New Boy

I walk through the hallway and see New Boy throw the cigeratte, steps on it then walks through the front door I immediately try and find something to hide behind but I didn't see anything, I just stood there, staring at him he had on Ray ban shades, he started walking towards me smirking I gat a little intimidated by his height "Something wrong babe" "No, and..I'm not your babe" Him now smiling letting his dimples show "Fiesty huh" I now have a confused look then just walk past him "Wait, Ashley...right" he turns and grabs my wrist and turns me back around toward him "Yea, can u let go of my wrist please " he let's go "I'm stlyes"


6. ~6~


I'll drive you home...

We walk out of the house into his Audi, the car ride was really quiet he broke the silence "U have fun last night". "Yea" I say looking at him, we arrive at my house "I'll text u" I say opening the door, then shutting it behind me, he drove off leaving smoke this time. I walk along the rocky patio to the front door, I open the door quietly so no one heard. I quickly walk upstairs to my room close the door behind my put down my things then jump in bed.

   Last night was amazing with Harry, I kept seeing these flashbacks to last night me under him, his smooth skin his curly hair. Wow and when he whispered in my ear "I want you" the words stuck to my mind I wanted him more than anything when I'm with him everything just felt complete, full. I then get a knock at the door, I quickly get under the covers and pretend I was asleep "Ashley you awake hun" I hear my mom say in a quiet voice opening the door, then closing it back I open my eyes get up and get my phone off my desk jump back in bed and look through my conversations with me and harry. Hey and...(send) my phone buzzes...

Hey babe, wanna go somewhere ?


I'll pick u up in a few


  I love how he just dropped me off like a few minutes ago and now he wants to go somewhere with me. I wonder where he's taking me now I should probably get ready I lay out a black top with Hipsta please on it on my bed and some dark blue skinny jeans. I head to the shower...


  I blow dry my long brown hair, put on my outfit get my black toms, put em on and I'm ready I walk down stairs to my mom sitting at the dinner table with coffee beside her and a news paper she was reading. "Morning" she says looking down at the news paper then looking up at me "Morning" "And where are you going so early in the morning" she says questioning why I look like that " out with a friend" "So early..?". "Mom its like 11:00 in the afternoon it's not that early" "You usually sleep in on Sunday's" "I know that, that's why I'm going somewhere" she sighs "Well have fun okay and be careful". "I will mom" then I here a honk outside I run to the door "Bye mom" I shout shutting the door behind me I walk down the patio to Harry's car I open the door, get in then shut the door behind me and we drove off no words just drove. "The beach..." I said looking out the window.

 "Yea why not" he parks in a private area he opens his door shuts it behind him, I do the same "Common" he said  holding his hand out wanting me to grab it, I grab it his hand so big he guides me to this little hammock area and we walk along side the beach water. Me still holding his hand "The beach is so relaxing" I say looking up at him "Yea u are to" "Me..?" "Yea u keep me away from all the drugs and smoking I do" I felt gud that I relaxed him, I never knew he did drugs though I new he smoked from seeing him at school but not drugs. 

   "Y do u smoke" "Idk calm my nerves and stress" "Oh." "I have an idea come on". Oh god.. we walk to this little shop oh I knew I was in for it when I saw Tattoo's on the top of the of the store we walk in there was all the drawings everywhere all over the walls "A Tattoo Harry, my mom will flip" my face was concerned "Common please" here it comes again the look he gave me now everything I was doing was involuntary I sigh "Fine.." I picked a infinity sign to put on my right wrist and a airplane on my waist bone on my stomach. The tattoo artist did my infinity sign first the pain was unbearable but he held my hand my eyes were closed the whole time when it was done I was so relived but I still had the airplane.

  I got used to the pain now and looked at both I loved them we walked out of the store "Two things to remember you by Styles" I say smirking at him "Hah how could u forget me" he winks I smile we walked back to our little area on the beach now just sitting up watching the sunset "They say if u wish at sunset it will come true" he says lookin down at me "Yea, sure" "Seriously, make a wish" "My wish already came true being with you" I smile lookin up at him he looks at me then kisses me lays me down stroking my hair it was perfect I then break the sync of our lips by running off to the water him running after me picked me up and spinning me around putting me down.

   "Now where we" he kisses me the sunset beside us [Perfect] we then play in the water splashing each other, him chasing me picking me up and spinning me around us falling ahaha it was fun I loved every second of it. We walked around there was a little bar god of course he would wanna go there he buys me a sex on the beach hah, ironic he got a more powerful drink to no surprise he had a fake ID. "Bottoms up babe" we drink up I suddenly felt light headed and light, like I could jump off of anything he seemed the same he could take it, me on the other hand didn't drink that much "Lets dance" I guide him outside I just start dancing slowly and sexy, swaying my hip from left to right he was just looking at me in awe and watching me, biting his lip I smile he then grabbed my wrist and took me behind a building and backed me up against the wall kissing at my neck picking up my thigh rubbing it, I bit my lip as he did this.

   "Harry" I moan the liquor was running through my veins then it started to rain we both look up and laugh a bit "Let's go" he says, we run to his car an get in we drive off. "Today was really fun" I smile "Glad u had fun I did to" he smiles then looks back at the road I look down at my right wrist my infinity tattoo I rub it with my thumb I smile to the thought of today [Just Perfect] we arrive at my house "I'll see you tomorrow" I smile "Yea" I then head out of the car shut it behind me I walk up along the side walk I didn't hear his car drive off yet I turn hes running up to me "U forgot something" "What" "This" He then kisses me in the rain cupping my cheek.  

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