New Boy

I walk through the hallway and see New Boy throw the cigeratte, steps on it then walks through the front door I immediately try and find something to hide behind but I didn't see anything, I just stood there, staring at him he had on Ray ban shades, he started walking towards me smirking I gat a little intimidated by his height "Something wrong babe" "No, and..I'm not your babe" Him now smiling letting his dimples show "Fiesty huh" I now have a confused look then just walk past him "Wait, Ashley...right" he turns and grabs my wrist and turns me back around toward him "Yea, can u let go of my wrist please " he let's go "I'm stlyes"


8. ~8~

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 I look at my alarm clock 6:45 am  Finally I wake up early I then think about yesterday everything, just being with Harry. I smile, Every time I'm with him I fall head over heels for him he make me all tingly inside. And im usually not the type to be head of heels for a guy but he just had me wrapped around his finger. At the beginning of High school as a freshmen boy was I a-Geek man I had the glasses the messy bun, the vintage clothes wow I laugh to thought of it but that changed be cause of a boy I met, I got out more got Better clothes, wore make up more, talked to more guys and I actually was fitting in for ounce but then a stuck up jerk I didn't know at the time only wanted me for my body and broke my heart but I got out of the cheerleader girly girl Slut club with there typical Jock boyfriends. When I met Shannon wow she taught me a lot about Highschool man I love her that and i couldn't thank her enough she got me out of all that stuff. But then theres Harry i think back to the Question Cassy asked we Are you guys together ?  Were we together i mean we spend time together, kiss, had sex do all the typical stuff you do in a relationship but never did I hear the words Do you want to be my girlfriend ? come out of his mouth.

 I then get out of my daze when i hear my mom yell from down stairs "Ashley Gabrielle Beth Get your ass down here right now" and when you mom calls you by your whole name your in trouble i get out of bed then head down stairs "Yeah, mom" "Why is your principle calling me and telling me you skipped half the day with some boy and your tardiness " Shit. she found out "Mom I-" she then looked at my wrist "Ashley what is this" she held my wrist pointing at it shit I forgot about my tattoo "Ashley how did you even get this you only 17" "18 in a few months" I snap at her snatch my wrist from her grip "Oh young lady you are grounded for 2 weeks no party's no hanging out, nothing" "Mom" I whine "Wanna make it 3" I run back up stairs and slam the door behind me. Just great just what I needed, I then take a look at the clock 7:45 am Wow great way to start a day. I hurry and get ready run down stairs get in my car drive to school "Ms. Beth you'll be joining me in a detention afterschool" I hear Ms. Janae say as I walked in I sit down next to Shan "Hey" "Hey" "Why you always late girl "Tough morning I'll explain later" she nods looking back at Ms. Janae.

  ~2hours later~

 "Yea, yes sir" I hear someone say before leaving Mr. Jacks class, whom I bump in to and all my things drop to the floor "Sorry about that" he says helping me pick up my things "It's fine" I say picking up my books and papers then looking at him, finally looking at me he introduces himself "Hi I'm Mady" "I'm Ashley" we shake hands "Maybe I can make it up to you" I let out a little laugh "What" he says with a smirk "A date because we bumped in to each other ?" I smile with one eyebrow up "No, just a friendly offer" "Oh I see" he laughed a bit "Well I gatta go but I'll probably take you up on that offer" I laugh and head to my the copy room hah Mady huh he was nice. And where was Harry I haven't seen him all day maybe he'll pop up and surprise me. "Hey" I hear a familiar voice from behind me say I turn around to see Shan "Oh hey" "Where you headed" "Oh just making some copies for this teacher" "Oh but anyway we need to catch up from this morning and the other two days" "Yea we do common" me and Shan walk in to the copy room.

"So tell me" she laughs "Well I'm grounded for one that's why I was late this morning, And harrys been running through my mind all day and yea that's pretty much my day" "Wow." "Yupp" then the copier started making this awful noise I just kept hitting button eventually it shutoff "But how about you" "Well there's this guy and he's really nice and cute and charming" She was swaying while she was telling me this "Ahaha I see" "Ashley I think he could be the one" "That's what you say about all the guys you meet Shan" "But this time I'm serious he could" she was looking at me straight in the eye telling me this "Okay okay, What's his name anyway" "Mady" ounce I heard that name I just knew it, that that guy was to good to be true "Oh" "You say that like its a bad thing" "Its not" "Okay but the other day he-" i zoned out a bit after that. I finished making the copies me and Shan headed to the last class finally i didn't really pay attention all i wanted to do was go home but it wouldn't be any different there, Oh  Shit the detention Ugghhh *Bell Rings*

  I make my way to the Ms. Janae's class room as I walk in she walks toward me "Just take out something to do our put you head down as long as you quiet" she says to me, everyone else either was on there phone or sleeping I choose to sit back and just think. I look around and never though I would see Daniel in detention man we go back i grew up with him but ass Highschool went on we didn't talk as much as we used to. "Daniel Matthews is that you?" he turns around to face me "Ashley ?" "Haha yea" "Whoa, long time no see" "Mhm, so why you in detention" "Oh just did something stupid with me friends, and you ?" "Oh, And skipped half of school" "You--Ashley--skipped half of school" both of his eyebrows shot up "M-hm" I nodded my head sure of myself "Wow never thought of you skipping school" "Let's just say a lot has changed in me" "Hah I see".

 "Okay Detention is over you a dismissed" I hear Ms. Janae say Loud and Clear everyone was in a hurry to get out of this classroom "Hey, it was good seeing you" Daniel says "You too" i smile at him "See ya around Ash" "Ha, Bye" it was good seeing Daniel today I missed our chats. I drive home, park in our drive way, and head to the front door put the key in the slot, shut the door behind me. I walk up stairs, walk in my room and slide off my shoes and jump into bed man I was tired I just fall asleep.

Hey guys sorry nothing big happened but just wait till the next chapter like if you like it and comment whacha think :)

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