It is about two guys named Jack and Billy. They are undercover cops working for the FBI and there mission is to find and catch the worlds most evil villains that broke out of prison and found there way into the city.


3. digger

Billy,” Ok now that he is out of the picture our next criminal is a guy named Digger.

Jack,” Digger. i take it he digs things.”

Billy,” yep all he does is dig dig dig.

Jack,” Cool.”

Billy,” Ya so lets go.”

9:00 PM

Jack,” Hey look a hole!,”

Billy,” WERE!!!,”

Jack,” Over there in the ditch.”

Billy,” Lets check it out.”

5 minutes later.

Jack,” oh man its just a fat rabbit hole.”

Billy,” COME ON!”


Jack,” What the-”

Billy,” shhh.”

Jack,” (whispers) I think he is following us.


Billy/Jack,” AAAAHHHHH!!!,”

Digger,” HA HA HAAAAAAAAAA!!! You're trapped by my minions.”

Jack,” CRAP!”

Billy,” No wait... A portal gun!.

Jack,”YES. Good one Billy.”



Jack,” Where are we.”

Billy,” I don't know. I think we are in death canyon.”


Billy,” Calm down Jack we are fine.”

(Deep breaths)

Jack,” Ok i'm fine now.”

Billy,” Good but why were you so stressed man.”

Jack,” Sorry Billy its just my great grandpa died here and everytime i hear its name i totally freak out.”

Billy,” Oh ok.”

Jack,” So.”

Billy,” So lets find a way out of here.”

Jack,” Ok.”

So then we walked. And walked. And to make a long story short we walked some more. I started getting a little scared. We were in the middle of the desert and our portal gun ran out of energy. So we had to either find energy for a portal or find some way back to the city.

    Its been 2 weeks now and we have had no luck. We are still in the middle of nowhere and we haven't found a single town that sells energy. So we haven't had anything to do but try to find a car or energy.

Billy,” I'm so tired.”

Jack,” Don’t give up on me man.”

Billy,” Ok.”

Jack,” LOOK!!!.”

Billy,” What?”

Jack,” A town.”

Billy,” Where I don't see it- OH now i see it.”

Jack,” YA! I just hope its not a marriage like the last time we were in the desert.”

Billy,” Ya that was a disaster.”

Jack,” Ok lets go.”

So while we were walking I started wondering what if it is a marriage.

Jack,” AWSOME!!! Finally a town.”

Billy,” Yay its finally our day.”

Jack,” Yep finally.”

Two minutes later.

Jack,” Cool there are stands everywhere.”

Billy,” Ya and i see a energy stand over there so lets check it out.”

Jack,” Hey how much is energy.”

Seller,” $30.00,”

Jack,” Great we will take 10.”

Seller,” $300.00 please.”

Jack,” Here you are.”

Seller.” Thank you for your service.”

Jack,” You're welcome.”



Jack,” We finally made it.”

Billy,” Ya,”

Jack,” ok lets find this-----guy.”

Billy,” Holly crap!”


Billy,” NO! We were gone for too long.”


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