New Boy

I walk through the hallway and see New Boy throw the cigeratte, steps on it then walks through the front door I immediately try and find something to hide behind but I didn't see anything, I just stood there, staring at him he had on Ray ban shades, he started walking towards me smirking I gat a little intimidated by his height "Something wrong babe" "No, and..I'm not your babe" Him now smiling letting his dimples show "Fiesty huh" I now have a confused look then just walk past him "Wait, Ashley...right" he turns and grabs my wrist and turns me back around toward him "Yea, can u let go of my wrist please " he let's go "I'm stlyes"


2. ~2~


I blush on the inside but don't let it sho.......

      Him still looking down at me "U know u wanna blush" I laugh alittle "U know your going around school like wide fire" "Oh really" he smirks "Yep, your all my friends talk about" I laugh to myself him now backing me up against the locker we were a centimeter apart He steals a kiss, then whispers in my ear "Meet me in the courtyard afterschool sexy" then walks away I watch him go, damn Shannon wasn't kidding when she said he walks sexy. He does I gatta admit, but I didn't get it why he  wanted me to go to the court yard I barely met New Boy and now he wants to meet up, and when he stole that kiss sparks, went through my body, when he was centimeters apart from me, was this part of his game to get girls....

       I walk back to the cafetira, sit with the girls should I tell just keep it to yourself I tell Shan later.. "where have u been missy" Shan smirks at me "oh I.. didn't find it in my locker probably left in at home"  she nods then goes back to talking about New Boy to Cassy and her friends. I keep replaying what just happened with me and New Boy over, and over, and over, again. He...he got my blood pumping, He seemed like a player, had a way with girls, Knows what he wants, when he wants it, But if I did end up meeting him in the courtyard today I don't think it would go far from there.... he had this thing about him, Mysterious.... always saying one thing then leaving, he leaves u wanting more to the story. I don't know about New Boy...should I go to the courtyard...lunch was over everyone headed back to class I was the last one to the door then out of no where New Boy Smakes my bum. I turn immediately he then runs in his class room oh this wasn't finished yet, I laugh to myself. "Okay class take out your textbooks and turn to page 48" Ms. C says she then starts explaing what's on the page I slide down in my seat alittle.

        Then I feel my phone vibrate in my back pocket I slide doen in my seat alittle more took out my phone and had it under the desk Message from..Shan I open it

Shan: Hey Guess what ?!?!?


Shan: There's this girl having a party this weekend


Shan: And we should go !

a party this weekend I think I had plans...


Shan: Comon just go with me I heard Badboy's going to be there

Fine...But im not going for new boy

Shan: Yay ! :D

hahaha, yay finally this class is almost over

Shan: Haha Yay ! xD

:P ttyl

Shan: k bye ;)

Byeee >.<

     *Bell Rings* everyone gets up from there seats I pack my bag, head out the door to Shan standing right at the door "How'd u get here so quick" "Shortcut" she smiles "Oh" I laugh a bit "Where are we off to now" I ask her cause she seem a tad more organized than me today "Uhhh....Burkuitz" "oh" we walk to class and pass by new boy Shannon acts like she just saw a Fine ass celebrity does her faint gasp "Ahhh he so hot" and fake faints on my arm I cuckle "Girl he's just a guy" "No he's my badboy" "Ur badboy"  I look a her with a questioned look "Oh so now he's yours" "No" I laugh 'Seems like it" she laughs back we walk in the class, find a table, were in cooking class which I love im a pretty good cook I have to say Shan always goes u should be a chef.

      "Welcome to Cooking class please take out your instruction books on how to use your utensils on the side tables" I walk to the side table get one for me and shan we start reading it ,and then Ms. B gets to the real cooking. Me and Shan start have a small food fight Ms. B always walking past us seeing new stains on our aprons, but this time when I through it I landed in Shans hair ohhh and how serious she was about her hair she always makes a fuss about how long it takes doing her hair in the morning but she didn't even care she just went on playing. Then Ms. B finally catches us, but we didn't get a detention or anything just a warning Ms. B loved us so I see why she was so easy on us but I could tell by the look she gave us she didn't want us doing it again.

     It was almost the end of the day and all I could think about was wether I should meet New Boy in the courtyard, Me and Shannon clean up our station and the mess we made on the floor, We just laugh about it *Bell Rings* we walk out, I pick out some of the cooking batter in Shan's hair "Thanks" she takes out her mirror from her back pack to check if she looks okay closes it then puts it back in her bag "Ugh I have Jack" "Hah sucks to suck" she says we both chuckle she walks to her class and I head down to my class and when I get there my heart starts beating a million miles a minute I stop in my tracks New Boy was in this class too I hurry to a seat far away from his I really didn't wanna see him right now I already have the courtyard thing on my mind and just him being in here was enough he's in his seat all low and looking out the window all the girls in the class were giggling and looking at him then giggling again like he was some celebrity One girl goes Hi to him but he acts like he didn't here a thing I just focus on getting out of this class not that I don't like him or that I'm afraid of him I most certainly am not I just idk about him he makes me feel werid inside.

