The Young love of Two

A boy and a girl found love from the start. Young but stupid but still found love in junior high school. No one understood us but in fact not even our families did, they all said the same shit oh yall are too young to know what love is well maybe were not...


1. so called love at first sight.

 There is a first time for every thing, love ,a kiss,date,sex ,ect.... But one main one happened to me the word love. I only new the kind of love from my family then it changed the day I met James. Well Tarzan, I didn't know his name then one day I was on my way to track and I yelled Tarzan and thats the first time we have ever talked.... so it begans. Love has a weird way of showing up but i guess my door to love was wide open saying ,"yep come on right in". Few weeks later comes St.Patricks day" the luck day" Then it happenes he askes me out and i say "yes". A couple of weeks later I have my first real date, we go to the fair. Now i cant stop thinking about him His smile ,laugh ,smell,and his kisses. I truley love him and that will never change....And this is what I call a reality love story that has happened to me.....<3<3<3

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