The White Wolf

From abused to trained, what will happen when Evie clashes with her father's pack years after finally escaping the torment of her hated childhood?
- Nami2013


13. Unknown

Unknown POV

I watched in fascination as she trained and threatened all the men in her group. She was breath takingly beautiful; I couldn’t stop staring as she yelled in frustration at all the egotistical ass holes. She couldn’t see me and with how tired she was after her little episode, I knew that she couldn’t sense me either. When she did have her little episode I had to use every last bit of strength to not run over to her and take her beautiful body in my arms.

I watched her through her whole training session and observed as she got weaker and weaker until she finally stopped the training. As she started to walk towards the pack house I silently followed her, thanking the moon goddess for her unexpected tiredness that allowed me to do so. I faintly felt another presence close by and fell back a little and watched in fury as another man picked her up and cradled her to his chest. The tight hold I had on my wolf was slowly slipping as she shifted to speak to him.

I relaxed only slightly when she mentioned that he was her brother, but I was still on edge about my mate being in another man’s arms.  As she slowly drifted off to sleep I stepped into step with her brother. He turned to look at me with a raised eye brow in a questioning matter and slightly shifted my precious so she was further away from me; I let out a small feral growl at the movement. He stopped walking and turned fully to me.

“Can I help you?” He snapped at me.

I continued briskly walking past him and walked into the pack house leaving them both behind me; I needed to see the Alpha. That was why I arrived here in the first place, before I set eyes on my divine mate. I am Michael Reeves, Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack, the largest pack on the continent of the US. I had come here on some pack business was yet to see Alpha Drake, I despised the man, but he was a powerful player to have on your side and so I continued to allow him to be one of my many allies.

As I reached the back door of the pack house I turned around and took one last look at my peacefully sleeping mate and promised myself and my wolf that I would make her mine.


Evies’ POV

I awoke from my slumber in my bed the next morning, having skipped dinner last night due to my tiredness; I quickly dressed and got ready for another gruelling day of training. I laughed to myself as I remembered the session from yesterday, they thought that was hard! They have no idea what’s in store for them today, yesterday I had been too tired to enforce on them the extent of my usual training, today they were going to suffer.

Thinking back to yesterday brought back the memories of my shut down, man I really needed to find a new name for it, and not just my memories, hers. Lillie’s memories were interesting, and disturbing. It seemed that she and I had suffered similar fate. I had told her to talk to Jacob about it, and I meant it. Telling people about my past had been hard, incredibly hard at the time. But I felt so much better after, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I could breathe again. The only difference between her and myself, was the people, or person rather, that had hurt her were actually looking for her. And once he found her, he wasn’t planning on a change of heart, bastard.

As I made my way down the stairs to the pack house kitchen when my wolf started to become unsettled, I could feel her pacing in the back of my mind.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her simply. She just huffed in response and continued to pace.

“Fine, be like that, I don’t care.”

 Once I arrived in the kitchen I was greeted by the passive faces of my eldest brother and his lovely mate. They were sitting at the kitchen table with Lillie on Jacobs lap and his arms tightly around her waist, his head buried in her nape of her neck.  Flaring out my abilities I picked up on the tension and the underlying anger pulsing through Jacobs veins.

“I guess she told you then” I quietly stated, Jacob turned to look at me and glared.

“You knew “, he growled out “and you didn’t tell me” he all but shouted. He moved Lillie off his lap and harshly raised himself from his seat.

“Jacob!” Lillie shouted, knowing what he was about to do, just like I did. Anger now clearly motivating his actions, he stepped towards me visibly shaking with rage. I knew that he wasn’t exactly thinking straight, the fact that his mate was in danger and had suffered a past of pain was enough to make any male go a bit stir crazy, but Jacob being a White Wolf made him even more protective. And now his wolf was taking over, not seeing me as his sister, but as a threat to his mate and it didn’t matter who I was.

Lillie took a step in front of a seething Jacob; he didn’t even notices as she tried to convince him to calm down.

“Lillie” I stated calmly, keeping eye contact with Jacob. “You need to move, NOW.” As the words left my mouth Jacob launched himself at me, his teeth bared as he shifted mid-air and landed on top of me, out of the corner of my eye I saw Lillie watching with a look of horror.

I wrestled with Jacob, he was violently snapping his jaws at me whilst I tried to steer the fight to outside. Just as Skylar came down the stairs we both barged through the door and tumbled onto the grass.


Jacob’s POV


All I felt was white hot rage as I looked upon the girl in front of me, with a busted lip, a bleeding nose and an already healing bruise forming on her face, she looked up at me with a look of disbelief and a trace of fear. In the back of mind I knew I was over reacting, but after hearing about my mates past and the things she had lived through had put me on edge, very close to the edge. Then to top it off, someone who I trusted and already knew about it had failed to tell me. I growled at her as she slowly raised herself and stood in a defensive position, slowly strutting towards closer I got ready to attack when another wolf crashed into me.

 In slow motion we both flew into the air, a snarl left the back of my throat and I kept my eyes on the girl, nobody was going to hurt my mate again. She had suffered just like my sister had. My sister. Evie, oh god Evie. My brain kicked into gear and I gained control over my wolf as I realised what I had done. I had attacked my own sister. Quickly looking over at her again i saw her bent over on the ground taking short breathes, oh god what have I done?

Stop it Jacob, what are you doing?! It’s Evie.” Skylar’s voice entered my head; he had always been the most protective of Evangeline. He must have noticed my change of mood because he got off me and shifted back. I quickly followed suit and hastily got up to make my way over to Evie, I had to apologise, I had to do something. Why hadn’t she fought back?, she and I both know that she could have beaten me. As I approached her, Tyler came up to me and gave me a pat on the back and steered me away from her, I turned to go back but he stopped me again.

“You both need to take a breather, talk to her a bit later, she’s slightly shaken up.” He explained.

“Why didn’t she fight back?” I asked, exasperated.

“I don’t know Jacob, I don’t know” he answered just as confused as I was.


I know that it has been forever since i last updated, and i could explain my sob story but i know that you won't want to hear it. I have tried really hard to try and get this story up and running again. Your comments meant a lot to me so keep them coming. I would really appreciate if you could keep giving me ideas. I almost removed the story after i couldn't think of anything to write for over 4 months, but thanks to you guys...I'M BACK! wether thats a a good or a bad thing remains to be discovered.

Also on another note, i know that i have been struggling a bit at home and school, so if you are having troubles anywhere i would love to help you. Just send me an email at and i'll try my best to help you all!

This chapter has not been edited, but i tried... keep the comments coming :)

thanks again, chelsealivingfaith xoxo

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