Stronger than Love

Carter's a 17 year old girl.. little does she know, shes also a hybrid. Half vampire and half werewolf. She meets a pack of werewolves and 2 amazing vampires. What happens when she finds out? And what happens when she's hunted because she's the only hybrid known? Read this to find out!!


28. 18. Getting ready.

Carter's graduation dress.

Carter's P.O.V.
(I didn't proof read. Sorry for mistakes.)
I was standing in front of my mirror. Looking at the graduation dress on myself. The guys and I should have already been at the place it's being held at but I made us late.
"CARTER!" Ethan yelled.
"Yea, yea. I'm coming!" I yelled back. I glanced in the mirror once more and went to meet the guys outside.
"You look pretty." Ethan smiled at me. I smiled back, noticing him laid back style.
"Can you stop smiling at each other and get your asses into the car? I'm not missing graduation!" Emmitt said.
"Why? It's not like you're aging anytime soon." I chuckled to myself.
"Neither are you." He replied.
"I find that as a good thing." I said.
"Until you've been a high school senior for 14 years." Ethan commented.
I just rolled my eyes and looked out the window as Ethan drove. When we got there, we received a bunch of bullshit of why we we're late and stuff. But the graduation didn't even start yet, so it shouldn't matter. One of the teachers had us get in our lines in alphabetical order. The graduation was slow and boring. At least up to the part where you're not worrying if you'll trip on stage. After we all crossed the stage, some kids and staff gave a speech.
After we did the corny thing of throwing our graduation caps in the air, I took pictures with people then met up with Izzy and Lily.
"I'm gonna need help getting ready." I sighed.
"Should we all just get ready together?" Lily asked.
"Why not. You should invite Danny too." Izzy suggested.
"Okay. So you guys go get your stuff, I'll get mine. Then we meet at my house? My mom isn't there right now." I said and walked away after they agreed. I told Izzy my address then made my way to my current house. 
"Guys I'm changing at my house!" I yelled as I packed all the things I would need. After I did that I said goodbye and left. 
I grabbed my phone and dialed Danny's number.
"Hello?" She answered.
"Hey Danny. It's Carter. The girls and I are getting ready together, wanna join?" I asked.
"Sure! Who's house?" She replied.
"My real house. I'll text you the address." I said.
"Okay. See you soon." She said then hung up. Once I got to the house, I noticed I haven't ate anything the entire day. I went into my kitchen and started stuffing a bunch of food in my mouth.
"You should really lock your door, you know." I heard Lily yell from the door way.
"Why would I?" I laughed.
"Because you could be robbed. Or kidnapped." Lily said, coming into the kitchen.
"I'd feel bad for whoever try's to do that. And they would return her anyways." Izzy joked, following Lily.
"Hey!" I pretended to be offended.
"You know I'm kidding!" Izzy smiled.
"Are you. Are you really?" I heard from behind me. I quickly turned around and I saw Danny.
"Danny!" I smiled. "You guys really should knock." 
"But why would we knock if the doors unlocked?" Danny laughed.
"Because its impolite not to." I said.
"And it's stupid to keep your door unlocked. But you still do it." Danny said.
"Therefore, we can be impolite." Lily stated proudly.
"You guys are just... So, special." I laughed.
"Considering we're not human.. I agree." Danny shrugged.
"Enough talking! We need to get ready. I'm making arrangements." Lily said. I always knew she was the responsible one.
"I'm taking a shower first, then Izzy, Danny last is you." She pointed at me.
"Then we all get into any comfortable clothes and start down each others hair and makeup. Then we get dressed." She continued. 
"Jesus Christ.." Danny mumbled with a playful smile.
"No actually, I'm Lily." Lily chuckled.
"That was so lame." Izzy laughed.
"I'll be in the bathroom! If I could find it." Lily whispered the last sentence. She made her way upstairs while the girls and I gathered around the tv to watch The Vampire Diaries.
"STEFAN DO NOT TOUCH DAMON!" Izzy yelled at the TV.
"No! He has the right to hit Damon! Hash tag Stelena." (Stelena stands for Stefan and Elena. Delena stands for Damon and Elena.)
