My Best Friend

Harry and Veronica are best friends. But will one little thing cause this break up?


1. Beginning

Fanfic from Instagram by me

(Veronica's POV)

Harry was my best friend for as long as I can remember. We go back a while...we both went to kindergarten together. We are best buds and we loved doing stuff together when we were little. i thought that it was so sweet that for my 7th birthday, Harry gave me a best friend bracelet. I always wear it; I have NEVER taken it off. On the bracelet it says, "Bestest friends Harry & Veronica." He has the same thing on his bracelet too. Harry strung pink and purple glittery beads on it to make it personal for me. I loved it so much.

When we moved on to middle school, I made a girl best friend; actually two. Jessica and Jae are their names. Well I noticed that Harry was being left out; so I decided to hang around him more. But, my friendship broke with Jessica and Jae; I felt terrible and tried to hang out with them again but they didn't accept me. So to this day we are enemies. But my friendship with Harry was still strong like it has been for 9 years.

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