The White Wolf

From abused to trained, what will happen when Evie clashes with her father's pack years after finally escaping the torment of her hated childhood?
- Nami2013


14. Michael (rewritten)

Hello my lovies, i know its been a while. I was quite dissapointed with my last update so i have scrapped it and redid the ending. I actually i redid about half of it, the beginning of the chapter is still the same, but i changed the point of view of Evie and Michael's first meeting, so hopefully it is much better, but if you liked the first one better comment and i will change it back.

I would like to dedicate this chapter to my best friend Michelle, also known as Michellehoranstyles, and if you enjoy 1D fanfiction go and check out her stories!!


As we barrelled through the door my conscious was brought back to that day 7 years ago. I knew that it was Jacob overacting, but my brain was petrified, taking me back to that little scared 11 year old girl. My memories were clouding my mind as I tried to focus on what was happening in front of me.

Jacob’s wolf slowly changed into my fathers, and I looked at him in absolute horror my mind had taken over and I was now vividly reliving that dreadful day 11 year ago. This could not be happening again; a growl startled me from my thoughts as I was brought face to face with my father’s wolf form.

I slowly backed away from his snarling, snapping teeth. Another snarl left his lips as I continued to back away. “Daddy? What are you doing……?’

I was brought back to the present when another large wolf tackled my father, who has now turned back into Jacob, and they both crashed into the ground. I fell to my knees and started taking heavy breathes to get the pictures from out of my head. My father’s snapping teeth, his bloodshot, emotionless eyes has his teeth sunk into my skin had me wanting to scream and tear my hair out in panic.

I felt Skylar’s arms wrap around me as I continued to hyperventilate, he started rocking me back and forth trying to comfort me. I could hear Ben and Jacob talking as I slowly regained all of my senses. There was a slight tingling in the back of my head and I felt myself begin to calm down, pictures of sandy beaches and calming waves replaced my father’s ferocious growl and mattered fur as Skylar used his powers to sift through my mind and replace the images.

I clung to Skylar, he had always been the most protective of me and after his mate died he stuck to me like glue, making sure that I wouldn’t get hurt. He promised himself that he would make sure he would protect me, like he couldn’t protect his mate.

“Did you see all of it” I asked quietly. Asking to see if he had seen all the images that had flown through my mind as Jacob attacked me.

“Yeah, I did….. He snapped out of after I tackled him” he slowly helped me stand up.

I let out a small humourless chuckle.

“He feels terrible” he stated as we walked towards the pack house, I didn’t want to talk to Jacob just yet, I needed some time to calm down.

“I bet he does, it’s not his fault though”

“And it’s not your fault either” he said turning to me, too tired to argue I continued to walk towards the pack house. It was as I was about to step through the front door I realised the warm substance dripping from my nose. I lightly touched the side of my face and winched when I came into contact with a bruise, wiping the blood from my nose and noticing another cut on my lip, I looked at Skylar.

He started laughing and smiled at me, “Yeah you look terrible, that’s a nasty bruise, it should clear up soon.”

I let out a small smile and laughed with him, his look turned sincere as he continued to look at me.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get there quick enough”. I could see him start to get angry with himself but I stopped him before he could get lost in his thoughts.

“It was not your fault; it was no bodies fault, okay?” I looked him in the eyes and waited for an answer.

He let out a small growl and looked back at me; he gave me a small nod and then continued to walk with me into the house.

When I entered an amazing smell hit my nose, it smelt like chocolate and expensive cologne. My wolf was very agitated and I immediately knew why, my mate was here.

As I stepped into the foyer of the house as the smell grew stronger.  Skylar was trailing along behind me with a small smile gracing his lips as he obviously realised what was happening and followed to see who he was.  I continued to follow the smell and I realised that I was headed towards the guest lodging part of the pack house.

I stopped before I barged into the room and took a step back; I bumped into Skylar’s chest and turned around.

“Why are you stopping, go and find him” he asked, he looked excited but also cautious. He inclined his head towards the door and smiled, giving me a small shove and sent encouragement through our mind link.

Go and talk to him, I’ll go and find the boys, I’m sure Jacob wants to know what happened out there.” With that he turned and walked back the way we had come earlier, leaving in front of the white door by myself.

I took a shaky breath and closed my eyes, praying to the moon goddess that this would work out. Slowly lifting my arm to knock, I opened my eyes and confidently rapped on the door. There was a shuffling from inside the room and then the door opened, and holy moon goddess I was not prepared for the sight before me.

(new update starts here)

Michael POV.

I had just gotten out of the shower when a knock startled me from my thoughts of her. Whoever was at my door better be there for a bloody good reason, I stay in this room for a reason, it was the furthest from everybody else and was the last in the hallway. I had spent last night into the early morning talking the arrogant Alpha and his Beta; they need to get over themselves.

I quickly threw on some pants and went to answer the door not bothering with a shirt. I ran my fingers through my slightly damp hair and reached the door and pulled it open and I was not prepared for who stood in front of me.

