Death and all his Friends

Complex and varied are the myriad tales of the creature we call Death. Discover forthwith a collection of such tales - short stories and poems concerning both death and Death.


7. The Last Stand of the Old Gods

Once creeping, once crawling, once hunched and in pain,
with deaf ears and bad backs, too old for this game.
Once frail, and helpless, too weak to move,
torn down by young 'uns with too much to prove.   No more.   Now standing, now striking, now thunderous strides,
Watch as their enemies cower and hide.
Fear drives some forward, some folly, some rage;
Bound by refusals to kneel and be caged.
Wrinkly old skin, age spotted, still fits
in rusty old armour, though most have to sit;
on horses with chain mail and wheelchairs in plate;
and hold back a yawn? It's only half eight!
Some need their hearing aids, glasses and sticks;
some just new ears, new eyes and new legs.
By justice, by vengeance, by fate they are led,
the barmy old codgers with holes in their heads.
Hands caught with ropes reach, shaking, for spears;
pleas, threats, cries - fall on deaf ears.
All held together with titanium rods,
the very last stand of the old gods.
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