You Saved Me

Samatha wanted nothing more than to be dead. When she meets Harry Styles from One Direction she starts to change her attitude towards life. But she she slips up and cuts to deep. Could this be the end of her?


3. Reunited by a Car Ride

Harry's POV:

I never caught her name. All I know is that she is beautiful. She has beautiful blue eyes and her face is covered in freckles. Her hair is long curly and brown.  She looks really familiar though. I wonder what her name is... "I'm Harry." I stated. "I'm Samantha." She reply. "That's a lovely name." I said. "Thank you. I love your name. I had a goldfish named Harry... names after one of my best friends back in Holmes Chapel." I thought for a second... I had a friend names Samantha but she moved when she was ten and when I was twelve. This couldn't be her. Could it? "How old are you?"  I asked. "I'm Seventeen." She responded. Ok so we have the same age difference. "What was his name?" I asked. "Harry Edward Styles. I am pretty sure he is in that boy band one direction. I'm not sure though my mom doesn't let me listen to music or anything." This made me smile. "By any chance is your name Samantha Anne Moore?" She cocked her head and stared at me. "Harry?" She asked. I nodded. A smile lit her face. "How are you love?" I asked. "Honestly horrible.  You did catch me cutting myself." She said putting her head down. "What happened to make you do that..." I said my voice cracking with sorrow. "I've been doing it since I was 12. After my mom's mother died my mom became a freak. She abuses me, physically and verbally. My dad ended up leaving... Which mad my mom even worse. We got into an argument over the fact I was staying back. She slapped me and punched so I decided to run away. In the past two years I have nearly killed myself about seventeen times. I never did it I couldn't bring myself to do it. I stood on that chair noose ready and everything... I never could do it..." She put her face into her hands and started crying. Which made me cry. "That's why you said you didn't want to go home... You can stay with me Samantha you will be safe with me. I won't let anything happen to you." Ever since we where little I fancied Sam. "Thank you Harry." She said. We pulled into the hospital parking lot. Then entering into the hospital.

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