See uh, right now Damon kissed Elena and Stefan is pissed so he hit Damon. I agree with Izzy though, I ship Delena. They are so adorable together! Plus, I kinda hate Stefan. He's just.. Uh! He almost drove Elena off the bridge her parents died on and she still forgave him! They aren't right for each other!
"How could you say that!" Izzy gasped, staring wide eyed at Danny.
"Stefan and Elena meet first. He saved her from dying." Danny shrugged.
"Correction! In the 4th season, it shows Damon met Elena first!" I spoke fastly. I didn't want to get into this conversation because I'm defensive of 'Delena' but what can I say? I don't think before I speak.
"You ship Delena!?" Danny an Izzy said the the same time. Although, Danny said it ashamed and Izzy smiled happily while saying it.
"RIGHT!" Izzy squealed with me.
"Oh my god. I'm friends with a bunch of lunatics.." Danny whispered to herself.
"I'm not a lunatic! I love Stelena together!" Lily came from the bathroom in a tanktop and shorts, drying her hair in a towel.
"Are you serious!" I yelled at her. "How did you deal with her?" I whispered to Izzy.
"I tried. I tried so hard to make her ship Delena. But her mind was corrupted with Stelena moments." Izzy wiped away a fake tear.
"Thank god!" Danny ran to Lily and hugged her. "One normal person here."
"Izzy, go take a shower." I pushed her all the way upstairs in hybrid speed. She playfully rolled her eyes and laughed at me.
"My towels downstairs." She told me.
I ran down and ran back up to hand it to her. She finished in a few minutes then Danny went lastly I did. We all wore similar shorts and tanktops. I had to lend Izzy and Danny theirs because Lily didn't tell us we should change after hair and makeup. We probably should've thought of that, though.
"Who's doing what to who?" I asked.
"You and Lily do the makeup, Danny and I will do the hair. So I guess Lily can do my makeup while you do Danny's. Then you guys do each other." Izzy said more of a question.
"Okay. Sit your asses down." Lily said while I got the makeup out. We all say on the floor, Danny in front of me and Izzy in front of Lily.
Once we finished our makeup, Danny and Izzy started doing our hair.
"Ow!" Lily yelled.
"Lily stop moving!" Izzy sighed.
"Well stop burning me!" Lily said and flinched when Izzy started to curl her hair again.
"I'm burning you because you keep moving." Izzy mumbled.
"I'm moving because you keep burning me." Lily mumbled back.
"All done!" Danny told me. I looked in the mirror and smiled hugely. My eyeshadow was silver and sparkly, lipstick was red and my hair was curled down my back.
"Awe Danny!" I smiled and gave her a hug.
"Holy crap! Carter you look amazing!" Izzy and Lily told me.
"You're done too." Izzy told Lily a while after. Lily had a dark blue smokey eyeshadow look with silver eyeliner. Her lips were a plain color with a little pink. Izzy made her hair straight until the end where there were a few curls
"Awe Lily!" Izzy, Danny and I smiled.
Lily an I decided to wait for Danny and Izzy to finish each others hair so we were already at the same time.
"Shit!" I jumped up.
"What?" Danny asked.
"I should call the guys to tell them to start coming." I told them.
The girls just shrugged.
I took my phone out and called Zack.
"Carter!" He answered cheerily.
"Hey Zack. The girls and I are almost ready so get your asses here." I told him.
"Will do." He chuckled.
"Okay, we have to go change see you soon we're at my actual house by the way, bye!" I quickly said then hung up.
Izzy and Danny were now ready. Izzy's makeup was light and sparkly but she had dark eyeliner which made her look not so innocent. Her lipstick was a light pink color. And her hair was wavy with a part from the front pulled back. Danny's makeup was similar to Izzy's except hers was darker and the sparkly part was black sparkles. Danny's lips were very pink and her hair was straight with a few natural waves starting to form.
"We really do look hot." Lily laughed.
"Go to separate rooms and finish! Don't come out until we're all done." Lily demanded. I went to my room, and took my clothes off. 
"Bra on or off?" I asked myself.
"Off!" I heard Lily yell. Then I heard laughter, way too much laughter for 4 girls.
"Yea defiantly bra off!" Jake yelled.
"You guys are here already?" I said at a normal voice.
"Obviously." I heard Emmitt say. What the hell?
"Emmitt, not to be rude or anything but why are you here?" I asked him.
"We paid for some of the limo, which means we are getting on it." I heard Ethan say.
"Let me get dressed! This takes a lot of concentration!" I complained. I heard laughs again but chose to ignore it. 
