You Saved Me

Samatha wanted nothing more than to be dead. When she meets Harry Styles from One Direction she starts to change her attitude towards life. But she she slips up and cuts to deep. Could this be the end of her?


7. Nightmare

Samantha's POV:

Where am I? I looked around and I was on the bench of the park. So I didn't see Harry again... That was all just a... dream? There is no way it felt so... real. I picked my body up off the bench to see Rebecca standing there... with a knife. "What the hell were you thinking?!?!" Rebecca asked. Coming closer and closer to me with the knife. "I'm... I'm..." was all I could get out before she stabbed my thigh. I went down instantly whaling in the process. "How dare you be so rude to your mother!" Rebecca said kicking me in the side repeatedly.

I woke up screaming and holding on to my side. Harry quickly woke up and held onto me putting my head to his chest. "Shhh, it's ok Sammy, it's ok." He said now rocking me back and forth. I was crying now. I was embarrassed and I definitely did not want Harry to me cry so I dug my head farther into his chest. I tried hard not to start sobbing but either way harry knew I was not ok. He moved back so he could look at me. He look his fingers and lifted my chin up. With the other hand he wiped my tears away, also tucking a strand of my loose curly brown hair behind my ear. "It was only just a dream beautiful." Harry said kissing my forehead. This sent shivers down my spine, but the good kind. "I..It...felt so real!" I exclaimed in sobs. "It's ok love, I won't let anyone hurt you I promise" Harry said laying me back down on the bed. "Your going to be ok, now lets get some sleep beautiful." He said laying down putting his arm around me and pulling me close. I never want him to let me go.


*Hey sorry I havnt updated at all, my life like, is hard right now and I am soooo sorry! like and fave my darlings...*


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