Stronger than Love

Carter's a 17 year old girl.. little does she know, shes also a hybrid. Half vampire and half werewolf. She meets a pack of werewolves and 2 amazing vampires. What happens when she finds out? And what happens when she's hunted because she's the only hybrid known? Read this to find out!!


27. 17. shopping part 2.

Carter's P.O.V.
"So uh. I have so many questions. I don't know where to start." I laughed.
"Pick a topic." She said
"School." I told her.
"I'm homeschooled. Too strange for normal school or something like that according to my parents. My parents felt bad for me for not being able to go to a prom so she asked her friend's son to take me to his. I forgot the name of the school though.." She said.
"was it Ember Jackson high school?" I asked her.
"I think. But it was a last minute thing so I have to get a dress. Then I saw you." She paused. "Along with the normal powers of being a hybrid, Im a tracker. basically, i could think of a person, and ill immediately know where they are. even if we haven't met. For instance, I was looking for another hybrid, and my mind showed me a picture of you." She finished.
"So you're like a map for people? That's amazing!" I squealed.
"I guess you could call it that. What's your special power?" She asked, now even more excited.
"I don't have one. Just the basic shield, mind reading, things like that. But my eye color keeps changing, maybe that's my power. To seduce people with my beautiful eyes." I laughed.
"You could read minds! How? And what is shield?" She asked.
"A shield is like an invisible force field I can protect myself with, by thinking about it. And with the force field, I can block people out." I said.
"Block people out?" 
"For example, if I didn't want anyone to hear our conversation right now, I could make a shield around just us two. No one can get in or out." I explained.
"That's a special power. And so is the mind reading thing. I can't do either of those." She told me.
"Who are you here with?" She added.
"My friends, Izzy and Lily. I wonder where they are.." I looked around the section Izzy was in and saw her with Lily.
"Wanna meet them?" I asked her.
"Of course!" She smiled.
I lead Danny over to Izzy and Lily.
"Guys this is.. Oh my god! That dress is so pretty!" I got off track once I saw the dress in her hands.
"I know right! I could picture you in this. You would look really pretty! It might be 'too much' for a graduation dress to some people opinions but I think it's perfect." Izzy said.
"Go try it on." Lily smiled, handing me the dress.
"Okay. And before I forget, or get off track. This is Danny. She's like me." I smiled.
"A hybrid?" Lily asked confused.
"Yup! I thought I was the only one but I guess not!" I said.
"Well, hi I'm Lily." Lily introduced herself, and shook Danny's hand.
"And I'm Izzy." Izzy smiled and shook her hand too.
Now that that's over, I need to try this on. I went into one of the fitting rooms and started changing. Once I was in the dress, I was admiring how it looked in the mirror. (I'm adding a picture of the dress at the end of this chapter. But idk if its only my phone, you can only see it if you're on the website. Not by a mobile device.)
"Are you finished?" Lily asked.
I opened the dressing room door and stood in front of 3 girls smiling.
"You look beautiful! Awe!" Lily smiled.
"I knew it would look amazing!" Izzy said.
"I'm defiantly gonna get it. So now I just need a prom dress." I said after I finished changing back into my other clothes. I went to the checkout area and bought the dress. Instead of folding it, she put it on a hanger then a plastic cover over it. I've always wanted one of those, I'm not sure why. 
"Guys. I have to go. But please keep in touch? You are all interesting." Danny laughed. 
"You're pretty interesting too." Lily said.
"Being a hybrid and all.." Izzy added.
"Do you have a phone?" I asked Danny.
"Who doesn't?" She asked me back.
"True." I said. "But, if you give me our number, I'll text you later." 
Danny smiled, and we exchanged numbers. Her, Izzy and Lily did too. We hugged goodbye and Danny left.
"Where to next?" Izzy asked.
"Anywhere." I sighed. "This is a lot of work." 
"Says the one who's been doing basically nothing." Izzy joked.
"Hey!" I playfully pushed her to the side. "Making new friends is very hard and I did that all on my own!" 
"You guys are so weird." Lily laughed.
"Weird? Bitch, I'm limited edition." I said.
"Steal that quote from Facebook?" Izzy asked me quietly even though we knew Lily could still hear. (I actually did steal it from Facebook.)
"Yup." I whispered.
After a few seconds of smiling and walking, we burst into laughter.
"Okay. We need to get serious! I need to find a dress in less than 2 hours." I said strictly. "Wait, 2 hours? How much time did we spend at Macy's?" 
"A lot." Lily replied.
"Found a store!" Izzy said happily. We followed her to a huge, cute dress shop. 
"Question 1. Length of the dress?" Izzy asked me.
"Long." I answered.
"Question 2. Any specific color of the dress?" Lily asked.
"Not really. Just, not something black or white. I want an actual stand out color. But just one color." I replied.
"Okay. Spread apart." Izzy said.
We looked throughout the store, being hopeful.
"Found one!" Lily yelled from across the store. I ran over there and was amazed by the dress.
"I know it might not be your type because it attracts attention. But it would look amazing. And you should wan to attract attention. Only the good kind." Lily smiled.
"I'll take it." I said. I bought it and went shopping for some shoes. Hair products, nail polish, accessories. Then I dropped the girls off at the packs house and made my way home. Time to start everything. 

It's a little blurry but this is Carter's graduation dress.

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