Two Sisters And A Dirty Little Secret

Two sisters: Zero and Aim, Try to find out a dirty little secret that has been hidden from them their whole life: Who their Father is. The two girls have always been different. They looked alike and were found together so assumed sisters. What if they aren't? will it affect who they are. What is this secret and does finding out what it is plan out their whole life?


2. Aim- 8 years later

I woke up like a normal day at the Degree 15 orphanage. I kept coming back here. No one would keep me... I don't know but something would always happen.. things disappeared... things I cant explain.. the family would blame it on me and send me back.. Ive only been here for 8 years... but ive been to 6 different houses.


 I think Clark Kent kept me the longest. I was with him for 3 years. he just recently sent me back.. Mr. Kent wasn't always there.. I guess that's why he sent me back.. He lived in this beautiful mansion just outside of Manhattan. I miss it..  In the short time I actually spent with him I felt more of a connection.. its like I remembered that place.

After reminiscing about Clark I got up and dressed in a red Sleeping with Sirens Anchor Band shirt and gray ripped jeans. I put on my red Van sneakers and brushed my hair. I then proceeded to do my makeup. talking aimlessly to the other kid I shared a room with. Her name was Zero. she was my sister.. or so they said. You see.. We were found together. eight years ago. In the middle of Manhattan. 8 years old. covered in dirt.. We just showed up.a round Midnight.. that's all they told us.. we don't remember much.

"so why did they send you back this time Zee?" I asked straightening my hair and putting on makeup. " oh. the same reasons as before. weird things happen. that creepy guy tried to kill one of the other kids.. blamed me and sent me back." she said lying down on her bed. Her dark hair spread all over the place. she had already done her makeup.. not much.. but enough. she's gorgeous. "Why'd Clark send you back after three years?" she asked "I don't know. nothing strange ever happened. But he was barely around.. It was weird.. but I felt more at home in his house." "This will never be my home" she said turning over and looking at me in the mirror.. "It wont be mine either.. WAIT. don't we turn 16 today?" "According to the house we were brought her exactly 8 years ago. and since no one ever knew our birthday then yes.. we turn 16 today." Zero said. she always brought Logic into this. "ZERO!" "What?" "We can move out today!!" "ARE YOU SERIOUS?" "YES!! we just have to get the house o sign papers. and they need rooms so of course they will!!" I stood up and grabbed papers that ive been trying to get signed for 2 years. She stood up with me and we ran down the 15 flights of stairs to the orphanages owners room. we stopped and knocked 3 times.

"Enter" came from inside the big oak doors. "Mr. Degree.. will you please sign these papers?" I asked handing the papers to him. "hm..." he took the papers and looked them over.. "Seeing how we DO NOT know your actual birthday girls, I cannot sign these release forms.. im sorry.. it looks like your stuck here.." My heart literally dropped."bu-- but.. this is the day that we were brought here. the DAY WE WERE FOUND!!" Zero said getting mad.. that was never good.. a marble statue across the room flew against the opposite wall and shattered. "shit.. NO!" Things started flying across from either sides of the room and shattering. Zero and I bolted out of there. We ran out and out of Degree 15 orphanage. the gates were starting to close and we just barely made it out. WE just kept running.. I lead Zero to the ONE place I could think of that would be safe.. Clark Kents Mansion..

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