Two Sisters And A Dirty Little Secret

Two sisters: Zero and Aim, Try to find out a dirty little secret that has been hidden from them their whole life: Who their Father is. The two girls have always been different. They looked alike and were found together so assumed sisters. What if they aren't? will it affect who they are. What is this secret and does finding out what it is plan out their whole life?


1. Back Story

News Report: Two 8 year old girls were found on the street last night around midnight. Officers searched for hours for  missing children reports but nothing came up. Girls are now placed in the Degree 15  Orphanage and caretaking facility. If anyone is missing two young girls, that appear to be sisters. Once cleaned off the two girls had flawless features One with Dark Brown hair, ice blue eyes, around 4 feet 5 inches tall, striking features shown below. The other with Light Blonde almost White hair and dark almost black eyes, around 4 feet 7 inches with the same facial features as the other. Names were given as Zero and Aim. Zero being The one with Dark hair and Aim being the one with Light. Two girls will not leave each others sides. If any body has any information where they came from please call Degree 15 Orphanage and caretaking facility. Number listed below

I put down the paper and looked across to Superman and said "We did the right thing you know. Raising them in the life of crime fighting will only scar them." He looked down and the across and out the giant window of his Mansion on a cliff over looking the Atlantic ocean. He took a deep breath and sighed " I know Bat... I know.. I just wish we could have raised our daughters our own.." "We tried that for eight years, wiping their memory of us and putting them on the street was the only way to help them live a normal life.."

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