The White Wolf

From abused to trained, what will happen when Evie clashes with her father's pack years after finally escaping the torment of her hated childhood?
- Nami2013


8. Arrival


Jacob’s POV.

We were getting closer and closer to the Shattered Moon pack. When we were about ten minutes out from the pack house, the all too familiar tingling at the base of my neck told me that we had crossed into their territory. I could see Evie’s shoulders tense while gracefully riding on her Honda. While we got closer and closer, Evie, who was riding in front of me, started to slow down gradually. I have to admit if I was in her position I would be a bit apprehensive as well.

When Evie had first told all of us about her father, we were all furious. Dad had to literally hold me down so I wouldn’t go and rip that douche bags head off. I was eighteen when she had final opened up, almost three years ago now. We had all grown to become so close in this short time and had also become some of the most feared fighters in the werewolf world, Evie especially. She made grown men all to their knees in fear, which is why I’m so sure that she could handle her father physically, the thing I was weary of is if she can handle him mentally. The real kicker was that it wasn’t just her father that had done those horrible things to her, it was her other pack members as well.

After Evie’s mother had disappeared and full caring duties were given to her father, John who was and still is the Beta of the Shattered Moon pack, he started drinking and abusing Evie. Even in public, when the pack saw what was happening they decided to follow their Beta. What really made my blood boil was how no-one, not one, could find it within themselves to help her. Not even the Alpha put a stop to the violence, in fact he was the second most frequent offender. Evie to this day is still physically and mentally scared, while her mind has mainly repaired itself the physical scars will stay forever. The scars that her father had left on that last day, she didn’t hide like we had all expected her too, and rightly so, but instead she wore them proudly like a medal to show what she had survived.

All too soon we were driving down the long rounded drive way to the pack house. Through the dense trees I could see a cream coloured, three story building with a grand mahogany door. We all pulled up at the end of the drive way and were meet by the curious glances of some of the pack members. By this stage I was starting to get riled up. These were the people that made Evie’s life a living hell, I could feel my brothers were thinking the same  as me, absolute hatred pooled inside of me as my eyes found the two people that made my blood boil. The Alpha and Beta of the Shattered Moon pack, Drake and John.

I slowly opened the door of my car and forcefully shut it behind me. Three thuds sounded around me as Skylar, Tyler, and Ben got out of their cars also. I stepped forward to “greet” the Alpha and Beta, Skylar stepped to my left and Tyler to my right. Ben stood to the right of Tyler as Evie took off her helmet, gasps sounded all around us as hormone filled teenage boys took in her curvy body and long brown hair. The four of us shared a secret chuckle as she walked towards us; Skylar took a step away from me to allow Evie to stand in her usual position. Stepping in between myself and Skylar she kept her head held high as she looked Alpha Drake in the eye, refusing to look at her once upon a time father.

“Alpha Jacob, it’s an honour to finally meet you.” Alpha Drake stuck out his hand for me to shake; I took his hand and gave it a hard squeeze with a cold look on my face. The Alpha tried to look indifferent but I saw him shake out his hand by side after I had released it.  Throughout the whole exchange John had his eyes fixed on Evie, but she was still refusing to look at him.

“Well, as you know I’m Jacob I’m 21” I gestured to my right and continued.” This is Tyler and over there is his twin Skylar and they are 19, next to Tyler is Ben who’s 17 and last but not least Evangeline, 18.” At the mention of Evangeline’s name, a simultaneous gasp flowed through the crowd, she turned her head to look at her father, who had gone pale and was looking at Evie with wide eyes.

“E-Evie, is that you?” Beta John stuttered looking hopefully at Evie. Her powerful green eyes shown with anger as she looked at her father with disgust.

“Yes, it’s me.” She said in a voice void of any emotion. Her father took a step towards her making a small growl leave the back of my throat. He looked up at me questionably.

“Can’t I hug my own daughter?” He said sarcastically, thinking he had the upper hand. At the mention of the word daughter, Evie let out a feral growl of her own. John stared at her, shock clearly written all over his face.

In an almost deadly monotone Evie growled, “I am NOT your daughter!” She turned on her heals and started walking towards the house. “TRAINING STARTS TOMORROW MORNING AT 6 O’CLOCK, DO NOT BE LATE!” a groan passed throughout the pack as they all turned to go their separate ways.

We started to follow Evie towards the house when John grabbed my arm and yanked it back towards him. “What have you done to my daughter?!” he growled at me. I yanked my arm out of his grasp and turned to face him, my dark blue eyes pulsing in anger. He stumbled backwards and let out a small gasp.

“I didn’t do anything to Evangeline; you did that all by yourself” and with one final stare, me and my brothers went to go find our sister.


They finally got to the shattered moon pack, and what do you think about switching POV's??

Chelsealivingfaith xoxo

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