Life's complete.

Tícia and Harry are finally marriage. It's been 3 years now. The can't be happier, they have a kid now, a beautiful kid. All of the guys are now happy. Their life is perfectly complete. Eleanor have had her little girl with Louis, Becca and Zayn are marriage. Danielle is about to have Liam's baby, they are also marriage. Niall got a new girlfriend, and just proposed to her.
Life is perfect, isn't it? Nope, it isn't only fairytales. Just keep reading and enjoy the sequel of Suddenly, together...


5. Cheat

***Tícia’s POV***

-Hey, Tyler, babe, are you hungry? – I asked to my little 3 year old son    

-Yes mummy, I am, let’s make some cookies – he cheered from my side stading and jumping on the bed

-Kay, calm down little boy, you’re gonna get hurt

-I’m not mummy, I’m supermaaaaan – he said jumping off the bed running to the kitchen

Once we made the cookies, Tyler was eating like he had been starving for one week.

-Mummy, I miss daddy – Ty said giving me his plate.

I standed putting it on the sink, the maid was coming home soon.

-I miss him too, sweetie

-How does he is always on tv, but never home? – He was twiddling his thumbs, which is something he does before start asking lots of questions

-Tyler, I’ve already told you, he has a lot of work  to do. But we talked to him yesterday, remember?

-Yes, but when is he coming back?

-Soon, sweetie, soon

-How soon is soon?

-Just soon, Tyler, c’mon – I said laughing. I picked him up holding him against my chest, planting a kiss on his nose

-Look, mummy, it’s daddy on tv again – He wqas pointing to the tv screen

There was 5 handsome men, sitting in the couch of a tv show. They were in LA today, soon they will be live on the tv program. But after showing them, I saw a picture.

There were Harry with a blonde by his side. She was so thin that looked Anorexic, her hair was straight light blonde. I couldn’t exactly see her face, but she looked a little like Taylor Swift, even thought it wasn’t her. They were not holding hands, but they definitely were going inside the limo together.

Underneath, in the caption under the photo was writing “Harry Styles is cheating on his wife with a new affair? Who is she, Styles? Let’s discover it soon!!!”

Just like that, with 3 stupid exclamation mark. I looked to Tyler, turning him around, trying to make him not see this shit. I was shaking and lifeless.

Great, now that Harry and I have a kid he decides to become a womanizer and cheat on me. With an anorexic stupid model. That’s great, really. I suddenly felt the urge to vomit all my breakfast, but I wouldn’t do it, for Tyler.

My phone started buzzing up the table, it was Eleanor calling.

-Hey babe – she said

-Hi Els – I want to cry so bad

-Please, tell me you haven’t seen it

-I saw

-Don’t believe it, Tícia

-I wouldn’t believe if there was no pictures, Els. But there’s the proof

-It’s not. Harry wouldn’t do such a thing with you

-Looks like he would – I was looking to my son. He was sitting on the floor playing with his toys. He grew up so fast

-Do you want me to come over?

-No, it’s still Friday, I have to go to work

-At least let me stay with Tyler, Bree misses him

-Ok, I’ll get ready. See you – We both hung up

I got Tyler’s hand leading him to his room

-Aunt Eleanor just called to ask if you wanna go play with Bree

-Yes, mummy. I miss her a lot

-But you guys just saw each other on Tuesday – I was laughing

-But she is a girl. She needs to have a man to take care of her – He put his hands on his hips making a superhero pose, that made me laugh even more

-You will protect her from what? – I picked a pair of clothes for him, he took it from my hand like he always do. He says he’s grown enough to change himself

-From the monsters MUAHAHAHA

-Really, Tyler? Evil laugh? – I was laughing really hard. That kid has a great imagination

-I’m a badass, mummy

-Don’t say that ugly word, Tyler

-I’m sorry

-Ok, I’ll change myself, ok? Get ready and come to mommy’s room

I took a shower and was getting ready for work. I checked my phone and there was 12 missed calls from Harry. He is desperate now? I called back.

-Tícia? – his voice was a little shaky, as if he was afraid

-What do you want Harry?

