Stronger than Love

Carter's a 17 year old girl.. little does she know, shes also a hybrid. Half vampire and half werewolf. She meets a pack of werewolves and 2 amazing vampires. What happens when she finds out? And what happens when she's hunted because she's the only hybrid known? Read this to find out!!


4. 4. The fights and finding out

Carter's P.O.V.
For the first time in months, I woke up by myself. I jumped off my bed and headed into the shower. I feel very hyper.. I got out of the shower and looked through my clothes. I picked some high waisted jean shorts, a strapless crop top (it's also called bralet. It's like a corset but it goes down to around you ribs and stops.. Just search it) and put a faded red cardigan on. I put on some socks and a pair of brown combat boots. I added a long golden heart shaped locket and looked myself in the mirror.
'Nice hair.' I sarcastically thought to myself. I put my hair in nice loose waves. I grabbed my phone, backpack and ran downstairs.
"Hello!" I shouted when I saw Ethan and Emmitt. I gave them each a tight hug. 
"Why are you so happy?" Emmitt asked me.
"What do you mean? Can't I just be hyper? Can't birds get caught in fans?" I eyed him.
"Uh, um.. I-I don't know.." He responded. He looked really confused.
"Just ignore her random questions. Yesterday she asked me why penguins can't be pink." Ethan said.
"Hey! I said dolphins not penguins! That's just ridiculous." I fake gasped. We bursted out into laughter.
"We have to spend more time together, I feel like we don't." I said.
"And we will, today." Ethan told me. I smiled to expose my dimples. Emmitt poked one of my dimples and I swatted his hand away. 
"Don't you dare!" I gasped.
"I dare do what I shall dare." Emmitt said. I giggled as he snapped his finger.
"We should get going." I told Ethan. We all made out way outside to the car and hopped in. Ethan turned the radio up while it was playing 'Thrift Shop' by Malckamore. When we got to school Ethan parked and shut the car off. I hopped out and I automatically heard people whistling at me. Or at least I think me, not to be cocky but.. I'm just too fucking sexy. I started to laugh at what I just said which caused Ethan and Emmitt to stare at me. When I walked to home room I sat in my seat. 
'Damn, I really should talk to Carter.' I heard someone say. I whipped around in my seat and looked around the room. Maybe I was hearing things?
'Such a fucking slut. She might as well wear nothing.' A girl said. I turned around to look around the room. No one was even looking at me. And my clothes covered me up! Psh. 
'I wish I became a doctor instead of the teacher of all these ignorant little ass holes!' I heard someone sigh. I looked up to the teacher. He looked like he would of said it, but out loud? I turned to my kinda friend Kate.
"Hey Kate, did you hear anyone say anything about me?" I asked her.
"No." She responded.
"Oh, okay sorry." I told her. She gave me a friendly smile and I turned around.
'Is she going crazy or something? Never mind. Wait, why am I even thinking of this? OMG. Now I'm thinking to myself. Maybe I'm going crazy?' I heard. It sounded like Kate's voice for sure. I looked at her and she looked pretty confused. Yup, she defiantly said it. Or though it. Can I hear people's thought? Now I'm thinking to myself. And going crazy! Ofcourse I can't hear thoughts. Or could I? 'Okay Carter shut the fuck up!' I mentally told myself. The bell rang signaling us we could go to our first class. I never noticed how loud that bell was. I had to cover my ears. During lunch I sat with Ethan and Emmitt. I noticed Jake was by himself so I signaled him to join us. He sat down next to me, giving me a hug. 
"Why were you alone?" I asked him.
"Oh, the guys didn't come to school. They were 'under the weather'" he mocked. I let out a small giggle and playfully rolled my eyes.
"Hey uh, can you think something?" I asked Emmitt.
"Why?" He asked me.
"Just trying to test something." I smiled. Yea, just trying to test if I can hear a person's thoughts. 
'I really hate shrimp' I heard him say.
"Why?" I asked Emmitt.
"Why what?" He said, giving me a confused look.
"Why do you hate shrimp?" I repeated. He looked shocked. So did Ethan and Jake.
"You- you heard that?" Emmitt asked me.
"Yea." I said normally.
"But he didn't say it out loud. He just though it." Ethan told me. 
"Wait what?" Jake asked. 
"Ethan, think something." I said to him.
'No one likes Barney.' He thought.
"Uh! I use to love Barney!" I gasped.
"You could read thoughts." Jake mumbled to himself. I looked to him and saw him tense. Suddenly, he clenched his jaw and fists and looked to Ethan and Emmitt. As if- as if he just figured it out. 
"You did this! You did this to her! You turned her!" He yelled To Ethan and Emmitt. I moved back a little. I looked around and saw that his yelling caught the attention of the cafeteria. Hell! Even the lunch ladies were staring. Jake stood up and so did Ethan and Emmitt. Oh my God.. What is happening? The cafeteria fell silent, all eyes on our table. I stood up and grabbed Jake's forearm. 
