New Boy

I walk through the hallway and see New Boy throw the cigeratte, steps on it then walks through the front door I immediately try and find something to hide behind but I didn't see anything, I just stood there, staring at him he had on Ray ban shades, he started walking towards me smirking I gat a little intimidated by his height "Something wrong babe" "No, and..I'm not your babe" Him now smiling letting his dimples show "Fiesty huh" I now have a confused look then just walk past him "Wait, Ashley...right" he turns and grabs my wrist and turns me back around toward him "Yea, can u let go of my wrist please " he let's go "I'm stlyes"


7. ~7~

Hey guys sorry that I haven't been updating busy few weeks but I will try and update everyday keep reading like if you liked it please :)

  I was awaken from the sun shining thought my curtains, I sit up one hand on my head, then I look at the time shit I was late a-gain I hurried to get on some clothes jeans and a white blouse like top then I look in the mirror, my wrist I change my shirt to a white tank top then I put on a over head hoodie (white) with my high schools name on it. I head out of my room running down stairs grab my keys off the hook by the front door and run to my car and drive off I'm surprised I didn't get a ticket hah I make it to school find a park stop the car put it in park lock the car then run to the front entrance. I make my way to Ms. Janae's class I speed walk to my table where Shan's at "Glad you could join us Ms. Beth" she say writing what were doing to day on the board.

  I just sit down and slide down in my seat, I didn't pay any attention to Ms. Janae all I could think about was Harry where was he anyway..."Omg im so sorry for Saturday I gat a ride home" "Its fine" I reply looking at the worksheet "Soo how did it go with Badboy" she said with a smirk I started smiling just thinking about that night she then automatically knew what we did "Ashley you bad girl" she said emphasizing on (bad girl) I just laughed "Yeah" "Omg so how was he" I just bit my bottom lip and closed my eyes "He is a fucking pro" Shan's mouth agape at me doing that  "Ashley ! Omg" "Oh and yesterday we went to the beach and look" I showed he my wrist and my stomach tattoo her mouth in a Big O "I know..." "Omg YOU GOT A TATTOO !!!!" "Shhhh" I knew about half the kids in the class heard her "Ashley omg" she says in a lower voice "I know just wait till my mom finds out" "Omg..Good-Luck !" "Hah" Class ended.

   "Okay class today we are doing something fun" she kinda drifted of after that I just didn't know how I would explain the tattoos to my mom what would she think and what if I brought Harry home one day and she met him saw all his tattoos and what if me and Harry turning into a thing. So many thing were on my mind at this moment I...just didn't know what to do "Ashley are you with us" she said in a teasing voice "Uh yeah" "Something troubling you" "No, no im fine" she went on with this math thing we were doing were you bulid thing yeah not really my thing we had to pick partners, nobody I really knew was in here so I went to Cassy hopefully she wouldn't mind "Hey Cassy you wanna work together?" I gave her a desperate look.

 "Yeah, Sure" her friends gave me the eye wonder what that was for... "Omg so are you and Harry a thing" howd she know about that well around that area with me and harry "" "Oh, well theres talk that you guys are a thing" "Really..?" "Yea like my friends said that there friends saw you with his glasses and at the party too you guys were all over each other like what's going on girl" I laughed a bit at how fast and excited she sounded when she was telling me this "Idk really" "But anyway we should get this math building thing done I really don't wanna hear miss Christine's mouth" *doing a perfect impression of her* "Yeah" I laughed "Okay guys put down your utensils and get ready for lunch" Cassy immediately went to her friends I overheard their girl talk it was mostly about harry, and me in a few parts but mostly harry I laughed at how they got all girly girl talking about him.

 Where is my bad boy any way, I laugh to myself Shan caught up to me about half way to the Cafeteria. "Hey munchkin" "Hey" i reply "Omg so i hear theres talk about you and harry" "Yea Cassy told me" "Omg but- she drifted off after that i just thought about how Harry kissed me His lips, his hands, His Tall frame, ,His muscles, Tattoos, Chest bones, Everything. The tought of him had me smiling "What you thinking about miss" Shan nudged at me "Oh nothing" I looked down smiling even more "Ohhhh I know what you thinking about well, in this case who your thinking about" I just smile and laugh at her Cassy and her friends soon came to sit with us they all got caught up in the subject of Harry so I just looked around and caught eye with this guy he was here...Harry but not inside, outside this reminds me of the first time we met he signals me to go outside I motion back eating he mouths Common. I tell Shan and them that I'll be back they nod going back to there conversation.

