Stronger than Love

Carter's a 17 year old girl.. little does she know, shes also a hybrid. Half vampire and half werewolf. She meets a pack of werewolves and 2 amazing vampires. What happens when she finds out? And what happens when she's hunted because she's the only hybrid known? Read this to find out!!


12. 11. No more bestfriend...

Carter's P.O.V.
I started to listen to Blythe's thoughts. She was mainly thinking that they were cute and how the hell I was so lucky. I chuckled a little.
"We should sit down, right?" Zack smiled.
"Mhm.." Tony mumbled, staring at Blythe. And he was failing to hide it. I smiled, knowing he liked her and she probably liked him. I'm gonna play match maker!! I could hear my inner thoughts screaming 'no don't do it! You're not as good at that as you think!' I shook it of and kept staring creepily at them both. 
"Carter..?" Jake asked. I turned to him and smile even more.
"What?" He said confused.
"I'm gonna play matchmaker!" I whisper yelled excitedly. There's a rare point in my life that I do this. I've always dreamt of setting people up and them loving me for it, I know.. It's not every girls dream. But it sure as hell was mine. We sat down on the couches. I was still creepily smiling at Tony. Suddenly he looked at me and blushed. He knew exactly what I was thinking.
'Talk to her, idiot.' I sent him as a thought.
'How?' He thought.
'First, you open your mouth and make sounds come out.' I started.
'Really?' He asked sarcastically.
"I have to go uh, pee?" I said outloud more as a question than a statement.
"Can you accompany me, Blythe?" I added.
She nodded and followed me to the bathroom. I pulled her in and locked the door. I sat on the counter and smiled at her.
"Don't you have to pee?" She asked.
"Nope." I popped the 'p'.
"Then-" she got cut off by me.
"Which one?" I asked excitedly.
"Whi-" she again was cut off by me again.
"Don't play stupid! I know you like the back of a book." I sassed.
She laughed a little then told me "the metaphor is 'I know you like the back of my hand.'"
"What side is the back of my hand? I don't even look at my hands!" I exclaimed.
"You don't look at back of books either." She laughed.
"Psh.. Whatever. But back to the question!"
"I don't like any of them in that way, Carter." She sighed.
"Yea right. Which one makes you feel 'happy' down there.." I smirked while pointing to her baby maker.
"CARTER!" She yelled and trying not to laugh. "
"What? It's not like they can hear us." I pointed out.
"Are you done talking? I want to go back out there." 
"Yup. And you know you will tell me.." I smiled.
"Yea, I know. It'll come out eventually." She smiled back.
'Tony.' She was thinking at that time. She likes tony! And he likes her! And I'm love doctor Carter! 
We walked out of the bathroom into the living room. I knew they all heard our conversations. They all were hiding their laugh. Probably from when I made the comment about her baby maker. Because, they're boys, all immature.
"So, um.. We have to go to get some food. Somewhere. You're welcome to stay here if you want." Zack told us. 
"Okay." I said. They got ready and walked out of the house. But Jake ran back in and gave me a kiss then walked back out. 
"Awe!" Blythe shrieked in excitement.
I laid on the couch and played temple run on my phone. It's a pretty addicting game. 
"I'll be in the kitchen!" Blythe told me. "If I could find it." She added. This house was easy to get lost in.
I was zoned into my game, not noticing anything other than beating my high score of 2 million.
"Damn it!" I whispered to myself when I tripped. Thankfully I still didn't lose. Suddenly, I heard a loud crash. My head whipped up and I saw Blythe wasn't here.
"Blythe!" I called out. 
"Carter!" She screamed out, she sounded terrified. I quickly followed her voice and found her with the hunters. 
Matt, one of the older ones, was pointing a complex looking gun at her. She looked completely scared.
"Carter, we meet again." Noah smiled.
"What the fuck are you doing here?" I yelled.
"Just paying a visit. We need to know more about each other." He replied.
"Then this visit has nothing to do with her! Let her go!" I yelled at him. I took a step forward. Two guns were quickly now pointed at me.
"Oh, but she does. That's If she's anything like you." He smirked.
"She isn't. She's normal, regular. Like you guys. Jut leave her alone." I tried my best not to cry. I wouldn't be able to bear if Blythe died. Especially because of me.
"A human? At a house of werewolves? With a hybrid? You expect me to believe that?" He laughed harshly.
"Yes. Because its the fucking truth!" I snapped.
"Carter, what's going on?" She asked, with a low voice.
"I know this is going to freak you out. But I promise I'll explain later." Told her, looking straight at her.
"So ador-" Noah started to say.
"Let us go or I'll make you." I said clearly. Trying my hardest to rid my scared face and shaky body, taking a step forward even though my conscious was telling me not to.
"I'd like to see you try." He whispered.
I brung my hand up to Matt, who still had his gun raised to Blythe. I used the power I just found out about (Telekinesis) to push it away as I thought of it in my brain. The gun flew out of his hand and into the floor, he still looked shocked. I heard footsteps coming close so I turned around and kicked Raymond's leg making him fall. I took his gun too and pushed it away with my hand. I turned around quickly. There stood Noah and Alec. Noah had his knife pressed to Blythe's neck. And Alec stood there awkwardly.
I grabbed Raymond up and put my hands in the position to break his neck.
"Give me Blythe and I won't kill him."I said.
"Oh and I should take your word for it?" He laughed. 
"Yes." I responded.
He made a small cut on Blythe's neck, why did I crave blood? I could live off human food. I fought to keep my eyes it's golden color. It only turns gold when I use the powers.
I pushed Raymond to the wall and at hybrid speed I ran to Alec. I had him stuck, with him in front of me. My left hand had him in a headlock and my right hand was pulling his head back by his hair. I was ready to bite him whenever.
"Let her go. Or I'll kill him." I gave Noah a dirty look. He immediately pushed Blythe towards me. I let go of Alec and grabbed Blythe. She looked absolutely terrified. The worst part though, is that she looked terrified of me.
"I would've never killed you." I sincerely said.
'I wouldn't even hurt you.' I thought to him.
"Next time, I don't care what's in my way. You will die." Noah yelled as I ran with Blythe.
"I'm sure I will." I smiled. 
Once we were away I stopped and turned to Blythe.
"What.. Wh-what are you?" She stuttered.
"I'm a vampire and werewolf. Hybrid." I answered.
"No! No, you're human! I've known you forever Carter. You're human!" She yelled, tears rolling down her face.
"But I'm not. I'm not human. But I haven't changed. I'm still the girl you grew up with.." I said sadly. Tears going down my face too.
"How could you say that? That you're the same! If you're what you say, your not the same girl." She cried.
"Blythe, I am.. I was the same girl earlier today. And I still am now. I'm your bes-" I got cut off.
"Don't say it!" She yelled. "Just don't. If you're a blood sucking killer than you are NOT.. My best friend." She shouted at me.
"Blythe, let me explain." I whispered.
"I just want to go home." She said silently with tears down her face. "Just take me home."
That's when I realized, I just lost my best friend.

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