"Jake, calm down." I whispered to him. He just completely ignored me.
"You fucking changed her!" He yelled to Ethan and Emmitt.
"Jake, please Jake. Just take this outside. Where no one is staring?" I asked. Again, Jake ignored me. I concentrated to get into his head.
'Im gonna kill them! I'm gonna fucking kill them. What the fuck? Why!? Why Carter?!' Jake thought. I have to get him calm. 
"Jake!" I shouted. His head snapped to me. I put my left hand on the back of his neck and with my other hand I grabbed his hand. Our faces were millimeters apart. All eyes were on me right now.
"Jake, just calm down. I'm okay. I didn't change, they didn't change me. I'm the same Carter. Okay Jake? Just calm down babe." I said to him. Heat rose to my cheeks when I noticed I called him 'babe'. His eyes softened, he un clenched his jaw and he wasn't as tense. I could even see a tiny smile starting on his lips. I felt his  arm go around my waist and his hand tighten around mine. He would often look to my lips then my eyes. A thing someone did when they were going to kiss. But he didn't, probably realizing we were being stared at. He just nodded his head.
"Okay. Come on, lets just go home." I told him.
"You'd skip school?" He whispered.
"For you, yea." I told him. I tip-tied to reach his cheek and kissed it softly. I let my hand slide from his neck to his other hand. I gently pulled him out of the cafeteria. We exited through the back doors and jogged a little, just in case someone came to chase us for skipping. We were walking for about 7 minutes when he let go of my hand. I gave him a questioning look. He moved his right arm around my waist and his left hand took my left hand. I rested my head on his shoulder and we walked in a peaceful silence.
"You know, you called me babe." He stated with a smirk. 
"Because you are. You know, my babe. And I'm your babe." I said.
'What does she mean by babe?' He thought to himself. 
"By babe, she means a friendly babe." I giggled. I looked up to see he was blushing.
"Stop reading my mind!" He told me.
"Sorry. Just getting used to it." I laughed. Then I remembered. The fight, me hearing stuff, them 'changing' me.
"How can I hear what people think?" I asked him.
"I'm not sure. Maybe a thinking spider bite you?" He teased.
"I'm serious." I said. "It's not humanly possible to actually hear what people say."
"We'll maybe you're not human."
"Jake I'm serious!" 
"Me too. What if mythical creatures were real? Vampires, werewolves. Stuff like that."
"But there not." I said.
"Yea but what if?"
"I don't have time for 'what if'. My life is too complicated to think imaginary." I said. I felt his body tense next to mine. What did I say? He stayed quiet for a while longer until I broke the silence.
"You okay?" I asked.
"Yup." He said plainly. He seemed a little mad. I stopped moving and he did too.
"What?" He asked, now defiantly annoyed.
"What did I say?" I yelled. I didn't mean to tell but it came out.
"Can't you have an imagination? Maybe I'm right. Ever thought of that? Maybe werewolves are real. Why wouldn't they be?" He yelled at me. He detached himself from me and moved away. Him yelling at me, it felt awful. Like I was just stabbed. Did I have feelings for him? People have yelled at me before but Jake, he made me feel like I was a disappointment to him. I didn't want to be.
"I- I'm.. Sorry. I didn't mean to upset you." I whispered. Tears came to my eyes as I tried to blink them away. I didn't want him to think I was weak. And that I cried for everything. A tear escaped my eyes but I quickly whipped it away.
"Carter. No I'm sorry. I really am. I didn't mean to yell and make you cry. Please forgive me babe?" He asked me. I took a deep breath and looked up at him.
"No it's fine. I'm good. You were just trying to make a point." I said to him.
I started to turn and walk away but he grabbed my hand and pulled me back against him. He engulfed (idk if that's a word but it sounds right!) me in a hug and I nuzzled my head into his neck.
"You know, we seem like a movie." He laughed. I started to laugh too. But he was right, we actually did. We detached from our hug and went back into our walking position. We talked the whole way to his house. When we reached the house, he pushed me inside. He led me into the living room, where I saw 4 shirtless guys. God help me. They looked up at me from their phones and they each had on a huge smile. They all ran up and hugged me one by one. Oh my Jesus. I need to breath. In and out, in and out. Wait that sounds wrong! Oh god... Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.
"What are you Guys doing here?" Zack asked us.
"Skipping." Jake replied. Like it was totally normal. 
"Little miss goody goody skips school?" Tony fake gasped. I threw a pillow at him and murmured 'fuck you!' 
"Go right ahead." He smirked. I blushed and looked down, failing to hide it. I laid down on Tony, Troy and Charlie. My legs on Charlie, my hips and waist and stuff and Troy and my head on Tony. I turned so I was facing up. I felt Troy tense because my ass was just laying on his, well you know. I giggled a little and looked up at Tony. 
