My Best Friend

Harry and Veronica are best friends. But will one little thing cause this break up?


2. A Surprise

(Harry's POV)

Veronica is kinda like a sister to me. We ahve been together since we were little and I never want that to change. I felt like the break up between her friends Jessica and Jae were my fault...just because she wanted to hang out with me more. I feel terrible about her loosing her best friends...I wouldn't want to loose her.

(Veronica's POV)

Today at school was okay I guess...I walked in at the normal time and went to my locker. But today just got sweeter! Harry put a note in my locker saying: Today we get to pick partners in science class! I know it's weird for me to say that in a note but I'm not going to be there in science class! So can u please pick me? -Harry ox

Duh I'm going to pick him! Wait! OX? Does he like me or something? Okay this is getting awkward...I need to get to class...

I was thinking about the lab partner note all day! I'm so immature for saying that Harry liked me...I mean... could he really? Oh gosh no...this can't be happening. This always happens in the movies where best friends always fall in love with each other. Okay, I gotta stop thinking about it!

Science class came along and we pick the partners...and I did pick Harry. I was glad at the same time, but kinda creeped too. I mean I don't know why it's bothering me so much. Thank goodness school is almost over so I can think about this more later.

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