One Love

This fanfic is about You and Liam Payne. Its your anniversary but your ex boyfriend Sam comes to town for a week. He lives in florida. When you saw him you were shocked.


1. Yours and Liam's month anniversary

         It's your's and Liam's anniversary. You've been going out for a month. Liam came over to your place when your parents  weren't home you were watching a movie with him. He put his arm around you and said happy anniversary, I love you. After the movie ended Liam left and said he will pick you up at 8:00 its now 2:30. Then you heard a knock at the door. When you realized it was your ex boyfriend you were shocked. He moved to florida now he's back. He said hi remember me I used to be your boyfriend. You said yeah I know bit you were shocked that was him. He changed in a good way. But now you were with Liam and thats all that mattered. He said wow you look great. He then he said there's a reason why I came here I still love you. You had your mouth wide open. You told him you had a boyfriend he was upset but he still wanted to be friends you said yeah sure why not. When he left you got dressed for your date with Liam. He was gonna take you to a club. You realized it was now 6:30 you had an hour and a half to get ready. You quickly took a shower then got dressed then you put on your makeup. 

           When Liam got to your house to pick you up he said your my one and only love. Then he gave you red roses and kissed you on the lips you smiled. When you got to the club you had so much fun dancing with Liam and listening to music. Then you saw Sam there. Sam said hey I didn't know you were gonna be here. Then Liam said he was gonna go get a drink for you. You went to the snack bar and you saw Sam he was drunk. You said Sam how much did you drink like 5 bottles of beer. You screamed Sam you cant drink that much beer. Then he said you look good tonight then gave you a kiss on the lips. You screamed Sam what was that for! He said your a good kisser you slapped him on the cheek. He kept bothering you. When Liam came back you ran to him and said Liam thank god your back. He asked what was wrong. You told him what happened. He then said to Sam why are you bothering my girl. Sam punched Liam in the face and said shes too good for you. You ran to Liam and said are you okay then kissed him on the lips. You called the cops on Sam and told them he was drunk. He went to jail. You left with Liam. He stayed over for the night to comfort you. You were so upset from what happened but happy Liam was on your side.  



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