I started to look for the zipper of then dress but then realized it didn't have one. The dress is more of a stretchy kind of material. I put my feet in first and started to shimmy to get it up carefully. When it got to around my hips, I started jumping to pull it up without stepping on it.
"Carter, are you alright up there?" I heard Charlie laugh.
"Nope." I sighed. My hair was somehow caught with one of the gems on the back of my dress. Not to mention the front of the dress wasn't all the way up because I can't do that without untangling the back.
"Need help?" Jake asked me.
"From a girl." I sighed.
"No can do. We are still trying to get in the dress." Lily sighed too. How in the world are we having trouble getting a dress on?
"I can help, if you want." Charlie offered. No, I can't. He's a guy! But he sounds so sweet and innocent.
"Fine but all you have to do is untangle my hair from the dress. Then get out." I said.
"Okay." Charlie answered. A few seconds later he was knocking at my door. I took a towel and covered my breast then turned my back to the door and opened it.
"Why do you have a towel over your dress?" He laughed.
"I'm half naked." I replied.
"Wait what! You're half naked and Charlie is up there! No. No! Charlie down now!" Jake yelled.
"I don have patience for fighting! Charlie just untangle this crap and jake I'm covered!" I yelled. Thankfully, a few seconds after my yelling, or resolving issues.. Charlie was back downstairs and my dress was fully on. It fit perfectly. I put on my cream colored platform heels and fixed my hair. Then I grabbed my small purse and stiffed my phone in it.
"Are the girls ready?" I asked to no one in particular.
"We've been waiting on you." Izzy said.
"I'm done. Meet me at the stairs and guys don't look-" I started to say but was cut off by Jake telling me my mom was home.
"Carter is that your car.." My mom started but sidetracked that once she probably saw the boys. She must be freaking out.
"Hey mom! We are getting ready for prom. The guys downstairs are not kidnappers!" I yelled.
"Oh okay." I heard her chuckle. She introduced herself to the guys.
"Wait for us at the bottom of the stairs." I added. Once the girls and I heard them near the stairs, we exited the rooms.
"Oh my goodness.." Lily's jaw dropped when she saw all of us.
"You guys are fucking hot!" I laughed.
"Compared to you, we don't even compare! Who knew I had such a hot friend!" Izzy whispered.
"Oh please." I rolled my eyes playfully.
"You don't know you're beautiful!" Danny started to sing until we all just burst out into laughter.
"But really, you guys are gorgeous." I said sincerely.
"Awe! Group hug!" Lily yelled. Leave it up to her to be corny.
"Can you come down already!" Zack teased us.
'One by one?' I asked Lily as a thought.
'Yea. Announce the names.' She said as a thought.
"Presenting... Lily escorted by Troy!" I announced in a man voice. She walked down the stairs while the girls and I peeked to see their reactions. Super surprised.
"Next up... Izzy escorted by Zack!" I said.
She walked down next, while Danny and I laughed at Zack's reaction. His mouth is basically hanging on the floor. 
'Where's your date?' I asked Danny as a thought.
'I have no idea.' She thought but sighed loudly.
"Dont worry. I got this." I told her.
"Then... Danny escorted by Emmitt." I said.
'Take her to prom, I'm doing you a favor.' I said to Emmitt thought thought.
"I'm Emmitt." He whispered to her.
"Danny." I could feel her smile. I'm such a match maker! 
"Lastly... Carter escorted by Jake." I heard the girls yell out.
Time to walk.
'Don't trip.' I kept thinking to myself. I could just feel Danny's smirking as she read my mind.
I was focusing on the steps until I reached the bottom. When I looked up, all their faces were shocked. Especially Jake's and my mom's.
"Holy mother fucking crap.." Jake muttered.
"Jake, keep it in your pants." Zack whispered. I smiled even more at that comment. 
I looked at my mom again and she was in tears.
"Mom.." I chuckled because I was embarrassed. 
"I'm sorry. It's just- you're so grown up. And beautiful." She smiled.
"Thank you." I hugged her.
Jake intertwined our fingers and we started to walk to the door.
"WAIT! What are you doing?! I need pictures!" My mom yelled. 
Once we were done with pictures, already at the Prom, I thought to myself:
"This is gonna be one hell of a night."


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