Stronger than Love

Carter's a 17 year old girl.. little does she know, shes also a hybrid. Half vampire and half werewolf. She meets a pack of werewolves and 2 amazing vampires. What happens when she finds out? And what happens when she's hunted because she's the only hybrid known? Read this to find out!!


25. 15. Izzy and Lily

Carter's P.O.V.
The silence filled the room as we all just stared at the tv... Which was off. 
"This is.." Troy trailed off.
"Awkward." I finished.
"I don't get why." Jake said. "We're all, uh friends?" He added more as a question.
"I'll tell you why!" I sarcastically acted happy.
"My cousin told me my father loves her better. Then I killed myself. Next, a hunter.. Saved me. The werewolves and vampires don't get along with each other or the hunter. And there's a human here with blood craving creatures. Oh and did I mention my cousin said I should kill myself?" I smiled falsely. 
"Carter, about that." Blythe started to say.
"You don't have the right to talk to me." I mimicked her.
"You don't have to copy what I said in the past." She said.
"The past? It's been like what, a little over an hour and you already forgot the hurtful shit you said?" I snapped.
"I'm sorry, Carter." She said sincerely.
"I know you are. But I'm not forgiving you." I told her.
"Why? I said I was sorry!" She complained.
"Sorry doesn't make me forget, Blythe. You were my best friend. Actually my cousin and you made me want to kill myself!" I yelled at her.
"If you're not going to accept my apology it means you don't want to fix things. So I'm done waisting my time here." She yelled back.
"Yea, you should go. I'm sure you would rather be with my father now. Or could I call him your father? We could share, even though you already have one." I said.
"You're a bitch!" She told me.
"I'm a bitch? Remember when you were dating Kevin and Dean at the same time? And left them both for another guy. That seems like a bitchy move to me." I smiled.
"Fuck you." She spat and started walking to the door.
"How are you gonna get home?" I asked.
"Walking." She responded.
"It took like half an hour to get here in a car, dumbass." I coldly said.
"Why do you care?" She rolled her eyes.
"I don't." I told her. 
"I'll take her home. I should get going anyways before dad starts looking for me." Alec sighed.
"Okay." I replied. I gave him a hug and they both left. I noticed I was standing up so I sat back down.
"You okay?" Jake asked.
"Better than ever." I sarcastically said. 
"It's early. What do you guys want to do?" Ethan asked.
"W-what?" Tony asked, being confused. I was confused too. Ethan wanting to hang with the wolves. That's strange.
"For Carter's sake, I think we should try to get along." Emmitt answered.
"Bowling?" I asked excitedly.
"What is it with you and bowling?" Jake laughed.
"It's fun." I shrugged.
"Okay, let's go bowling. But, can I invite my girlfriend. I haven't seen her in so long." Zack asked.
"Omg! Yes! I've been dying to meet them. You're inviting your girlfriend too, right Troy?" I asked.
"Sure." He said.
"Okay, I'm gonna change quickly. Be ready by the time I'm finished or ill leave without you!" I yelled the last sentence while I was running to my room. I threw my shirt across the room and grabbed a crop top that was short sleeved. It was black and white stripes. Then I traded my sweatpants for light wash high wasted jean shorts. I put socks on then black combat boots.  I put my now dry, wavy hair down and put a black beanie on. I added just a tiny bit of makeup and looked in the mirror. For just having been dead I looked good. I grabbed my phone. Some money and shoved them both into my pockets. As I was about to leave the room, I gasped. 
"Lotion!" I reminded myself. I could hear chuckles from outside. I applied lotion to my legs and some on my arms and walked to the living room.
"I'm done. Lets go!" I yelled. When we got outside, I noticed the guys had brought my car back from their house. I got in the drivers seat and 4 more people came in my car while Ethan drove the rest. They followed me to the only bowling place near here. We parked and got out the car. Once we got into the bowling place, I asked the man for 2 rows. (Is it called rows? I mean like the little strip you slide the bowling ball down.. But I'm not sure what its called. But anyways, Carter rented 2.)
I handed him the money for 3 hours. While I was doing this, The guys were renting their shoes. I told them not to get me any though. I couldn't stand how hideous the shoes were. We went to the rows we rented and waited for Zack and Troy's girlfriends. I heard the door open so I looked towards it. There were two girls. One had long blonde hair, and deep blue eyes. Her skin was lighter than mine but still tan. She was wearing a floral printed skinny jeans and a pastel green shirt. Her flats were pastel pink. She looked like spring! If that's even possible. But she was really pretty. The girl walking next to her looked Spanish. She had dark brown curly hair it looked as if it was just curled, but her hair had a few caramel highlights. I loved her hair! It went up to the beginning of her breast. Her eyes were grey and very pretty. She was wearing black shorts with a brown leather belt that matched her brown flats perfectly. Her shirt was a navy blue crop top kinda sweater. It was long sleeved and had white and black tribal print. They were both smiling widely. I looked behind me to the guys, Zack and Troy were already speed walking towards them. Awe! That must be their girlfriends. Zack hugged the blonde one, her feet were lifted off the ground.  Once they sceptered they kissed. I turned my attention to Troy now, he was already kissing the girl. They were so cute!
"Awe!" I whispered, mainly to myself.
They all looked to me. Like, all of them. This is weird. I was smiling stupidly, trying to hide it though. I failed. The girls separated from their boyfriends and ran to the rest of the guys to say hi. They hugged everyone, apart from me. 
"Girls, this is Carter. Carter this is Izzy. My girlfriend." Zack pointed to the blonde one.
"And this is Lily. My girlfriend." Troy smiled proudly. Us girls were smiling at each other in excitement. Then, at the same time, we did a group hug. Does it count as a group if its only 3 people? 
"Do you guys know each other?" Charlie asked confused.
"Nope!" I replied.
"So why did you just hug like you're best friends." Jake asked.
"Because she's excited she doesn't have to spend time with just boys. And we're excited for another person in our life!" Lily spoke.
"And because we love each others fashion." Izzy added. 
"Okay then." Troy said chuckling. For 3 hours, we played bowling. After that we went our separate ways. I got to know the girls really well. The girls went to the packs house. And I went with Ethan and Emmitt to our house. I didn't bother changing my clothes though, I was too exhausted from everything that happened. It's weird that I woke up okay, I got happy when I saw Blythe. The I tried to commit suicide, then I was in pain. Next I'm excited and now I'm exhausted. Longest day ever.

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