Life's complete.

Tícia and Harry are finally marriage. It's been 3 years now. The can't be happier, they have a kid now, a beautiful kid. All of the guys are now happy. Their life is perfectly complete. Eleanor have had her little girl with Louis, Becca and Zayn are marriage. Danielle is about to have Liam's baby, they are also marriage. Niall got a new girlfriend, and just proposed to her.
Life is perfect, isn't it? Nope, it isn't only fairytales. Just keep reading and enjoy the sequel of Suddenly, together...


7. Adoption

*Tícia’s POV*

It’s been 2 months since Harry got back home, and everything is perfectly fine. We haven’t argued about the story of the model, nor anything.  But since that, I constantly feel ugly again, just like old times. I’m refusing to vomit or stop eating, but it’s getting hard.

Tonight we are having a special dinner with all the guys reunited, to celebrate the 7 years of the band.

I was the first one to remember this, and started crying by the morning. Time passes so fast. It’s incredible they still have their directioners always with them. They support the band since forever and by what it seems, they will be there forever. I’ll be there forever.

-C’mon Tícia, we are late – I heard Harry screaming from downstairs

I kept looking at my reflection at the mirror, turning for all my body sides. My belly was bigger than before having Tyler.

-Gosh, how can I feel like trash?

I was wearing a beige dress that went to two feet above the knee, it had only one handle on the left sleeve with some rhinestones on the shoulder. Black high sandals on the feet. In my hair was in a messed ponytail. I held the tear from falling, took a deep breath and got my dark blue purse.

-Finally, I thought you’d never come – Harry came to my direction pulling me by my waist planting a kiss on my lips. He was wearing his social clothes as usual, with the same curlied hair, perfect.

-Here I am – I forced a smile – Let’s go

Tyler was sitting on the couch playing with his toys, he was also coming with us, just like Bree, who called 3 times earlier, without Eleanor knowing that, asking if Tyler was coming, “just to check”, like she said.

-Let’s go , babe

Harry picked him up and we left to Liam’s house. Luckly we all live in the same street, so we are allowed to have a quick walk until the house.

-Hello you – Dani opened the door after some seconds Tyler rang the doorbell

We couldn’t actually hug each other because of the size of her pregnant belly

-Oh my God, Danielle, you’re huge – Harry moaned when I elbowed him. Dani just laughed

-Relax, Tícia, everyone keeps saying that nowadays. I’m already used to

-You’re a beautiful huge girl – I said trying to hug her – When they are coming?

-I think in about two weeks. I’m so excited – She smiled – Hi Tyler, babe, how are you? – She played with him – C’mon on in, guys.

Everyone was already there. It took some minutes for us to say hello to everyone. Harry put Tyler in the living room full of toys, so he could stay there with Bree.

We all got our champagne and started chatting.

-Hey, Kemi, how are going the preparations for the wedding?

-Just fine, Becca, getting excited more and more

 My cousin was really happy about dating Niall. They are perfect for each other, it’s amazayn their conection.

-Danielle, it looks like you’ve eaten not only one, but two watermelons

-Is that too big, guys?

-It is, babe, trust me… - Liam put his hand on her thigh so she wouldn’t get mad at him.

-And you, guys, not yet? – I whispered to Becca

-Not at all. Last week my period was late and for a moment I thought it was happening, but it didn’t. I think I just give up

-No, Becca, c’mon, we are young yet. You still have time

-I don’t, Tícia. Can’t you see I’m getting late? I’m not the 20 year old who was able to go out everyday and get high. Now I’m marriage. Both of us are.

-Ok, I know that

-Everyone is moving on with their lives. You already have Tyler, Els have Bree, Kemi is going to marrie Niall and they are definitely going to have their babies and Dani is just about to have twins, fucking twins.

-Becca, come here – I pulled her following me. The other were starting to look at us.

We got into the balcony, I grabbed her hand looking her in the eyes

-Look, you’re my best friend. I know how it’s been hard, but try to think about what you say… If Dani happens to listen what you just said, she’ll get mad at you

-You don’t know how hard it is, Letícia, I’m sorry, but you just don’t. It isn’t fair, she’s going to have two, while I’m here with none.

-Ok, say it. Be mad, tell everything you’ve been hiding. You need that, c’mon

-A baby is not so much to ask for, Tícia, Zayn is getting crazy too. Both of us are feeling guilty.

-Haven’t you guys ever considered about artificial insemination?

-No, we don’t

-Well, you should give it a try. Or even adoption, which is even better, since there are a lot of children waiting for great parents to give ‘em love

-I don’t know if Zayn would accept that

-Give it a try. If you really like the idea of an adoption, I’ll help you with everything. I promise.

-Do you think it’s a good idea?

-Of course, Becca. Think about how great that would be, to love a kid that was abandoned, it will need love, and who better to do this, than you and Zayn? You guys would be great parents.

-You think?

-I’m sure.

-Thank you

-Plus, think about how this would be good to the band. People would start loving them again… For good acts, you know. That would be great to everyone.

-I will talk about this to Zayn, then I’ll give you a call.

-I’ll be waiting. Now let’s go, people must be wondering what we are doing

We crossed our hands going to the living room. Becca's my best friend, I need to be by her side whenever happens. I know how painfull this must be, trying to have a babe for 2 years now and failing. I think it is a love proof to her and Zayn. There's a moment in the relationship, that a kid is necessary. 

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