Death's War

Where was I?
A/N: I will be adding a few drawings to this that are all by me :) (take note of the beginning of the chapter titles too)


5. Here we Come


   I had no light.

   I hadn’t passed on.

   Was there something wrong with me?


   Looking behind me, the soldier I had talked to earlier followed me through, head held high and a smile on his face. Why wasn’t he angry? We just had paradise snatched from us without reason! Did we do something wrong?


   Did I do something wrong?


   Just a few steps in front of me was a copious crowd. They were mainly middle-aged men like the soldier, but many burly-looking women were there too as well as a small number of kids around my age. Why were we all here? Death must have something… more for us.


   Already two more had come through the ‘portal-thing’, so I pushed myself forward towards the crowd. That was the only way to move on; I must go forward.


   “Looks like we’re the lucky ones kid.” Reaching everyone else in the room, I found a place next to another young boy but unfortunately the snooty soldier followed me.

“Lucky?” He thought being here and not in the light wherever the woman went was better?

“Of course. The strapping lads made it through here rather then following the whimpering woman. We must’ve been picked specially for something better.”

“But… We could have gone forward. We could have had light…”

“La lumière peut être trompeuse…"


   The boy butted in with a language I didn’t understand. However, it appeared that he didn’t even realised he’d spoken aloud as he turned to meet our raised eyebrows with a blank expression.

“Désolé. Je suis désolé. Sorry er… I said the light can be fooling.”

“The good ol’ French. Great help with their new weapons.” The soldier held his head high and smiled. Rolling my eyes, I was fed-up of him thinking he knew everything about this stupid war. If you think war is good, then you obviously know nothing. It would be much better if he relaxed his shoulders once in a while.

“Oui…Yes I am French. My papa was a translator for the war leaders. He found out something bad. We ar’ all dead now.”

“Your whole family?” At least I knew my family was still living. Living in a nightmare but alive. The boy just shook his head and dropped his head.

“I tried to save my little sister with my body but, no, they kill her too…” Clenching his fist, I didn’t know whether he would be as welcoming of having my shoulder to cry on like the blonde woman.


    He looked me straight in the eye when he spoke. “Look at what war ‘as done? It was suppose to be la light but we are here because of it. We canno’ move forward.”

“No boy, war has helped us gain so much. Once Iceland joins our fight we’ll be have more allies then the opposition.”

“But Iceland is one of de world’s most peaceful countries. They canno’ join.” This boy trailed off. He knew an awful lot about this war. I was still on his side though despite not knowing him at all; this war had split the world right down the middle and taken everyone down with it.

“It’ll be all over with them. They have very good defence systems so we can use them-”

“But it won’t be over soon.” Snapping, I had had enough. All I wanted was to keep living to see the war end, to continue to find adventures. But I haven’t been allowed to do that and so many others have had it snatched from them too. The light was taken when we were killed, not when we went left. It wasn’t fair!


   The crowd was getting larger and larger and I just wanted out. I wanted my parents. I wanted to tell them that I loved them and was sorry for all the stupid things I’ve done, this being one of them. Why did I have to ignore the sign? Why did I have to show-off and go into the field?


“It’s the mutually assured destruction threatening all ove’ again.” The French boy breathed.

“It’s not a threat. It’s reality. It’s all over for us but what about the rest of the world? It seems we’re the only ones left that realises it and we’re stuck here.” I turned to face him to make sure the soldier didn’t think I was complimenting him.

“We ar’… dead. What can we do?”


   “There is a great deal you can do now in my hands.” Death reappeared, but he was much too close for comfort this time. Rather than taking his usual place at the stage, he was directly behind our line, all other men making ac circle around him a keeping their distance. “Now, just move that way… thank you and you too… right…” Pushing us out the way with his words, it felt rather… odd for him to be behind us, listening in to our conversation.

“So, now you’re almost all here we’ll get started on the fun.” He clapped his hands together and was floating up the stage onto his podium. “You have been chosen for something a little more special then being ‘dancy prancy’ angels. You are victims of war with ideal qualities for my little plan. You’re perfect and have the honour of serving me.”


   A hushed murmur flew over the crowd. We were the brave ones apparently, so someone must want to speak up for us.




   “Well almost perfect. Unfortunately I can’t just let you live again since the oxygen won’t agree with you up there and neither would the locals really...”

