You Saved Me

Samatha wanted nothing more than to be dead. When she meets Harry Styles from One Direction she starts to change her attitude towards life. But she she slips up and cuts to deep. Could this be the end of her?


4. The Hospital

Samantha's POV:

We got to the hospital and Harry helped me out of the car. "Samantha... Will you promise me something?" Harry asked. "Yea, of course!" I said. "Never cut yourself ever again. Your beautiful and I've been to long with out you, I don't want to lose you forever." Harry said chocking on tears he refused to let come up. "Harry I promise you I wont ever do it again." I said hugging him. We walked into the hospital hand in hand. The bleeding on my wrist finally stopped. We got into the hospital and signed in. Joys I'm going to be here for hours... At least I'm with Harry. I truly fancy him. I always have but he wouldn't like me. I hate the hospital... So so so much. 2 hours later we got seen. The doctor coming in. "Hello what seems to be wrong today?" The doctor said. He was old he had to be in his late sixties with white hair. "I cut myself." Embarrassment written all over my face. It's not like I am proud of it. "Let me see your wrist." I held it out and he examined it. "Your lucky you almost hit an artery and you would have bleed to death if you didn't seek medical attention immediately." Tears ran down my face like a rapid stream. Harry squeezed my free hand tight... "Your lucky though... All you need is a few stiches and we will put a soft cast on you. I will be right back." He said closing the door as he left. "I'm so sorry." I said collapsing into Harry's chest. "Don't be we all make mistakes." He said holding me tightly. The doctor came back in. I tensed up and Harry squeezed my hand again. "It will barely hurt." The doctor said putting the coating on. Getting stitched up kills. He finally stopped and said I could leave as soon as my cast was on and that I just ad to come back in 2 weeks to see the progress. The nurse came in and put my soft cast on and we where free to go.

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