New Boy

I walk through the hallway and see New Boy throw the cigeratte, steps on it then walks through the front door I immediately try and find something to hide behind but I didn't see anything, I just stood there, staring at him he had on Ray ban shades, he started walking towards me smirking I gat a little intimidated by his height "Something wrong babe" "No, and..I'm not your babe" Him now smiling letting his dimples show "Fiesty huh" I now have a confused look then just walk past him "Wait, Ashley...right" he turns and grabs my wrist and turns me back around toward him "Yea, can u let go of my wrist please " he let's go "I'm stlyes"


5. ~5~


  Today. The Party, I was sitting on my bed while my iPhone was blasting music then I get a text from Shan

Hey party tonight ;)


What u wearing

Oh you'll see when u pick me up

 I have to wait that long -_-

Yes ^.^


 Ahaha What you doing

 Nun watching TV and drinkin a Frappe 

 Hah oh im just sitting on my bed blasting music

 Like always...

 Hahaha Shut-up

 brb my moms calling me

Then I walk around my room pasing back and forth ,about tonight then hear my phone buz a text from unknown I open it

Um..Who is this?


How'd u get my number :)

Ur friend


So u going to the party

Yeah hbu

Yeah but I ttyl see u soon ;)

Bye ^.^

 ~~~ 5 hours later~~~ 

  I go to my closet, pick out a black crop top with a infinity sign on it, in white some dark blue short shorts ,my black vans then I straighting my hair, put on a black bandana and styles Ray ban shades and I'm ready I looked in my mirror pretty good then my basic make-up. I text Shan to let her know I'm ready she was going to be here in 10 mins. I then go down stairs knowing my moms reaction to what I was wearing "Um and where are u going young lady" "Out with Shan" I then here my bro call out "Be protective sis" We usually fight all the time and him saying this took me by surprise my mom giving him the look then he shuts up and goes back to whatever he was doing. I then hear a knock at the door, Shan. I open it "Olala u look hot Ash" "Same to u" I laugh a bit her nodding in my reply she then look over to my mom "We'll be home about 11:00..12:00" "Well...don't get into any trouble girls" "K love u mom" I say hugging her and walkin out the door with Shan "So u ready to party" "Hell Yea" we both get in the car and shut the door behind us, we drive off, we got there faster than I expected. The party was like a few blocks away from my house.

  Me and Shan get out to a bunch of guys and girls just dancing and talking on the front lawn I could here the music it was so loud. We walk in to all the flashing lights it looked like a club then we find the Liqur table all different kinds, Shan hands me a small glass and just fills it to the top. "Drink up" she says to me "Hah" we cheers, then its bottoms up I look around for Styles, then I see his tall frame walking towards me and the crowd split as he was walking towards me I smile look down "You came" he says in my ear because of all the loud music I nodd "And I gatta say your looking sexy af tonight" he then grabs my ass and lifts me up on the table he then looks me in the eye resting his head on mine I slide off the table and grab his wrist guiding him to the dance floor. Him looking down on me now I then start grinding on him he does the same then the music got faster, and it got hotter I could feel a drop of sweat fall from my head then we just do our own thing but still following the beat of the music. "Follow me" he says in my ear and guides me to this room, he opens the door then shuts it behind him.

  I'm just standing there motionless he then backs me up against the wall rubbing at my thigh and kissing my neck I lean my head back to his touch."I want u" he whispers in my ear "Then have me" I say his kissing got rougher and I knew where this was going. He then starts kissing me, rough I could taste the liqur in his mouth, he throws me on the bed, he gets on top of me now striping me down, kissing at my cleavage, rubbing my side he then goes lower to my torso but stopped right at the area I then strip him down leaving him in his boxers I flip us over me on top I rub my fingers up and down his torso kissing at his chest riding him but not for long. He flips us over again and strips me down fully my naked body under his, covered mine fully. Now he slid in me slow at first but it got faster, deeper with every thrust my nails dug deep into his back I moan in pleasure. He keeps going and I could feel my walls closing around his length I just couldn't hold it anymore I orgasm "Oh fuck" I moan I start panting heavily he lays down next to me looks me in the eye His eyes full of lust, he kisses me I get on top of him me still kissing him then I let go of his lip and started riding him up, and down, and up ,and down I moan I look down and he's biting his lip I love that I made him weak to my touch. I then go in a circular motion, he flips me over us eye to eye, chest to chest, lip to lip. I could feel his heart beat he pulls me to the edge of the bed and thrust in to me, hard, rough the sensation going through my body. "Fuck..mmm..oh fuck...styles" I moan "Say my name"STYLES!!" "LOUDER!!!" "STYLES" I moan then he slides out I felt the hot fluid all over my torso him grunting, falling beside me panting, me trying to catch my breath but every breath I took got heaver.

  All the sensation in my body, a moan escaped from my lips Styles turning to me and smiling I get up and head to the bathroom and clean myself up. I walk back but on my bra and black underwear I slide in to bed Styles asleep now, so calm, and quiet, his chest rising and falling I could feel my eyes tiring I close my eyes then fall asleep...


I wake up by the light coming through my window, I open my eyes,but im not in my room , I then remember what happened last night and a smile grows on my lips I sit up rub my eyes then look over to my side harry asleep I slide out of bed trying not to wake him I put on all my clothes "Morning" I hear him say in a raspy voice "Morning" I say putting on my left shoe he sits up "Your leaving already" "Yea I have to go my mom" "It will be fine come here" he says pating his hand to his side I walk over to him sit he hugs me "Don't go" then kisses my cheek. Then he gets up and walks to the bathroom no knowing that he's fully naked. I laugh "What" he looks down "Oh" then he winks starts playin with his length I blush and look down "O don't be shy babe" "Im not" "Prove it" I walk over to him, grab it (length) then kissed him this was all involuntary why was I doing this I let go quick then back away, his eyes got darker he's walking towards me he backs me up against the bed him on top lookin me in the eye, deep He lowers his head our lips now in sync, he knew what he wanted and knew how to get it I liked that about him but I had to let go "Styles I have to-" he interups me "You should know my first name" "And that is." I say waiting "Harry...Harry styles" "Harry..I like it" I kiss him smiling in between in it. I then sit up him getting up with me "I'll text u" he nods I open the door leaving in half open I peek and see harry pasing back in forth then starts to put on his clothes. I walk down stairs I see girls half naked guys the same condoms everywhere I then think where's Shannon she probably left and she was my ride harry comes down looking around to laughed a bit "Thought u were leaving"he smirks "Well my ride is gone" "I'll drive u home".

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