You Saved Me

Samatha wanted nothing more than to be dead. When she meets Harry Styles from One Direction she starts to change her attitude towards life. But she she slips up and cuts to deep. Could this be the end of her?


6. Bed time!

Sam's POV:

"Samantha you can sleep with me tonight" Louis said from across the living room. "Louis thanks for the offer it is really sweet of you but... I'm going to sleep with Harry tonight." I said apologetically. Louis face looked sad but I wasn't into Louis like he was into me. I like Harry. Harry smiled at me. I leaned on Harry's shoulder and closed my eyes hoping I would just fall asleep.

I must have dozed off a bit because Harry shook me awake gently and whispering into my ear "Lets go up to my room." He said. "Four more minutes..." I said sleepily. I felt Harry scoop me up bridal style and carry me upstairs.

Harry's room from what I could see through blurry eyes was beautiful. His bed looked like it was king sized. The head board was heart shaped and gold. The room was red and it had a balcony. On one side of the room there was a desk, and then a couch. Harry even had his own bathroom.

Harry placed me down on the bed and then studied my clothes. "You can't sleep in that!" He said walking over to his Bauru. He pulled out a baggy sweatshirt and a pair of plaid pants. It was winter so I was happy he had pants. "Can I change in the bathroom?" I asked. "Of course." He quickly responded.

I walked over to the bathroom. I opened the door and closed it. The bathtub was the first thing I noticed! It was huge it looked more like a Jacuzzi then a bathtub. Across from the bathtub was the shower and sink with a huge mirror above it. I pulled over the sweatshirt and changed into the pants. I pulled my hair back and re-entered the room.

I walked over to the couch. "Excuses me what do you think your doing?" Harry asked. "Getting ready for bed?" I said. "Your in the wrong spot." and as he said that Harry ran over picked me up from around my waste and brought me to the bed. "This is where you are sleeping." he said tucking me in and getting next to me. I feel asleep instantly.


*THE CONTEST IS STILL IN EFFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*




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