Love at first sight

My name is Grace, Grace Plonski don't know me? that's because i'm the girl who sits in the corner alone with 7 friends. i get bullied the snobbiest people in school casondra louis lizzy harry lacey zayn liam jaidyn and niall my friends are jordan macie emily emma libby and kelsey. we hang out everyday after schhol read more to find out how i grace fell in love may contain mature content


2. Talking to Mysterygirl93 at school

Grace's pov I woke up to voice of someone who shouldn't be here. I opened my eyes only to look in these Hazel eyes "What the Hell r u doing in my room?" "Relax,love i didn't hurt you but you kept mumbling my name in your sleep, thinking about when we were together." "No, and how did you get in here?" "I have my ways." "You still have the key." "Yeah." "Why are you here?" "Niall told me to tell you to get on the message thing after school to talk." BANG "What the Hell was that?" "I think Louis probably broke something." "Who's all here?" "The rest of the guys." "Go check on them while i get ready and tell them i said shut up." "ok,what ever you say.". I got up and went to my bathroom washed my face and brushed my teeth. I went to my closet and picked out my Tan wedges, Pink shorts, White shirt with the word Geek written in black with a plaid belt. "Grace!!!" "What!!!???" "Come here." "Hold on i'm almost done." "I'm done now what do you want?" "Where's your brush?" "In my bathroom.""OK." "Seriously,what the Hell are you guys doing here.". Niall spoke up "I had no clue you where Mysterygirl93." "What that's mysterygirl93?" "Yeah, what's it matter to you?" "Look i'm gonna be late for school." "Can you give me a ride." Liam asked me "Sure, Cause i actually like you." "thanks." "Don't mention it." (Skip the Car ride) "Hey Kelsey." "Hey Grace, why did you give Liam a ride?" "Him and his friends were at my house." "Why were they at your house?" "I don't know." "Grace!" "What now Harry." "Can you take us to your house after school?" "Why?" "Because we all need to talk."

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