New Boy

I walk through the hallway and see New Boy throw the cigeratte, steps on it then walks through the front door I immediately try and find something to hide behind but I didn't see anything, I just stood there, staring at him he had on Ray ban shades, he started walking towards me smirking I gat a little intimidated by his height "Something wrong babe" "No, and..I'm not your babe" Him now smiling letting his dimples show "Fiesty huh" I now have a confused look then just walk past him "Wait, Ashley...right" he turns and grabs my wrist and turns me back around toward him "Yea, can u let go of my wrist please " he let's go "I'm stlyes"


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I was lost in thought when the car finally stopped. "Hey babe we're here." We were at nandos my favorite restaurant  " Nandos my fav how’d u know " I asked him. "I do my research." He exclaimed with that cheeky smirk on his sexy face "Mmhmm" I love this place. Me and my cousin, Niall, always come here. I know the place inside out. "Hi, table for two." Bad boy said to the slutty waitress. Her white button up shirt should be buttoned up some more. And maybe a size bigger. Her skirt reached just below her crotch. Ugh. "Right this way," she said trying to sound seductive. Key word TRYING. She walked towards a table in the back. She had us sit down. When she was putting the menus down she bent a little low. Showing Styles all her umm fake cleavage. This was di-sgusting. "You said this is your favorite place eh blondie?" "Yes sir e." Umm the chicken paramasan, or the peri peri chicken." "You really like chicken don't you?" "Yup" I exclaimed popping the p ****skip eating**** Harry was paying,when I ran into Niall on my way to the car. Go figure, "Hey Ni" "Hey cuz, how's it going?" "Good you?" I replied "Good but I'm STARVING!" "Of course you are Ni." I said sarcastically" but I AM!" "Hey babe ready to go," Harry said while putting his arm around my waist. "Yea leggo. Bye Niall." Did Niall tense when Harry put his arm around me? Nah

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Me and harry are driving from nandos the car is filled with silence I break it "So how about that waitress" "Uhh yeah what about her" my personality just came out "She looked like a total slut I mean what she was wearing smh" Harry looks at me and just starts laughin "What u know its true" "haha yeah" He laughs alittle he smiles at me I mean a real smile and his dimples fit perfect with it, I love that about him he can have a badboy side and a sweet side it was perfect, do I like Badboy wow I think I do...Nah "What time do u have to be home by" he says "Umm 10:00 is fine" "Wow early bird" he starts smirking but looking foward "What no" I snap he just chuckles "But theres this place I wanna take u to" another place wow I think to myself but I like going places with him for some reason wow just met a guy and I already like going places with him.

       "Okai" I smile alittle he starts to speed up we start going really fast see what I mean he gets my blood pumping but the way he drove this Audi this car was like meant for him his sexy hair nice face I just look down and smile with my hands in my lap "What u thinking about babe" "Oh nothing" he looks at me then look back at the road he grabs my hand and just holds it, I don't let go, his touch I just loved it his hand all big me now playing with it holding it up putting my palm with him "Wow u have a big hand and long fingers" he just laughs "Yeah ik" he winks I just blush him smiling at the road "Where here" he opens his door shuts it behind him I open my door get out and shut it behind me pull down my shirt a bit fix my hair a bit little tweaks I see harry at the door of this huge building I look up whoa where were we at he looked like he couldn't open the door "Ashley come here" I come "Yeah" " Were going to have to go around back " he then takes my hand and guides me to the back he lets go then sees this window half open "Ima give u a boost" him holding his hands below his knees bending down.

