Life's complete.

Tícia and Harry are finally marriage. It's been 3 years now. The can't be happier, they have a kid now, a beautiful kid. All of the guys are now happy. Their life is perfectly complete. Eleanor have had her little girl with Louis, Becca and Zayn are marriage. Danielle is about to have Liam's baby, they are also marriage. Niall got a new girlfriend, and just proposed to her.
Life is perfect, isn't it? Nope, it isn't only fairytales. Just keep reading and enjoy the sequel of Suddenly, together...


6. Back home

***Harry’s POV***

I can’t wait to get home. Tícia is thinking that I’m coming back at Monday, but the boys and I decided to surprise the girls and come back earlier. It Saturday night, she must be at home. I hope we don’t have a hard argue, nothing happened on that night, she have to believe me. Plus, I can’t wait to play with Tyler.

The car parked in the street and the boys and I got out. We said our goodbyes and see ya’s soon, and each one drove himself to their own houses.

My heart was beating so fast and I could barely breath correctly, I was afraid Tícia is mad at me, I don’t wanna lose her. Got my key and opened the door, the house was silent. I put my bag on the entrance floor and checked the kitchen, no one.

-Babe, are you home? – No one answered

I went upstairs driving myself to Tyler’s room. He isn’t there. Fine, they must be in our room.  The door was half open, I put my head inside to see my 2 loves lying on bed, both asleep. 

She was using the pjm’s I gave to her, her blonde hair was all over the pillow in cascade, she looked like an angel. Tyler was turned to her side and has his hand in Tícia’s cheek like he always does when he sleeps with us. I knelt beside the bed looking at my beautiful woman.

How could I be stupidly drunk and go out with another woman, when I have this gorgeous one? I suddenly felt the urge to cry, but I wasn’t going to. I kept looking at her until put one hand at her hair. I couldn’t resist to give her one kiss.

When I softly placed my lips on hers, she woke, staying there without saying a word, just looking at me, half smiling

-Hello princess

-Hi babe, what are you doing home? Shouldn’t you arrive in 3 days? – She sat on bad giving me space to sit, we both looking at our little son sleeping

-Yes, but I missed you so much that I needed to come back earlier

I hugged her tight letting go after a few seconds to kiss her. The kiss was passionately. Thanks God, she wasn’t mad at me. She kissed me back. I was going with my hand through her body when I heard an “ewwww” sound.

-Oh my God, Tyler


-Yes, I am mate. Now come and give me a bear hug – He stood up on bed jumping in my direction with a big smile – I missed you so much, son

-I missed you too daddy

-Now I’m here and I won’t leave you again, ok? None of you – I said looking to Tícia.

She was looking at Tyler’s back, I could see tears in her eyes. I let go of Tyler grabbing her hand

-Babe, what’s going on? – I asked, but I knew what it was about – Look, I didn’t mean to hurt you and…

-I know, Harry. You were drunk, you didn’t know what you were doing, blablabla – She got out of bed still not looking at me

-Letícia, please, don’t do this – Tyler was looking at us with a confused expression

-I won’t, but only because – she stopped talking looking directly at Tyler

-Ty, it’s too late, aren’t you sleep?

-No, I wanna play with you daddy.

-I will put you in your room so tomorrow we can play, ok?

-Nooooo daddy, I’m a superman, superman never sleeps

-Ok, does superman wants hot chocolate? –Tícia said picking him up – Superman is getting a little chubby, uh? – We all started laughing

-Hot chocolate – he yelled – Daddy, I want your hot chocolate

-No babe, I’ll prepare it to you, daddy is going to take a shower, he’s tired

-Ok – he said with a sad face.

Tícia just looked at me nodding. I nodded back and drove myself to the bathroom. What should I say to her? I love her more than anything in the world. I can’t lose that girl. She is supportive, she loves me, she’s always there for me. I screwed things up.

After sometime I got out of the bathroom seeing Tícia lying in our bed. She didn’t seem sad, neither seem happy, she was just lifeless. I was only in my boxes drying my hair

-Look, Tícia – I threw my towel on the bath’s floor, going to her direction

I sat by her side in the bed grabbing her hand

-Please, look at me

-Even look at you feels wrong now, Harry… I can’t, I can’t believe you just got to hangout with another woman

-I didn’t know what I was doing, babe

-Drunkenness is not an apology, Harold. Been drunk just shows up what we want for most. You are not happy with me, are you? Just say it, I can go back to my parents house. It’s not a problem for me.

-Really, Tícia? You wanna leave everything just because a stupid night out?

-A stupid night out? That’s what you call it? I was here, at home, taking care of your son, working hard on that Tv newspaper, thinking about how much I love you, how I miss you thinking how you even after years, are still working hard with the band, when you were going out to parties hanging out with stupid anorexic models, Harry.

At this moment, she was crying. It was killing me to see her cry. It was all my fault. I sat myself more next to her. I grab her face with my hands, cleaning her tears with my tumbs…

-Please, believe me. I never did this to hurt you. I know it’s hard for you to keep her alone taking care of Tyler. I know how lonely you feel, because I feel lonely too when I’m on tour. But trust me, I’ll never to this again. I’ll never go to a party without telling you

-Don’t you understand, Harry? The problem is not you going to parties. I mean, it’s obvious that I’d like you to tell me, but the problem is this girl. I don’t just understand.

-There’s nothing to understand. I’ll never want any other woman. Only you, you have to believe me.

-Did you kissed her?

-No, I didn’t. Paul talked to her after he drove me to the hotel. He asked her what happened between us. She said that I kept saying your name. When she tried to kiss me, I turned my face.

I was with my hand in her face, looking at her eyes and lips. I approached my face to hers, softly touching her lips with mine. She didn’t say a word

-Please, believe me, I love you. You’re the woman of my life – I was whispering against her mouth.  She bit her lower lip and took a deep breath

-Don’t do this to me. To us, please, Harry. Don’t give me reason to don’t trust you anymore

-I won’t, love, I swear. I love you more than anything in the world

I kissed her desperately. I was thirsty of her, of her kiss, her skin, her touch. I missed every piece of her. My hands were sliding down her body. She leaned her body back to the bed, with me on top of her, both of us kissing. It was so good to be with her again.



A/N: I'm sooooooooooo sorry loves, this month is being crazy for me, plus I'm on tests at college. I'll update more everyday after this friday. Pinky promise. Love u xx 


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