-So, you’ve seen it…

-Of course I did, Harry, what did you expect? – Great, more tears were coming

- Look, I know what it looks like, but it isn’t

-Oh, yeah, so you just go into the limo with an anorexic blonde in the middle of the night for a walk in the park. Seriously? You have a son, Harry

-I know, babe, but you have to trust me, nothing happened


-Look, we went to this after party, and you know I haven’t been drinking in a while, so only one shot of tequila was enough to make me drunk. I barely knew what I was doing, you have to trust me, nothing happened

-If you were that drunk, how do you remember nothing happened?

-Because I slept at the limo, Paul was coming behind me without me knowing it. He ordered the driver to leave the girl at her place and took me to the hotel.

-What is her name, Harry? – I was ready to go and Tyler entered the room running

-Heeeey mummy, is it daddy?

-Just wait a minute ok, sweetie?

-Is it Tyler there? Can I talk to him?

-What is her name, Styles?

-I don’t know her name, babe, I swear. Please, please trust me.

-Don’t you know that the actions you make without thinking, is bad for our image, Harry? Or worse, for yours. I’ve never wanted to be famous, Harry, but I don’t need to be known in this world as the woman Harry Styles cheated on. Plus, I don’t deserve that.

-I know, princess. It won’t happen again, I promise. I love you so much


-Tell me you love me too

-I’m too hurt to say this right now

-If something happen to me, you’ll never forgive yourself and

-Fine, I love you, Styles

-Now that’s good – I was smiling – Now can I talk to my son? Fast, please, we have an interview to do

-Let me see if he wants to – I looked to Tyler, he was by my side jumping on bed, waiting for his chance to talk to Harry – Tyler, babe, do you wanna talk to dad?

He grabbed the phone from my hand, I rolled my eyes smiling. He was so cute. Exactly like Harry. His  curls were bouncing with him, he threw himself onto bed looking at the roof

-Hello daddy

I left them talking and finished preparing myself. Eleanor saved some of his Tyler clothes in her house, so I don’t need to prepare a bag for him. I know it’s not necessary, since her house is across the street, and I picking him back at night, but I’m a mother, I need to do everything for him.

-Tyler, say bye to daddy, we have to go, I’m going to be late for work. – He nodded, listened something Harry said and burst out into laughter.

They know it pisses me off when they do this. Saying something about me on the phone. Sometimes I think Harry doesn’t say anything at all and only tells him to laugh, just to make me angry.

I grabbed the phone from Tyler’s hand, put it on speaker

-Ok guys, we have to go now. Go to your interview, Harold

-Bye daddy, I love you

-I love you even more, son. Love you too, Tícia, love you more than anything

-I love you too, Harry

-EEEEW – Tyler made a disgusting face

I hung up and we left to Louis and Eleanor’s house. I raised Tyler up so he could ring the doorbell

-Hello aunt Tícia and hello Tyler – Bree opened the door holding her hands, that’s something she does when she’s waiting for someone to kiss her cheeks

I lowered myself pulling her into a hug. Tyler and her hugged each other also.

-Did they arrived, darling? Oh, hey Tícia – Eleanor came inside saying hi to us.

Bree got Tyler’s hand pulling him inside.

-Well, I think they will be fine. Thank you for staying with him. I have to go now

-Hey hey, calm yo’ tits, girl. Don’t try to avoid me

-I’m not avoiding you

-Have you and Harry talked?

-Yes, we did, and nothing happened

-See? I told you

-Yes, but still, I’m not fine with that. Doesn’t matter how drunk he was, he couldn’t do this to me

-Agreed. Wait for him to come back, then, you talk. Everything will be fine

-I know. – I looked at my watch, I was late

-I have to go

-Oh my God, you’re always in a hurry – she smiled

- I'm the anchor of the newspaper, Els. Will be back at night. How about a sleepover?

-I’m going to call the girls.

-YAY, see you tonight. Take care of my son – I fast kissed her cheek and left to my car.

It’s Friday, I think Harry is coming back at Monday. So we can talk about that. I don’t want us to end, but if something happen, think I’ll have to go back to Brazil. I don’t need to live here with Harry cheating on me. It’s not fair.



A/N: I'm so so sorry for not update, guys. I really am. I said I was only going to update on wednesday, but  you deserve more. So it's updated now!!! Sorry it's short, I'm just not feeling so good these days. Love you!!! xxx 

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