Life's complete.

Tícia and Harry are finally marriage. It's been 3 years now. The can't be happier, they have a kid now, a beautiful kid. All of the guys are now happy. Their life is perfectly complete. Eleanor have had her little girl with Louis, Becca and Zayn are marriage. Danielle is about to have Liam's baby, they are also marriage. Niall got a new girlfriend, and just proposed to her.
Life is perfect, isn't it? Nope, it isn't only fairytales. Just keep reading and enjoy the sequel of Suddenly, together...


3. Rewind

***3  years later***

Well, it’s been so much since I proposed Tícia. I will rewind it for you.

It took 2 years for us to get finally marriage.  Tícia first wanted to finish college and get a proper job. She is now working as a presenter of a newspaper on TV, the London Daily. We have had our honey-moon travelling to Caribbean. It was fantastic.

After having such long conversations with Tícia’s parents, we finally convinced them, to let her come live with me in London. It was the best for the band, for me and her. But we had to promise that we were coming to see them at least twice a month.  Her brother always come to stay in our house.

We now have our little baby, his name is Tyler Fabien Styles, he’s 1 year and a half, he means the world to me and Tícia. He have light brown eyes that came from Letícia, but it sometimes get green, just like mine. His hair is light brown curlied. Tícia and I can’t decide if it’s hers or mine smile, but I just know it’s a beautiful smile. He is a very active child and never stops playing. Whenever I come home from work, he wants to play with Tícia and I, that's what we do untill it's dinner time and then he goes to sleep. 

Louis and Els have had their baby girl. She so extremely cute and beautiful, she has Lou’s blue eyes and Els curlied hair. Her name is Bree Calder Tomlinson and she’s 5 now. They are now marriage, they did it a few months after Bree was born, they live together in the house next to mine. They look so happy, it’s awesome.

 4/5 are marriage, except for Niall.

Becca and Zayn are marriage too. Becca is trying to get pregnant a little since ago, but it’s not succeeding, that makes them both sad, which means all of us sad. They also live in the neighborhood. It was a little drama to convince her parents to let her come live with us in London, just like it was with Tícia’s, but everything is ok now.

Danielle and Liam are waiting for twins, they both got extremely excited about that. They know it’s one boy, the other gender, they decided not to know. It’s going to be born in 4 months, but her belly is just like she’s 9 now, it’s really big. I keep thinking that, if Tícia suffered that much when she was in labor for 1 kid, I can’t imagine Danielle’s pain in labor for 2 kids. Scaring.

Turned out that Alyssa was cheating on Niall. That’s why they were becoming distant from each other. We always knew that was something wrong about them. When Tícia and I moved to UK, she presented us her cousin that was living in UK since some years ago. She’s 20,  a nice and beautiful girl. Her name is Kemi, she has brown eyes and dark brown hair that goes to the middle of her back, she’s really skinny, and is totally the type of Niall’s girl.

She is living in London, because she won a scholarship to the University of the Arts London, she is really good at playing guitar and saxophone.

They are together for 3 years now and things got really serious between them , he finally get courage to  propose her. They are getting marriage in one year. They look so cute together.

The band does not have the same fame that before, our fans are all grown… All of us are. But we still have some concerts to do, we still have some Directioners asking for that. We still travel a lot to make interviewers, concerts, meet&greets and these kind of stuff. I like all that, the sad part of it, is that sometimes, I have to be one month or a little more away from my family.



A/N: I'm sorry for the short chapter guys, I really am. I just wanted to post the beggining for your. Promise the next will be longer. Love u xx

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