It is about two guys named Jack and Billy. They are undercover cops working for the FBI and there mission is to find and catch the worlds most evil villains that broke out of prison and found there way into the city.


2. fire law

Billy, “Ok our first criminal to find is Fire Law.”

Jack, “What kind of name is Fire Law.”

Billy, “Fire Law is a villan with a flamethrower and thinks that fire should be allowed everywhere and i mean everywhere. so therefore Fire Law.”

Jack, “oh ok.”

Billy, “yeah so lets get moving.”

15 minutes later.

Radio, “This is breaking news Fire Law has just burned down the Westbury hotel we need help.”

Jack,”Well we know where he is.”

Billy,”Yep lets hurry to down town before its too late.”

5 minutes later.

Fire Law,” you will never take me alive suckers ha ha ha ha haa!”

Jack,”C'mon Billy he is getting away.”

Billy,” I'm givin it all the cars got.”

Jack,” Well give it more.”

Billy,” You don't think i'm trying. My god Jack.”

Jack,” Sorry.”

We didn’t know what would happen next all we knew was that Fire Law had to be caught. so Billy and I tried as hard as we could to catch this criminal. But then it hit me what if his car is too fast for a cop car. what if we never catch him. But then it happened.

Fire Law,” aw crap a blocaid.”

Jack,”YES! Hes trapped.

John,” We have you surrounded.”

Jack,” Stop in the name of the law.”

Fire Law,” no”.

Jack,” ALL RIGHT.”


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