Stronger than Love

Carter's a 17 year old girl.. little does she know, shes also a hybrid. Half vampire and half werewolf. She meets a pack of werewolves and 2 amazing vampires. What happens when she finds out? And what happens when she's hunted because she's the only hybrid known? Read this to find out!!


26. 16. Shopping.

Carter's P.O.V.
I've been awake for a few hours now. It's 5:30. I have no clue what to do. Today is one of those days where you just sit around, and do everything but nothing at all. What should I do until school starts? I checked my phone for any notifications. Yea right, who else would be awake at this time? I sighed and looked around my room. It's Friday. Graduation day at 10 then the senior prom at 7. What do I do for another five hours? I started thinking. I guess I could double check everything. Hopefully I won't miss something. I stood I front of my closet, inspecting every piece of clothing I had. Then it hit me. I have no graduation or prom dress.
"What the fuck! I thought I bought it already?! How could I have forgotten! That's something girls plan weeks before! Shit! Damn! What the hell? How am I gonna find a dress in less than 5 hours. Actually 2 dressed! Uh!" I yelled to myself. Im going to need help. Defiantly not from any boys or Blythe. No boys because they would say everything looks good or anything else just to make me buy it. And I'm not forgiving Blythe. But there is Izzy and Lily. Plus, going with them would help us bond even more. But are they awake? I went through my contacts and stopped on Izzy. Should I call? I might wake her up, and then she'll be mad. But what if she's awake? Do werewolves sleep? Or is that vampires. Or none. I'm both and I could sleep. Just do it. I pressed the call button, hesitantly.
"Hello?" She answered cheerily.
"Uh hi. It's carter. Are you awake?" I asked. Then I realized what I said.
"As far as I know, yes I am." She laughed.
"Yea, sorry. But I just realize I don't have a graduation or prom dress. And they're are both today. I need help." I said.
"Of course! I need to get a few things anyways! How about Lily?" She responded.
"I was planning for her to come too. Is she with you?" 
"Yes!" I heard Lily yell in the background.
"Okay. Can you be ready in half an hour? I'll come to pick you guys up wherever you are." I asked.
"Okay! We're at Zacks house." Izzy told me.
"Okay. See you later." I said and then hung up.
I quickly took a shower, brushed my teeth then dried myself. Now what do I wear? I looked through my closet until I found a cute outfit. I put on high wasted shorts that looked like the galaxy. Then a white lace tanktop that I tucked into the shorts. A long silver necklace with a heart charm. And some black high heeled ankle length boots. I put my hair in a high ponytail and minimum makeup. I grabbed money and my phone and left the house. I got into the car and started towards the packs house. Once I got there I texted Lily.
Me: "I'm outside. Take your time."
I got a message seconds later.
Lily: "we heard your car. About to leave."
I waited for them, laying my head back on the seat when a knock on my window made me jolt up. I saw Jake there smiling at me. I got out the car and hugged him tight.
"Hey babe." He smiled.
"Hello!" I smiled back.
"We need to talk.." He sighed. My smile fell. What does he wanna talk about. I wanted to read his mind but then I thought not to.
"W-what about?" I asked.
"I was thinking, uh." He started to say.
"If you're gonna break up with me, just say it." I sadly said. It hurt to say that.
"You think I'm gonna break up with you?" He laughed.
"Uh?..." I said confused.
"I wanted to ask you to prom." He smiled.
"I though we were already going together.." I shook my head.
"Well I never officially asked you. But now I am. Will you do me the honor of accompanying me to the prom?" He smiled big.
"I mean, I guess. I'll try to fit you into my schedule.." I joked looking at my pretend watch.
"Carter!" He complained in frustration.
"I'm kidding! Of course I will." I smiled.  We have each other a hug and then started making out. There's no other way of putting it. While I was kissing him, I started thinking. When was the last time we kissed before this? We need to do it more often. Defiantly. I pulled apart fast and pushed him away.
"You're distracting me! I only have 4 house to find 2 dressed!" I yelled and got into the car. The girls were already in. 
- at the mall-
I was in Macy's looking at the prom section. Izzy, Lily and I were spread out.
"How about this one?" Lily yelled. I looked to where he was and saw a short white dress.
"White says pure!" Izzy laughed, from the other side of the store.
"Who says I'm a virgin?" I smirked. They fake gasped and I rolled my eyes playfully. I turned back around to the rack I was looking at. I had a strong feeling someone was staring at me. I looked up and saw a dark and wavy haired girl looking at me. I stared back at her, not knowing what to do. I took a step forward, trying to get a better look of her eyes. They were brown. But the interesting part is that they also had red specks in them. Maybe the light reflecting off her eyes made it seem like that? But, what light would make something seem red. Then I remembered my eyes. We're they still purple? I quickly pulled out my phone, and saw my eyes were pale purple (search Penelope Cruz  in pale purple dress- Cannes film festival. That's the color the eyes were.) 
I looked back to the girl. She seemed alert. Every time she heard a noise, she would shift.
"Are you okay?" I asked her worriedly.
"Yea.. Yea. Just, you look familiar. I feel like I know you." She said, eyebrows creased. Then at that moment I felt the same. I felt like I've seen her somewhere.
"What's your name?" I asked her, smiling.
"Danny. An yours?" She answered.
"Carter." I said.
"Can I ask you a question, Carter?" She carefully spoke. 
"Sure." I responded.
"Are you.. A hyrbid?" She asked. I didn't know what to say. Should I tell her? What if this was a test. What if she'll kill me if I am. What if she's a hunter?
It seemed like she felt my panicking.
"I am. A hybrid.. And I've seen you before. In my vision. You were doing the same things as me. Only a hybrid can do it." She said amazed.
"Yes, i am. A hybrid." I said. She smiled hugely. I did too. Have I finally found someone just like me? I have so much questions to ask.
A/n: hello! I meant to continue this chapter. But my phone died while i was at a party where i was writing this, i didn't have a charger and I just got back. It's 1:30 am here, and I have work later. So yea, I'll finish this chapter in a few hours! Goodnight.

This is what Danny's eyes would look like. But the brown is way darker.

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