“I don’t want this. I want to live on in heaven not become a zombie for you!” A man shouted at the front of the crowd. Thinking that perhaps we were saved and could overcome this monster, I let out a sigh of relief. However, I shouldn’t underestimate Death. Pointing a long finger at the daring man, dust suddenly began to rise to the ceiling and there was a gap in the crowd.

 “And there is no coming back from that state my friends.” Death smiled but it disappeared with a sigh. “I expected a bigger fight from the souls entering here… Hopefully you’ll do better once changed.”




   “Je ne comprends pas…” The boy muttered with his head in his hands.

“What?” I said, somewhat insensitively.

“I don’t understand…” He spoke through clenched teeth.

“Oh… He said that we’re going to be-”

“I know what he said.” He snapped, which made me jump. Why was everyone turning against me down here? “But why?”




   “Well, if it makes you feel better, there must be something wrong with my paperwork then…”


   The French boy raised his head again, looking at me with bright eyes; bright prying eyes.


   Readying my self for the truth, I took a deep breath. My mouth seemed to run away with itself whilst my mind falling behind. I needed to speak the truth to accept reality again. “I’m here because of my loud-mouth and, well… for being a complete idiot...” I took another breath. I had to pull up all my courage just to admit this; just to admit the truth. “I’m here because I ignored my parents, my friends, the police; I ignored the stupid big sign that could have saved me.”


   I couldn’t even bring myself to look the boy in the eye anymore so I looked straight at the back of the head in front of me. The soldier’s uniform ruffled in my ear. He was listening in too. For the first time, I had an audience when I didn’t want one. “I walked into a place that an old building used to stand... it was completely destroyed during the raids but one bomb hadn’t gone off. They said it was a dud, but… I’m here so… obviously not.”


   “It was a stupid dare, in front of the boys… someone pointed out the sign but no-one tried to stop me. It was their cheering, the last thing I heard before the explosion. I’d stepped too far… This damn war!” I wanted to punch something, but there was nothing in this hell.


   It wasn’t fair.


   It had taken me so long to realise how stupid I was. Too long. It was too late to change now. I wish I had another chance…


   But that was what death was offering.


   A chance to change.


   “As you know, I hate chit-chat so let’s get down and carry on, shall we? You, come forward please.”


   The monsters descended into the crowd, but the victim went willingly. Stomping onto the stage, a heavily-built woman smirked at the audience and I swear I could see some drool fall. The boy next to me gasped. “She was the one that killed papa! She was the spy that ‘ad shot papa in front of me and now she is…”

“Dead like us…” I had been so caught up in our losses, thinking that we were the only ones that suffered, but I’d forgotten the enemies had casualties too. She was evil, but still others were falling on both sides.


   It wasn’t fair.


   “Ah, nice to see a brave soul volunteering! Thank you. Like demonstrated, there is nothing to be afraid of. Just come over here and stand on that spot… yes. Right, it has taken me a while to perfect this serum but now it is ready. It’s… pretty painless but you have no choice in the matter.”


   One of the monsters placed a hand on her head. A scream flew from her mouth and I slammed my hands over my ears. My stomach churned with her screeching but I couldn’t cover my eyes as well as my ears.


   Crouching to the ground, I could see the marks made by her nails into her arms. She began to rip chunks of hair from her scalp but the weapon harming her was invisible. Never did Death’s smile vanish.


   If she couldn’t handle it, how could I? I needed to escape, but I didn’t want to be dust too…


   Then, she ripped off her overcoat, revealing a thin vest that was… bubbling… Squirming, my attention was fixed on her. Two black bones zoomed out of her back before exploding with feathers, igniting another cacophony of screams.




   Standing up, the women’s eyes were black.


   She was a zombie.


   We were all going to be zombies.


   “Now single file line please. No pushing! You’ll all have your go from one of us.” We were like rabbits stuck in headlights.


   The line quickly decreased and the darkness held a choir of screams. It was like the war had never left us. It was almost my turn.


   The boy in front of me was shaking. I didn’t offer him my hand this time. He made his way up to the stage.



I needed  an escape.


A scream.


There was no escape.



   The soldier behind me pushed my motionless body out the way. The drool was coming out of his mouth too.


I don’t want to change.


A scream.


I had to change.



   It was my turn.


   Numb, I had unknowingly gotten up onto the platform and faced Death.

“You’re a lucky boy having me change you. Seems you’re acts against authority will aid you under me. Trust me, your human war will be nothing compared to mine. ” He smiled as I had my last free thought.



I didn’t even get to know the boy’s name?



A scream.






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