    "Isn’t that breaking and entering" "No because I know the guy" I give him a concerned face "Idk styles" he starts to smirk and chuckle alittle "Styles I like it" He says to me I go over to him put my foot into his hand im used to doing this because me and my friends would to this either if she got locked out of her house or me and Shan were sneaking in her old cabin house I get my upper half through the window. I could tell new boy was planning something because I couldn't feel his hands under my converse anymore I try and push through the window then Badboy smacks my bum again my face goes all read and I laugh "Styles" I say embarrassed "What" he says trying to be all innocent "I like ur ass" "Thanks" I finally get through the window he then tells me to open the front door as im walking I see all these paintings they were wonderful very unique and splattered paint everywhere I walk towards the front door open it for him he comes in and looks around "Nice right" I look up at him "there so unique I love em" "Well there some paint in the back over there what do u say we make alittle painting ourselves" he says pointing to where the paint is I walk over there were tons of colors I couldn't choose Harry then shows me where the canvas is I get neon colors place them on the floor by the canvas harry picking a few colors to I then splash a color it looked good I kept missing and splashing colors harry joins in and splashes it looked great but this time when harry splashed the paint it landed on my shirt yellow look like mustard splashed all over my shirt

       "Styles" I say he just laughs I get a color splash it right back at him all over his shirt he ppick up more now just throwing it all at me I grab all the neon colors throw them all over him I laugh and just run he looked like a neon rainbow and was running after me hot on my heels he grabs my waist from behind and spins me around I just laugh hysterically he puts me down turns me to face him he looked like the neon monster I laugh even more, he then gets a towel wipes his face ,I snatch it and wipe mine to he just chuckles "looks like someone need the towel" he cheekily smirks "Yess yess I did " I say all proper and laugh he laughs too I walk over to our painting put my hands on my waist and just examine it, it looked like splashed fun I loved it harry just sits beside me all small I sit down to "I-I love it its so..FUNN". "That's what we'll name it Funn" I smile at him he puts some black paint on his finger looks at me then put it right on my nose I just smile and look down and look at him he smiles looks at me and comes closer, face to face, he closes the space between our lips and this time when we kissed it felt right, like it was meant to be I smile and bite my lip him resting his head on mine. We layed down side by side just staring into each others eyes his green iris eyes I just got stuck in them I start to blush "Like what u see" he smirks "Yea" I say quiet enough for him to hear he kisses me on my head.

   "Wait what time is it" I sit up "It’s fine its only 8:30" he says but it alittle light but dark idk "Its all taken care of" he says "Okai" I lay back down "G-G" he says "Im not I just can’t be to late my mom will kill me" "Its fine but u wanna get outta here" "Yeah leggo" we both get up and go out the front doors then I remember I still had the paint all over my clothes and hair I get my rubber band off my wrist, tie up my hair in a messy bun walk to Styles car open the door and get in "Here" he hands me this hoodie "Oh thanks" I smile I put it on it was huge on me and it smelt like his cologne oh it smelled so good it was hypnotizing I look in the mirror then flap it back up he just looks at me laughing I put on the ray ban glasses he gave to me and turn on the radio my song Clique by Big Sean comes on I start rapping and just dancing harry stares at me and has one eyebrow up and laughs "Nicee" he says I blush and rap more "Ur really sexy when u rap" I just smile and rap more he starts rapping too never thought of him doing that he turns it down alittle "So where u live" "Down on Sam street" I reply still dancing were almost to my house the song ends he turns it down more "okay that one" he points at this  house "No the one over there" I point "Oh" he slows down when he reachs my house stops the car puts it in park "I'll see u at school k" he nods "Bye sexy" I smile heading out of the car shut the door he rolls down the window I bend down "Wear my glasses to school tomorrow show that ur mine " I nod he drives off fast and u heard the horse power all down the street I wasn't exactly his but It seemed like we were Bf and Gf I walk up to my door take my keys out of my bag open the door walk in the living room TV was on my older brother on the couch spread out I walk upstairs to my room open my door put my bag by my desk take of my shoes and just jump in my bed wow today, perfect ending. My phone buzzes in my back pocket I take it out text from Shan I open it up.

Shan: Hey boo >.<

Hey :)

So how was it..?

O. m. g. amazing but I wanna tell u in person ok

Shan: Ohhh ;) awww well I cant wait till tomorrow then

Haha yeah :) Ttyt

Shan: Ttyt ;)

Baii ♥♥

Shan: Bye :)

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