  I walk/run out, the door swings open and slowly closes behind me he's walking towards me all tough like, it was kinda funny I just smile and look up at him he smirks looking down at me "Common I wanna take you somewhere" "But" I point back to the Cafeteria he shrugged and pulls me along Hand and Hand. I loved when we held hands, Gahh the feeling that goes through my body we walk through the front doors and get into his Audi and drive I just look around trying to figure out where he was taking me then i get bug-eyed he stops the car "What do you think" Harry How..How did you know" I slowly get out of the car looking up at the big building we were at My inspiration for Photography Glonde' Fodu A Amzing Photographer and we were at this museum like place for his work. He grabs my hand in his "It's my job" "Harry..This is by far the nicest thing anyone's done for me" I look up at him or  lips inches apart I close that space with mine "Thank you" I say looking up at him he smiles "Let's go check it out" i say walking hand in hand with him to the front doors i slowly push open the door looking up him behind me.

  "Wow.." I say in astonishment by all the photos Harry was just staring at me I look back at him "What" "Nothing" I give him a yeah sure look he flashes a smile then looks away to this photo he started to explain it to me "Its a couple that don't know there perfect for each other but keep fighting for there love and know in the end that it will work out" I look at him "Like a puzzle piece..." giving him a meaningful look his Emerald eyes matching with mine "Yeah.." he gets closer to me leans down to kiss me I kiss him and bite his bottom lip playfully and wink before picking up a camera he licks his lips "What do you say we make alittle album our selves" playing with the camera in my hands "I have another idea how about with only our undergarments on" I slowly take off my jacket and signal him to come with me he takes off his shirt slowly showing his rock hard abs i do the same he unbuttons his pants zipped the zipper down slowly I suddenly got really turned on he slid them down slowly Gahh I just wanted to sit him down and ride his Dick but Two could play at this game I did the same but sexier I swung around my tank top on my finger he bit his lip and grabbed his large package I just wink "Come here babe" I said I gat the camera and set it to taking pics ever 5 seconds I walked up to him one hand on his shoulder and the other on his package and gave the camera a fierce look hah his head fell back at my touch but then he caught me by surprise then grabbed my breast and ass and squeezed them both fuck the sensation through my body right now my head fell back and a moan escaped from my lips he chuckled as I did this.

  Oh no he wasn't going to get off that easily I gave him a revenge look i then bent down and looked up at him his package in my mouth, but still in his boxers he then let out a throaty groan hah payback was sweet. "Hah" but this time he got on his knees to and kissed at my neck, my eyes closed, head fell back to his touch he then stopped and got up. "Ok enough teasing let's take some real pictures or were going to end up with no clothes on" he smirked I agreed because i was about to strip down and just go at it with him. He then took the camera off the standing thing and just told me to do what ever and pose I bent down and bit my finger he started sounding like a French photographer shouting out "Sexy" and "Perfect" So bea-tiful we we" His French accent was to die for I then did vintage poses and unique ones like just standing by the wall "Okay my turn" "I don't  know u make me want more" he said still with his French accent I just rolled my eyes and snatched the camera he started getting really good at posing he looked just like a Calvin Klein Model It was so sexy and he did this one pose were he was looking Seductive I moved the camera from my eye and put it down and walked up to him I just couldn't hold back any more I grabbed his neck and smashed our lips together.

   He cupped my cheek backing me up against the wall grabbing at my ass and rubbing under my thigh he picked my leg up I put it on his hip and then the other then I heard foot step it must be a security guard harry puts me down and we both try and be a quiet as possible but are laugh like crazy on the inside the security soon leaves "Whew that was close" he just looks at me slowly putting our lips together I just smile in between the kiss he lays me down or lips still in sync then my phone rang really loud wow of all the times the person calls now Harry then lets go of me I got up and walked over to my clothes pile I bend down and get my phone out of the pocket it was Shan "Ashley where are you !!!" her voice sounded concerned and worried "I'm with Harry" I look back at him "Omg the principle is calling your mom and you should hurry back because he's thinking in suspending you" "Shit i'll be there in a few k" "OK but hurry!!!!" I quickly get my clothes on "What's wrong?".

  "We have to hurry back to school the principle is going to call my mom if we don't leave now" "Oh" he starts putting on his clothes I then start to panic "Where's my jacket" he comes up to me "Everything will be okay and its in the front". I run to the front relief fell through my body when I found it, him walking with the keys in his hand i walk up to the door him behind me "Shit ! I cant believe this is happening" we get in the car he zooms off to the school we got there quicker than i expected i hurry up and get out run to the front entrance him behind me Shan then runs up to me "Hey" "Hey did he call my mom" "No not yet" "That's a relief" i walk into the room Shan and Harry behind me "Ah Ms. Beth you decided to join us" "Yeah" "Im calling you mother" "NO please" he stops "Your excuse is? " "She was with me because her mother forgot to give her something so i drove her home" harry says the principle didn't have a to convincing face "Yeah" "Oh is that so" "Well just don't let this little hassle happen again" "I wont Thank you" we walk out of the office.

   "Thanks back there" i say to harry he nods He pecks my lips "I'll see you soon" then walks out the front door why was he leaving....

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