Love at first sight

My name is Grace, Grace Plonski don't know me? that's because i'm the girl who sits in the corner alone with 7 friends. i get bullied the snobbiest people in school casondra louis lizzy harry lacey zayn liam jaidyn and niall my friends are jordan macie emily emma libby and kelsey. we hang out everyday after schhol read more to find out how i grace fell in love may contain mature content


4. School

"There's nothing to talk about what?" "us talk about us." "What happened between us was a waste  of time."  (Flashback) "Harry! I can't breath!" i said in between laughs. "Say it." "Louis!Get him off of me!" "Louis don't help her." "Fine i'll say it." "HARRY IS THE SEXIEST HOTTEST GUY IN THE WORLD!!" "Now was that so hard i don't think so." With that he gave me a big passionate kiss "I love you Grace." "I love you too, Harry." (END OF FLASHBACK) "Grace Grace Grace?" "Huh what?" "You coming were gonna be late for class." "Yeah i'm coming." (skip classes) Lunch "Grace c"mon" "I'm coming" "hey Grace." "Hey Emily." "What r they doing at our table." "Well well well look what the cat dragged in." "Yeah why don't you guys go sit at the loser table."Harry told us "Harry, r u on your period again 'cause you nice to  me at my house and when i got here and now your acting like a bitch." "Wait Hazza what were you doing at her house." His girlfriend Liz asked him "Oh,he didn't tell you i woke up to stare into his hazel eyes." "Grace, I think i'm in love with you." Niall spoke up.

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