Death's War

Where was I?
A/N: I will be adding a few drawings to this that are all by me :) (take note of the beginning of the chapter titles too)


1. Darkness




I was being pushed and shoved in the direction the voice wanted.


“Don’t fall behind.”


What was going on?




The droning of the voice from above bounced off the inside of my skull whilst bodies all around me marched on. Where was I? Who were these people? The last thing I can remember was the wailing noise; the squeal; a flash of light and then… this. It was like a parade of zombies.


“Don’t fall behind.”

The repetition was hypnotic. I didn’t like this. I didn’t like this at all.


   Looking above me, I saw nothing but black. Below me, I appeared to be walking on the night. I wasn’t dancing with the stars though. No, I wasn’t where I first thought I would be when my time came.


   Where was I?

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