The White Wolf

From abused to trained, what will happen when Evie clashes with her father's pack years after finally escaping the torment of her hated childhood?
- Nami2013


2. 'Why Daddy?'


Chapter 2

These woods were large and extensive and held things within its depth that you couldn’t even begin to imagine in your wildest nightmares. But the creatures in the woods had nothing on my father. He was my biggest nightmare but he was still there when I woke up. I heard the crunching of a stick from behind me and remembered that my father was still here. I slowly turned around to not see my father anywhere. Where could he go? He couldn’t just disappear like his, could he? A growl startled me from my thoughts as I was brought face to face with my father’s wolf form.

I slowly backed away from his snarling, snapping teeth. Another snarl left his lips as I continued to back away. “Daddy? What are you doing, why are you in your wolf form?” I asked with a slight shake to my voice. One last snarl left his lips as he crouched and lunged towards me.

The pain is what hit me first. A searing pain started in the left side of my neck and finished just below my right shoulder. It was unbearable, the pain just continued to increase. My father’s wolf form returned to in front of me as I struggled to get up from the cold ground. As I continued and failed to slowly make my way to a standing position I noticed the very distinct smell of blood, and lots of it. I pressed my hand to my chest to try and stop the pain that had nearly paralysed my body; my hand made contact with something wet and sticky and as I pulled it away all I saw was blood.

I looked down at my chest; through all the blood I could see three distinct claw marks. My breath caught in my throat as I realised the full extent of what my father had done.  I looked up at him to see him already stalking towards me with a feral glint in his eye. I knew he had officially gone over the edge and there was no one to save me. “Why daddy?” I cried as I looked down again at my torn up chest. The only response he made was lunging at me once again and latching his large canines into my left upper thigh. I screamed and yelled for someone to help me as he released my leg only to reattach them onto the right side of my waist and tug. I kicked my legs about frantically hoping to hit or injure him in some way at least. My right foot connected with something and was shortly followed by a loud yelp. The teeth were released from my side and I wasted no time crawling to my feet and running into the eerie woods, away from my father, away from my nightmare.

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