One Love

This fanfic is about You and Liam Payne. Its your anniversary but your ex boyfriend Sam comes to town for a week. He lives in florida. When you saw him you were shocked.


3. The scary news then the good ending

         The next morning after you both ate breakfast. Liam put on the news it said 18 year old boy Sam was let out out jail. You were so scared that Sam was gonna hurt Liam even though he was let out if jail. You heard a knock at the door it was Sam again you talked to him and said that he has to move on but before you finished talking to him he pulled you close to him and he kissed you but you pushed him away. Then Liam came and said leave her alone she is not just someone like you can ness around with she is wonderful she is my one love. Then Sam finally gave up and went to go hit on some other girl at the club. Liam said now we don't have to worry about him anymore you said yeah. 

          You both got dressed up to go to a restaurant. When you got there there was a reserved table in the back of a beautiful restaurant. You sat down and shared a drink with Liam. You got a good meal too. There was good music on too. Then all of a sudden Liam went down on one knee and said will you marry me yes said YES!!! You were so happy you kissed him on the lips like you've never kissed him before. When you got home you could not believe what you've been through these past day's. The only thing you cared about at this moment was Liam. He is so sweet, kind and handsome. He decided to stay at your place for the rest of the week. You were so happy going to sleep knowing the person who wants to spend their life with me is is right here next to me. You went to sleep thinking about Liam all night.



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