Life's complete.

Tícia and Harry are finally marriage. It's been 3 years now. The can't be happier, they have a kid now, a beautiful kid. All of the guys are now happy. Their life is perfectly complete. Eleanor have had her little girl with Louis, Becca and Zayn are marriage. Danielle is about to have Liam's baby, they are also marriage. Niall got a new girlfriend, and just proposed to her.
Life is perfect, isn't it? Nope, it isn't only fairytales. Just keep reading and enjoy the sequel of Suddenly, together...


2. Not a chapter. URGENT!!

Heeeeeello everyone. How u doin'??? So, I'm here just to ask your help. I need opinions to what I should name Tícia's and Harry babe. I like Daniel, Tom, Derek, Matthew, Logan and Tyler. OH MY GOD, TEHRE ARE SO MUCH PRETTY NAMES ))): Help me guys, which one do you think I should pick? Let me know as fast as possible. Love u xxx

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