Death's War

Where was I?
A/N: I will be adding a few drawings to this that are all by me :) (take note of the beginning of the chapter titles too)


4. Time to Die


   Sunken cheek bones were painted under his eyes, his skin tinted from black to grey all over. It was like his face had been stretched over his skeleton, pulling at every aspect, defining it. His eyes were not red like in the fairy tales, but black with white spiralling into its core as if sucking in all the light and leaving darkness. A wave of horror and astonishment fell on every face.


   It was so strange that I could see in all this detail. I was rows back but still near the front, so how did the wave hit everyone here?


   Then it suddenly struck me. He was Death. He was the man of legends. Obviously, he must have some kind of powers otherwise why would he be head here, in between life and the end. He was just abusing his position at the moment, but never would I speak that aloud.


  Moving to the opposite side to the monsters, his face was stretched further than I could see both ways. His pale lips, almost invisible due to being the same shade as his skin, formed into an oval in this strange stretched form. Threatening, we could fall into that dark abyss between them.


    Though nothing went into the black oval; something came out.


    A gust of wind brushed against my bare arms and a tingling sensation climbed through my legs. My brain had lost control of the strings in my lower body. Now death was the puppeteer. As he flew back his original shape and position of the platform, he watched us smiling we turned and walked to the monsters.


   One by one, the line went down and people kept going either left or right into the darkness. Many were willing whilst many were scared. Some paused before disappearing but none refused.


   What was happening to them?


   Finally, it was almost my turn; my turn to get the answers.


   In front of me was only one person. The blonde mother before who thought she was dreaming. Surely she must have snapped out of it by now?

“Name?” The monster spoke in a dull voice, most unlike his appearance.

“Mary. Mary Ange…” She stuttered. Obviously about to break down in tears, I knew she had hit realisation finally.

“Finger here.” Placing her finger facing upwards upon the mark the monster pointed too, he quickly revealed a silvered, gnarled claw from beneath the flowing cloak and sliced her skin. Blood trickled down, a stunning scarlet against the white. I didn’t want to look. I have seen too much blood in this… my past life but I needed to know what awaited me. The woman let out a distressed sob once again.



   I wish I could help her, but I couldn’t. It wasn’t possible…

“Go to the right.” And the monster waited for her to go. Trembling, her head kept on spinning left and right; up and down. Why didn’t she just listen to him? But I wouldn’t want to just walk into the unknown even with this tremendous thing breathing down my neck! It was good anyway in some way. I wanted to stay far away from my decision time as possible.

“Go to the right.” It repeated, but still she stood there, trying to figure out what to do.

“Go to your right.” Never did its tone change with force.

“Wh-What is after… there?” Gesturing to her right into the dark, this proved that realisation brings strength.

“You will find out when you get there. Go to your right.”

The record changed!

“But… what about my children… husband… family, friends? Wh-Wh-What about my li-life?”

“Be ready to enter a new one. Go to your right.”


   This was it? This was what all this terror was leading up to? Passing on… It’ll be better there then life was during this war. There’s nothing she can do about it.


    “I don’t want to… die…” It was truly awful watching this scene. I hated this war.


   I hated this war.


   Placing my hand on her shoulder, this act of soothing was a shock to even me. It was strange that before I wouldn’t care if someone was crying; that I would only look out for myself or for excitement. But, now we’re altogether feeling the same things in this horrid but inescapable situation, we had to help each other to keep sane.


   Death brought us together like the war claimed to do.


   The woman turned her head and nodded to me slightly, shaking with tears and fear.


   “Go to your right.”


   Beneath my hands, I felt her shoulders lift as she took a breath. It was time. It was time for her to realise that this was the only way to go forward; to leave her life behind and enter death for eternity. It was terrifying, but she had to do it.


   Slowly, she edged her away from me and the monster and my hand fell back to my side, my eyes following her to note any clues as to what would be waiting for me too.


   Wind blew around her and I felt it stroke my face. Her blonde hair tumbled to her shoulders, releasing itself from its tight bun. The tears still fell, but as she stepped forward, a light seemed to engulf her completely. Squinting, the brightness forced my eyes to close.


    I need to open them again. I need to see what would happen to me.




   From under my eyelids, I could see that the light had gone. Opening them, all that was left of the blonde woman was a white feather.


   Angels were there to guide us on the other side away from these monsters.



It was finally my turn.


It was finally time for me to leave this darkness behind.

“Finger here.”

Finally, I could pass on.

“Go to your left.”


  Closing my eyes, I stepped confidently to the left. I waited for my light to take me forward.




   The light had been stolen from me.




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