Death's War

Where was I?
A/N: I will be adding a few drawings to this that are all by me :) (take note of the beginning of the chapter titles too)


3. A Cascade of the Night


   “This is the end, my friends, there ain’t no sugar coating it.” Raising his arms, the figure at the front spoke as if he was one of us, as if he was like one of the boys back home. Then I remembered that that place was no longer my home. I was here now, wherever ‘here’ was, and I guess I just needed to hear the truth from someone else’s mouth to realise how much the penalty of my final actions had cost me.

The reality blinded woman was dead.

The solider I had just spoken to was dead.

Even I was… dead and standing right there was the culprit.

Death himself.


   Screams bounced off the walls, but not so many to fit the mouths of all here. No, the screams belonged to the horrified who had clung on to life whereas we, the silent, were all either shocked into realisation or scared stiff.


   “Come on now stop your petty cackles.” Death’s speech silenced everyone. We had all heard the different bedtime stories and tales of his wrath; how he chose your fate; how he could burn you up on one spot. Who would want to provoke him?


   Before he carried on, I noticed a slight stirring at the left of the parade, as if a curtain was shaking after being touched. I turned around. Nothing. Strange, I thought, but I just tried to ignore the anxiety tingling in my fingertips.

“You knew you would have to meet me eventually, so you might stop being scared and just embrace it for goodness sake!” He was definitely getting impatient with us. Perhaps if he just let us go on without this interruption we’d get along better…

“Right, let’s get straight to the point. Life is meant to be the best thing and I never got a chance to experience so now, I want in.


“But I don’t want to pop up there just for a day visit,” Strutting around the stage, I saw the darkness flicker at the side of our line again, but I was too terrified to look. “No no no, I want to be king up there. I can’t go from being the top guy down here to being a nobody like you lot, can I?” why was he talking to us about this? I thought he was going to get straight to the point. “I have a plan, and that’s when you come in.


“So, let’s quit the chit chat and get on with the ranking. I am going to let you have the opportunity, the honour, to join me. This time period has been chosen specifically because war has ravaged your world and spat out your hearts. Join me for revenge on cutting your life short.” Whispering flooded over the crowd from one’s uncertain or one’s eager to live again. This didn’t seem right. Why would bringing us back solve anything for Death?


   Suddenly, the darkness surrounding us unveiled, strips of the night cascading to the floor revealing… monsters.

“I’m not giving away all my secrets and I’m guessing you all expected a ‘Passing On Ceremony’ anyway so, here you go. All of you turn to your right and continue on to meet your fate.”


   Slowly turning my head, I stood up straight to see what was at the end. A towering beast stood with eyes of boiling blood and clawed coal wings awaited us.


   What were they?




It was the same drone from when we first arrived here.


No-one moved.


“Forward.” Again the monster’s droned, but never did they become irritated.


No-one moved.


Oh come on!” Death groaned. Obviously he was the impatient one whereas his minions had no emotions. They would only obey. “One of you here must be so sure of where they’re going next.” He waited for someone to speak up.


No-one moved.


Sighing, he said, “Maybe you just need some encouragement.”


Then, Death did something so… indescribable.



He showed us his face.

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