      "Okay class Take your seats and lets begin", Mr. Jacks, history teacher, u always had to pretend u knew what he was talking about when u got confused about something he said, Or he would go on and on about it I learned that last year when he was a science teacher I rasied my hand and ask him why and that I didn't get it, my mistake, he then went on about it then compared it to life ,then when on about it again. I got confused even more, lucky someone helped me out or I probably would have failed a quiz we had on it the next day. I got bored and just slouched in my desk then something hit me I look down on the ground and see a little air plane on the floor I pick it up, open it, it said " U still on about the courtyard sexy" I knew who this was from, New Boy I look over to him he still had on his Ray Brand shades he was smirking at me I mouthed idk maybe then put the little air plane in my bag. I start to doddle a drawing on a piece of paper of a little airplane how ironic, class was over in about 15 min this day went slow but quick I thought about how New boy stole that kiss from me and when he called me sexy...I think..I liked it, his sexy raspy voice whispering in my ear Whoa could I actually like him I question my self, no impossible, maybe its not impossible my conscious says....... *Bell Rings* I get up in alittle rush to get out but not really I walk out Shan a few secs away "Heyyy gurl" "Omg I cant belive im saying this but um..New Boy was in that class too and- she cuts me off "Another class with his fine ass" And winks at me I giggle.

     "I have a free period this period u wanna come cause I gat some things to tell ya" "Yea wait u have a pass or something" "Yea its all taken care of" We walk to this room for free period a few people where in there, not to many "lets go over there" I say There was a little private area by the backdoor "Okay so was up girly" she says putting down her things I put my down to "Let's sit down for this" "Whoa is it really that bad" "No its good and bad in a way" I smile alittle thinking about it "Okay so u know when we were at lunch and I said I needed to get something from my locker" "Yea" she looks at me alitttle supisous of where I was going with this "Well I was walking in the hallway and saw New Boy and he walked over to me and kissed me then said to meet him in the courtyard " Her mouth turned in to a big O shaped and she squealed, everyone staring at us, then going back to what they we chatting about "Eppppppp OMFG GIRL OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! your so lucky to have felt his pink, soft lips omg omg omg how'd it feel " I Laughed "Good I guess" "U guess?!?! your like the luckiest gurl alive right now omg" I laugh again "Yea, I guess, but this is the werid thing I think I'm starting to like him alittle" "Welcome to the club sista" I laugh even harder "But idk if I should meet him in the court yard thats my problem now" "Yesss go go go, when u meeting him again" "Afterschool" "Ohh be protected okay" she says like shes my mom "Shannon ! I'm not doing that kind of stuff" I Laugh "Mhmm sure" "Im not ! I wouldn't mind tho" I laugh knowing what her response to that would be "That's my girl" she winks and chuckles "Wow I wouldn't mind being in your shoes right now" "Hahaha I bet u wouldn't" I smirk at her "Shutup u lucky biatch" She says I giggle

      "Awwww Free periods almost over boooo thumbs down" I put both of my thumbs down "U have next class with me dumb dumb" she says "Wow im dumb" we both laugh *Bell Rings* we both get up get our bags and head out the door now we both have Ms. Orinstien, Bitchy if u get on her bad side, lucky me and Shan were on her good good list so we didn't get in to much trouble if we fooled around in her class. She was a pretty funny teacher, not to strict but strict. "Hey guys welcome back hope u had a good summer" she gave her welcome back from fun, now its time to work your ass off in my class speech "Here she goes again with her famous speech" Shan whispers to me I chuckle aliittle but I wasn't to focused on what she was saying all I could think about now was New Boy, whats ganna happen when I go, what will he do I kept that in my head while Ms. O went on about learning new things in her class I could tell Shan was as bored as me. We did a pre sheet so she could see what we remember, but I call them How Much u forget sheets. Luckily she went on with her speech till class ended. *Bell Rings* "It's okay girl you'll be fine okay call me if u know stuff crazy happens" I laugh " Yea okay" thth kinda made me feel alittle better we walk out to the front I drop her off in the car pool area then head to the court yard. It's okay u'll be fine Ashley he's just a guy ,but a bad boy to didn't seem like one I laughed to my self I was almost there I opened the doors to the courtyard I walked and looked around he was leaning on the wall smoking a cigeratte I walk over to him feeling alittle more confident "Hah didn't think u come" "Whys that" I say back "In class u seemed all hesitant" "So" I lean on the wall next to him "Still feisty I see" I roll my eyes he turns and comes in front of me both arms ethier side of my head I start feeling insecure "Don't be so insecure babe" "Im not your babe" he smirks how'd he know I was feeling that way so quick I just stayed there still ,not wanting to move he then leans in closer resting his head on mine, our lips millimeters away from each others he then closes that space "Where these tomorrow" He takes off his shades now me looking him in his green eyes "Try em on" I do as I'm told and start to pose making him chuckle "Ur cute" I laugh a bit "So u wanna get out of this hell hole they call school" I laugh a alittle "Yea" Whoa I didn't even no what i was getting my self into it was all involuntary, putting on the glasses, saying yes to go with him to who god knows what we walk to the front of the school he opens the door for me then shuts it opens it shuts it "Do u want me to go or not" he laughs "Yea just playing around babe" we walk to his car whoa Shannon wasn't lieing he did drive a Audio it was a really nice car "Nice car" I say as I get in "Thanks babe" he was calling me babe a lot i didn't really mind now "So where u wanna go" "How about to get something to eat im a tad hungry" I say innocently he smiles at me showing those dimples "Yea"......

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