One Love

This fanfic is about You and Liam Payne. Its your anniversary but your ex boyfriend Sam comes to town for a week. He lives in florida. When you saw him you were shocked.


2. Fun at the beach

         The next day you and Liam were gonna go to the beach. You changed in the same room because you could trust Liam. He took a few peaks at you and smiled. When you finished getting ready you were on your way to the beach. When you got there you set up your blankets and your beach tent. He put sunblock on your back and he went a little too far down your back. You both went into the water rode the waves and had so much fun. Then Liam said I love you so much and kissed you with a passion and you kissed back. You then went back to your tent and sat inside closed the zipper then sat there kissing Liam for a like 5 minutes. When you left you went to go get ice cream Liam got some on his nose to make you laugh and it worked. Then he took you home. 

          When you got home you ran upstairs and closed the door you told Liam you were gonna take a shower. Then you went into the shower and closed the door. Liam totally forgot you were in there and walked in luckily you were still wearing your bathing suit in the shower. You asked him what he was doing he said can i come in with you you said sure. You were both showering in a bathing suit. Liam went to grab the soap and accidentally grabbed your but when you turned around. You screeched a little. You both got out of the shower, dried up and got your pajamas on. You asked if he could stay with you another night he said sure. You both sat down on the bed you were both just talking until Liam put his arms around you from the back and decided to grab your boob you asked him what he was doing and he said just wondering. You said about what he said nothin. You laughed then smiled at him he blushed. You loved him so much and he loved you exactly the same way. You hugged each other and were so happy in each others arms. You fell asleep in each others arms. 



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