New Boy

I walk through the hallway and see New Boy throw the cigeratte, steps on it then walks through the front door I immediately try and find something to hide behind but I didn't see anything, I just stood there, staring at him he had on Ray ban shades, he started walking towards me smirking I gat a little intimidated by his height "Something wrong babe" "No, and..I'm not your babe" Him now smiling letting his dimples show "Fiesty huh" I now have a confused look then just walk past him "Wait, Ashley...right" he turns and grabs my wrist and turns me back around toward him "Yea, can u let go of my wrist please " he let's go "I'm stlyes"


4. ~4~

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      I'm awake from the sunlight coming through my window I sit up, and yawn I start to think about what happened yesterday with Styles. Wow what could this turn into, I get out of my bed, walk to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, my hands on the counter. I..I liked him I really did all I could think about was him, his face, smile, eyes, laugh, smirk and the way he called me sexy, turned me on I laugh to myself I then go to my closet pick out sum black skinny jeans and wear this blue blouse sum black high top converse and I curl my long dark brown hair do basic make-up black eyeliner but not to much, baby lips chap stick and I'm ready. I go down stairs to my mom in the kitchen in her robe "Hey hun want sum breakfast" she says with a smile "Yeah" I sit down at the table eat some of her famous bacon and eggs they were de-lish. "K thanks mum im off to school" I head out the door with my bag in my hand and my car keys I had a Lincoln got it for my 16 birthday best gift ever it was black I get in the driver seat start the car and head off to school.

     I find a park, look in the flap mirror check how I look I looked pretty good if I do say so myself then I remember where are the glasses shit did I forget em I search through ever thing in the front I search my bag whew found em why did I care so much eh w. e. I put em on I felt really confident in them, shut my door to my Lincoln beap the button then as im walking to the front entrance I get a bunch of whistles and guys taking double takes I just keep walking strutin my stuff lol then almost trip, tipical I open the doors then all eyes are on me I walk to my locker still all eyes on me I then hear "Dam who is dat" "Its Ashley" I say he then looks all surprised that I heard I laugh a bit Shan comes over to me "Whoa gurl u lookin gudd" she says laughs a bit "I know" I wink "Who are u and what did u do with my Best friend" she says "Wait No way are u wear his glasses" "Yeah y" "O. M. G. lucky omg u have to tell me what happened yesterday".

     "Yeah a bunch" we walk out side "Okay so yesterday he took me to Nandos and we had a paint fight it was so fun and we kissed a bunch and  he smacked my ass called me sexy u name it Shan's mouth with a O shape and her eyes "Yeah"I say in responce "O.M.G. Ur so lucky I really wanna be u now omg" she squealed I laughed "And I think I like him" "Yay" I smile a little then the bell rings me and her head back in we walk to Ms. Janae sit at our table "Okay class  today we are going to be doing a lab" "Badboy still isn't here" shan wispers to me teasing me ""Shutup" I wisper back ". "Ms.Beth can u take off the glasses" whoa forgot I even had em on I take em of "Thank you" she goes on about the lab were doing. Then he walks in today he's wearing a beanine, black, a gray hoodie no hood and sum black skinny jeans the hoodie was big on him but fit him. He glances at me with a wink and then sits down in front of me and Shan. Shan just looks at me with smirk looks at him, then at me I just roll my eyes. We then start the lab today we were looking at plants and observing them.

   Shan leaves to get out safety glasses and some magnifiers Styles turns around to me 'Where are ur glasses" I get them from my bag "Here" "Put em on" I put them on then give him a duck face pose and laugh he laughs to "Why do u always do that" "Idk, its just my thing" I shrug the room started getting louder I lean back my chair making me seem all bad and stuff Shan comes back and sits down slowly alittle werid the way she did it, she looks at me then Styles "Hey" he says to her in a seductive voice she laughs shyly and blushes "Hi" and then bits her lip "So what are we doing again?" "Observing plants how fun" I say sarcastically Styles smiles " Shannon right?" "Yeah" she laughs a bit "Could u go get me some of those magnifying things". "Yeah sure" she says like he's a celeb, she walks away to get them "Hey don't do that to her k" "Do what?" "Treat her like a tool" "I wasn't" "Seemed like it" I stand up to my microscope he stands next to me "So I heard sum girl is having a party..U goin" "Idk" I reply and look in to my Microscope "Just go" "I mite, no promises tho" "Well I see ya there" "How do u know if im goin" "Just go" he then walks out the door Ms. Janae didn't even notice, where was he going I thought shan comes over with a magnifier "Where..did he go" she looks around "He walked out" "Y" "Idk" Theres the Mysterious part about him.... and should I go to the party, Tomorrow, Saturday yea i'll go "Thank god it's Friday" Shan says relived I laugh alittle "Yea" *Bell rings*.

~2 hours later~


Free Period ! Shan comes with me we talk about the drama that's already going on in like the first week back. Why is there so much drama in Highschool. I mean it's just Highschool...."Well I heard she was talking shit about her and now has a busted up face" "Wow, why would she say that about her in the first place I mean look at her she looks like the girl that can kick sum serious ass" "And she's on parole" "Dam" "I know" "But anywho how about u and BaddBoyyy" she enphisizes on the y "What about him" "U know how he winks at u and smiles and laughs" I couls tell where she was going with this (Bf & Gf) "No no no no no Not like that" "Seems like it" "Its not" "Ok ok but are u going to the party" "Uhh...- she interupps "Plz go" "Fine" "Yay" she smiles not letting her teeth show "What time is it again" "I gat it taken care of im gonna pick u up" "Oh okay" We then go on about more drama and problems with peoples relationships lately I zoned out a bit think about the party, and...Styles. *Bell Rings* "Just 2 more periods left" "Yea" I walk Shan half way to her class then head down to Jacks. I sat down in my seat the I saw a note, I open it up, then theres a drawing of a little Paper Airplane followed by little lines (-- -- -- --) I rember drawin sumthing like this I look thro my back pack and find the sheet whoa who sent this I flipped over the paper look, then see his name Styles in little cursive letters whoa what could this mean I then look over to where he sat but he wasn't there what ? he skipped classes a lot lately I barely saw him in the classes I had with him.

  But Mr. Jack's goes on about this war thing, I wasn't really paying attention I was just looking out the window and then I see these two little birds flying in the sky slide by side then flip, but find each other again.... *Bell Rings* that went by quick I walk out the door to Shan waiting for me "Hey" "Now we gat the bitch" Orinsten. We walk in and sit in our seats everyones talkin and laughing but I could over hear these girls talkin about Styles going to the party and sware that they we ganna tap dat. They barely had anything and I know Styles likes a girl with a body I mean the way he acts...Yea defineatly. But Miss Orinsten seemed to be in a good mood today because she didn't give us home work she usually always gives us a lot of homework on Fridays. And she would get mad if we fooled around a talked to much she was just laughing to and nodding her head and always had combacks on this guy that always had the jokes. Me and Shan were laughing to because she was calling him out so much but he laughed a bit to I mean it wasn't serious, serious they were just playing around *Bell rings* "Okay class have a good weekend but get ready to work your asses next week" I cant belive she actually cursed she seemed like a G G teacher but is was funny the way she said it. "Ahhh tomorrow I cant wait" Shan says

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