"So why'd you skip?" He asked me.
'How do I explain this? Jake wanna help me out here?' I thought to myself. Jake looked up a me surprised.
"What?" I asked Jake.
"I just heard your thought." He said.
"Really?" I asked.
"Yea! But I'm trying now and I can't. Can you send me thoughts?" Jake asked me.
'Im trying to send this to you. Having 4 shirtless sexy people around me isn't weird' I thought.
"Sent that to the wrong person." Zack smirked. 
"I like pizza." I thought, concentrating on Jake's face.
"I got it! You could send thoughts!" He yelled to me. I laughed at his excitement. Wait, why haven't the guys asked me about my 'hearing thoughts'?
"Why don't you guys seem surprised that I can hear thoughts.?" I asked.
"Because we figured the Ethan or Emmitt bit you.. It comes with being a vampi-" Troy started to say and then noticed all the daggers being thrown in his direction. (I mean stares, not actual daggers.) I quickly say up.
"Vampires! You were gonna say vampires!" I said to him. My eyes went wide. They couldn't be! They're not real. But it would explain why Jake got all defensive with the 'what if they were vampires and werewolves?' Questions and why he yelled "you turned her!" To Ethan and Emmitt. I looked around the room and noticed they all knew I had just pieced it together. 
"I'm a vampire. Ethan and Emmitt are vampires. I'm dead." I stated. No one in the room objected to my statement.
"Then what are you guys?" I yelled to them, getting off of the couch. They have each other questioning looks. As if to tell me or not. Well if they weren't, I would just go through their minds.
'Werewolves.' Charlie thought.
"You're werewolves? And no one ever though to tell me? Did you think it was too much for poor Carter to handle?" I screamed.
"Carter, we didn't know how to tell you." Jake said.
"Oh and how would be the right way Jake? How?" I yelled.
"Obviously we didn't figure that out yet!" He yelled, now loosing his temper. But instead of stopping the yelling, I kept going.
"And you knew they were vampires too didn't you!? And you know I'm living with them!" I yelled at him while pushing him backwards. "So you didn't give a shit that I could be killed! And drained of blood. And never live again! You didn't fucking care!" I yelled in his face. I saw a flicker of gold in his eyes. Then his eyes turned gold. But they were glowing. He switched our places so I was now against the wall. He starts yelling something to me but I didn't know what. I was too concentrated on his changing features. I finally came back to my senses when his fist made a connection with the wall. Actually, his fist broke the wall. Right next to my face. The room was silent now. His fist in the wall, less than centimeters away from my face. Me shaking against the wall. But for some reason I didn't cry. I retaliated to the punch that was so close to my face. I smacked Jake. Nothing hard, but enough to show him I wasn't that scared. I pushed him away from me and headed for the door. But then I heard some glass breaking and I turned around. Jake had transformed, he looked like a werewolf from twilight. Very dark brown fur, glowing gold eyes. He was intensely staring at me. I saw him fling himself toward me and I just stood there. Just staring. He had almost reached me when I went flying back and 2 wolves were fighting with Jake. I held on to what had pushed me down which was a person. I looked to him and it was Tony. He grabbed my head before I landed so I didn't get hurt. His body was crouched over mine, he was protecting me. My gaze moved from his eyes to behind him. Where stood a lighter brown wolf with glowing blue eyes guarding me. It was Charlie, I could tell by the fur color. It was exactly the same as his regular hair. Behind him was Zack, black fur, blazing red eyes. You could tell he was the leader. Troy, brown fur, glowing yellow eyes next to Zack, and Jake, being cornered. I started to think again, he tried to kill me. Or at least hurt me. But maybe it was the anger controlling him. The Jake I know wouldn't attack me. He'd protect me. I looked back to Tony with tears in my eyes. He was still over me, staring.
When Jake finally turned back, so did everyone else. Tony helped me up and I stood there, staring at each person as they stared at me. 
"Carter I-" Jake started to say.
"Didn't mean it? I know. Anger takes over the emotions. I forgive you." I finished his sentence. He had a few tears running down his face. As did I. He probably just realized he tried to kill an innocent girl. I give each guy a hug and whispered 'thank you' to them. All except for Jake. what did i have to thank him for? I also gave them each a kiss on the cheek. Then I walked out of their house. I ran crying to my house. Well my new house. Something was telling me that if they wanted to kill me, any of them. They would have already. So I trusted Ethan and Emmitt. I ran into the house and saw Emmitt on the couch. When he saw me, he jumped up and pulled me into his arms.
"What happened? Are you okay? Did they hurt you?" He panicked.
"You're vampires." I told him. I looked to his shocked face. Ethan ran into the door, obviously hearing what I said.

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