stated. I mean, yea the pack and I aren't on the same page right now.. But they are my friends.
"Well, your friends might have bitten you. When I found you, I had to turn you. Or you would of died. So I guess, you're a hybrid. Part vampire part werewolf." Emmitt told me. Me? A hybrid. 
"Actually the only hybrid that has ever been in existence. Anyone who tried to be bitten by vampire and werewolves were killed by the venom colliding. But you weren't. You're like, immune. And no one can read you, use any powers against you. Block you out of their mind. I've never seen anything like you." Ethan smiled to me.
~ hey guys! Sorry this chapter is short! It's 4 in the morning here so my creativity is not present. I'm so tired!! I just wanted to make this small chapter quickly before bed! Want to guess what will happen? Also.. Do you ship any relationships? Does that make sense?

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