Love at first sight

My name is Grace, Grace Plonski don't know me? that's because i'm the girl who sits in the corner alone with 7 friends. i get bullied the snobbiest people in school casondra louis lizzy harry lacey zayn liam jaidyn and niall my friends are jordan macie emily emma libby and kelsey. we hang out everyday after schhol read more to find out how i grace fell in love may contain mature content


5. What you did you say

 NIALL'S POV They all sat there and stared at me. "Niallers did you just say you love that bitch?" my girlfriend Ariana asked him "No, i wanted to see that bitch's reaction." After i said that Grace ran out of the cafeteria. "Nice going Dick."her friend Kelsey said while her and Emily ran after her "Wow what a drama Queen."Demi said "Demi i thought you were the drama queen." I said when i got up and left and went to find Kelsey and Emily. GRACE'S POV "How could he i thought he'd never call me that." i told Harry. "Don't listen to him he's full of himself." "So were you at one point." I laughed " I know I was but that  changed when i started going out with you." He leaned in and so did I and our lips met and I felt fireworks, but i felt as if we were being watched. I broke away and turned around and their i saw my ex-boyfriend Kyle. "What the F*** is going on here!!! " Kyle, what r u doing here?" "I came to get my brother Niall." "WHOA WHOA WHOA, Niall is your brother." "No, a leprechaun is, of course he's my brother." "You told me you were an only child." 

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