My Best Friend

Harry and Veronica are best friends. But will one little thing cause this break up?


4. That Time

(Veronica's POV)

As I was walking to Harry's house, I was getting creeped out again. As soon as my hand touched the button of the doorbell of Harry's home, the door flew open.

"Hey!" Harry said.

"Hi." I said making that awkward wave.

"Ah let's go up to my room and talk."

"Oh...ok...that will work..." I said while trembling.

Harry closed the door and he motioned my to sit on his bed. He sat next to me.

", well see...I kinda like you..."

I shot my answer fast, "No! No! This can't be-" He interrupted me with a kiss. I pulled away as quickly as I could.

"Stop!!! Harry what  are you doing?!?!?!" I screamed at him. I knew he like me.

"But Veronica-"

"No! That's it!" I yanked off my best friends bracelet and threw it on the ground. It broke into tiny pieces on the hardwood floor. I then stormed out of his room.

"Veronica wait please!" he cried. He stopped at the foot of his stairs and watched me in frustration walk out of his house.

The whole trip back home I was so mad. I never wanted this to happen. I started to cry and tear drops got on my jeans as I walked. I broke my friendship with one of my best friends. I never spoke to Harry again. The End.

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