You Saved Me

Samatha wanted nothing more than to be dead. When she meets Harry Styles from One Direction she starts to change her attitude towards life. But she she slips up and cuts to deep. Could this be the end of her?


1. The Hell Hole

Samantha's POV:

"Samantha Anne get your ass down stairs now!" Rebecca called from downstairs. Rebecca is my mother but she deffentily doesn't deserve the title. I pressed my right hand to my left wrist. I knew if Rebecca saw my scars and my fresh cuts she would do something ten times worse. "Samantha Anne what did I just say! You don't want me coming up there young lady!" She called up again. I quickly ran over to my closet and pulled out a long sleved shirt. I knew Rebecca was getting annoyed. The shirt didn't cover my whole arms so I kept tugging at them as if they would grow. My mom never abused me untill her mother passed away. My dad soon realized she was crazy and walked out on us. Ever since then I have been living in this Hell hole. I reached the end of the stair case to see my motherstanding standing in the hallway. "What the hell is this." She said shoving a letter into my chest. I looked down at it. It read:

Dear Rebecca Martins,

We are sorry to inform you but Samantha will be reapting her Junior year at McHugh High school in fall 2013. This is due to lack of attendence and unsificiant grades


Principal Smath.

I knew I was in for it now. "Rebecca... I can explain." I said. "Excuse me what did you just call me!" She screamed in my face. She slapped me so hard in the face and the punched me in the stomache "You dumb hoe did I not teach you manners! I wish you would just kill yourself already." She said. Thats when I lost it. I ran out of the house and ran for the only place I knew Rebecca wouldn't find me. That was at the park.



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