There she stood in all her glory, the goddess that had occupied my thoughts for the past day and had filled my dreams last night also.  I watched as her eyes crawled up my body, taking every piece of me in and letting out a startled gasp when her eyes met my shirtless torso.  I stood still as she surveyed every part of my body, moving would involve touching her and seeing her in a tight black tank top and training leggings was not leaving anything to the imagination.

As her eyes finally met mine I looked at her face as was immediately angry. Who had touched my mate, her face had a nasty blue and purple bruise and her lip was bleeding. I frown settled on my lips as I continued to search her body for any more injuries. She was leaning more on her right leg and she looked tired and sad? I then realised our first meeting was not going as well as we both probably would have liked. I quickly pulled her into my room and watched as she took a quick look around my room, even with a bleeding lip she was beautiful, her long brown hair was tied up in slightly messy ponytail and her figure was amazing. But I couldn’t get over her face, what had happened, I intended to find out.

I took a few steps towards her so I was directly behind her and as she turned around crashed right into my chest. I let out a small chuckle at her clumsiness but then turned serious again as I looked upon her face, the bruise was quickly fading and the cut had healed. Fighting the urge to touch her was becoming a losing battle; I slowly lifted my hand and cupped her cheek. The sparks that erupted through one touch had her holding back a moan, I felt a small smile slip through, proud of the reaction that I could elicit through just one touch.

“What happened?” I asked calmly, much calmer than the inferno that was raging beneath the surface of the thought of anyone laying a hand on my mate. MINE. At first she didn’t answer and I thought she hadn’t heard me, then I realised that she was slightly distracted by my hand that was still resting on her cheek tracing soft patterns around her bruise, and the fact that I had growled out my previous statement probably did nothing to control her raging hormones.

The question obviously registered somehow and she stuttered out her answer, relaying that she had a ‘misunderstanding’ with her brother. The rage that bubbled beneath the surface obviously didn’t show as she leant further into my hand, slightly sedating my wolf and preventing me from leaving and ripping her brother’s head off. I took a step closer, needing to have more contact to allow my wolf to fully calm down before I exploded. I continued tracing patterns on her cheek, the small movement soothing us both.

After seeing her train yesterday I knew that she was strong and that her injuries would not be affecting her greatly, but the possessive alpha in me had to make sure she was alright. I took a step away from her feeling my anger rising once again, increasing even more once I was no longer touching her.

“Are you okay? That bruise doesn’t look nice; I should go and talk to your brother” I growled out, the force of my rage hitting me full throttle as I turned to leave and “talk” to her brother. As I went leave out the door her small hand reached out and clutched mine, returning it to its original position on her cheek, where the bruise had mostly healed.

“I’ m fine, nothing I can’t handle” she responded with her eyes closed, her hand still clasped around mine. I let out a long breath as her touch slowly reduced my anger, I focused on her as my body slowly relaxed and the realisation that I finally had my mate had me smiling like an idiot.  She opened her beautiful eyes and looked up at me, I smiled down at her making her smile in return and I couldn’t control myself as I scooped her up into my arms in a tight hug.

 I spun her around, dying to hear her laugh, to see her full blown smile, to see her eyes sparkle with happiness, as I knew my eyes were. As I placed her softly back onto the floor I pulled her back to me, wanting to feel her body against mine.

I placed a soft kiss on her head and whispered “I finally found you; I thought I was going to go crazy”. And truer words and never been spoken, I had been looking for my mate for over two years and here she was, my one and only. As I took a small step back I bent down a few inches and looked into her dazzling green eyes, a cheeky smirk covered my lips as I realised that she didn’t know my name. I stuck out my hand for her to shake, she placed her smaller hand in mine and I blew out a small breath at the onslaught of tingles that travelled up my arm.

As I looked at her I saw her smirk and raise an eyebrow questionably at me previous actions, I returned with a smirk of my own and introduced myself.

“Michael Reeves, 20, and you are?” She started to shake my hand, squeezing harder than needed.

“Evangeline Desmond, 18”. She stopped shaking my hand and I stepped closer still looking into her gorgeous green eyes. It was her this time that pulled me into the hug; she wrapped her arms around my waist and laid her head on my chest as I also enveloped my arms around her smaller but sturdy frame. I felt her smile through my shirt and I too smiled, I knew she was going to be a brilliant Luna to my pack, just through watching her fight the other day.

She was strong, smart and all mine. I would deal with her brother later, but right now I couldn’t move even if I wanted too, which i didn't, her arms suddenly tightened around me and i placed another light kiss on the top of her head.


Okay so thats the new update, remember to comment if you liked the other chapter better. Thankyou for continuing to read, love you all so much!!! So what do you think about Michael and Evie !?!?!?! I am so excited and i loved writing this chapter, i personally like this one better than the other one but i want to hear your feedback! And remember that if you do want to talk to me, if your having troubles or just want to talk to someone my email is on one of the other chapters (cant remember which one ) Love you all, Byeeeeee.

Chelsea xoxo

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